Date: 07 Mar 2009



By S.P. Attri ( USA )


1. Prof. Huntington calls the fight between the West & Islam, as the clash of civilizations. But Islam cannot be called civil, Islam is slavery, even though most of the Moslems are not aware of this fact. They are totally unable to either ignore or outgrow the heinous teachings of Islam. To properly phrase Prof. Huntingtonís thesis, it is a clash between Freedom & Slavery.

A Moslem minus his Islam may be good, but then what is a Moslem without his Islam ?

Many Hindus are under the grand-illusion that, if Moslems are told of their Hindu ancestry, they will unite with Hindus. What kind of poppy-cock is this ? As if the Moslems of India donít know that their ancestors were Hindus !

The problem is that Quran " categorically " rules out " any Moslems association with Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ). Period. Thus a true Moslem can be loyal only to a Moslem. Whatever the level of his awareness of his Hindu ancestry, a devout Moslem who abides by each & every word of Quran, cannot befriend a Kafir. This fact is sedulously drilled by Mullahs into the minds of the Moslems. Ordinary Moslems do not know too much about, what Quran or Hadis says. As a result their Mullahs & other imbecilic Ulema wield vast powers over them, who treat their Moslem followers as their slaves. To them the eighth century Arabia is not just the model but a mould. Mullahs can bring down ferocious penalties on those who dare disregard the edicts of Quran. The Mullahs & other Ulema control not only the mosques, but also the Madrassas & Maktabs. They can enforce these edicts through parastatal terrorism, and no Moslem can dare forget its lethal potential. 

2. Islamic teachings enable the Moslem male to not only lord over his Moslem woman, but also keep her inside the Purdah ( the Hijab ). Justice for all, male & female, and for minorities, is Totally denied in Islam. Mullahs & Ulema are propagating & perpetrating this barbarism, over a wide scale in the life of a Moslem. Quran openly advocates killing of Kafirs, and the rhetoric of Mullahs becomes powerful & shrill. They are committed to the core ( of this barbarism). It is imperative that Kafirs be aware of the multi-pronged attack of Islam, against the forces of freedom & liberty in our world. 

It is not difficult to pierce through the fraud of Islam. Like a drum, Islam looks solid, but is hollow inside ( it is called Dhol Ka Pol ). Before Islam, Arabian societies were free, rational & tolerant. These values exist in Arabia no moreÖno more. In place of these values, Islam has substituted Sharia Law ( if you donít call Sharia Law as barbarism, you would surely be misnaming it ! ), Fatwa Courts & Mullah-Rule ( these damn Mullahs must be held responsible for the stagnation of the Moslem societies ), with penalties for blasphemy & apostasy. There is wide-spread suppression of women, and practices of female circumcision, honor-killing, forced-veiling ( the damn Hijab ) and bigotry towards the hateful-Kafirs. 

3. Moslems are trapped inside the prison-camp of Islam, even though they neither realize nor recognize the whimsical & thoughtless attitude of the Allah of Quran. They are kept inside this prison by the authoritarian control of the Islamic-Clergy, and by the rigid structure of orthodoxy. There is no free or scientific enquiry in Islam, nor is there any cross-cultural exchange with the outside world of Kafirs.

Moslems are told that Allah would forgive all sins, except the sin of disbelief ( Quran4:48 & 4: 16 ). But if you commit the sin of thinking & questioning Islam, you would find that Islam is not at all a religion of truth, and that Islam is hollow like a drum, is full of lies & deceit, and that it is the hallucination of a sick mind ( hallucination of Sickie Hazrat Mohammad ).

4. Hazrat Mohammad claims to be a messenger of God ( Allah ), but instead of being a saint, this hill-billy was a lusty, lecherous, sexual pervert, a highway robber, and a mass murderer. He was a gangster godfather, who raided merchant caravans, looted innocent people, massacred entire male populations, and their enslaved Kafir women & children. He raped women captured in war, after killing their husbands, and told his followers that it is O.K to have sex with their captives and their " right hand possessions ( 
Quran 33: 50 ) ." He assassinated those who criticized him, and became the De Facto Despot of Arabia. As a narcissist, he believed that, he is entitled to do as he pleased, and commit all sorts of crimes & evil deeds..

Mohammad produced no miracles, and when pressed, he claimed that his miracle is the Quran. But Quran is full of errors, scientific heresies, historical blunders, mathematical mistakes, logical absurdities & grammatical errors. There is nothing intelligent in the book of Quran, let alone miraculous. Quran is a book of fiction, a book of false doctrine, it is a gospel of hate & terror. Quran is the stupidest, the most backward, and the most absurd belief system.

Surinder Paul Attri

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By S.P. Attri ( USA )


1 We are face to face with Islamís barbarism, that is polar-opposite of our concept of sanctity of life. We ( Hindus ) want to save & salvage life, they ( Sullas ) want to extinguish life, kill, catch & haul Kafir-convertees, & establish Allahís Empire all over the world. The Janat-Happy Jihadi-Hoodlums want to kill & get killed, they are blood-thirsty ( for Kafir-Blood ). Islam claims to be a religion of peace, love, & brotherhood. This is a shameful-mockery of truth, and a stunning & wayward inconsistency of Islam. Islam is an apex of barbarism, inhumanity, & atrocities. What is needed to handle these horrendous-hoodlums, is not flower but a sledge-hammer. Civility has to go outside the door, when defeating these Islamic hordes of criminals. The Jihad & Jihadis need to go to jail & not to janat. The jihadis need to rot in Jhanam ( Allahís Hell ). 

2. Islamís Sharia laws are far-famed for their brutality & savageness, they dictate decapitating heads, amputating limbs, among a whole variety of beastly & barbaric punishments. What is overlooked by Hindus & other Kafirs is that, the context of these horrible laws is Quran itself, which documents & commands these ruthless punishments. There is no humaneness or kindness in Sharia laws. Barbarism & Senseless-Killing is manifested at its peak in Islam. The conflict between Islamic & Non-Islamic societies has been named as " Clash Of Civilizations " by Prof.. Hutington, but actually it is a " Clash Of Ignorance, 

" because Islam can hardly be considered civilized. Islam is barbarism, it is a cult of stupidity & ignorance. Its priests & politicians are the worst culprits of barbarism, they are using the teachings of Islam, as the source of their livlihood, as a means of securing followers, and achieving their ambitions, through the preaching & practice of barbarism.

3. At this point in time, the specter of Islam is hovering over the continent of Europe, and the potential flutter & flitter of Allahís Wrath, is hanging over the heads of European-Kafirs. The frightening vision of future Islamic might & Islamic rule, is staring them right in the eye. Their nightmare is just beginning & there is no European-Shield against Islam, with the present attitude of phoney-liberal politicians of Europe. Some concerned Europeans argue that, Europe has only two options before it:

a. Islamization of Europe or

b. Europeanization of Islam

The latter option has less than zero chance. It is Zilch, Zip. Those who suggest this as an option, donít know a didly about Islam.

This option would be like a Crash Of Islam, it would be totally against the word of Allahís Messenger, Imbecile Hazrat Mohammad, who has the intercessory power, for each & every Moslem. Islam will never agree to modernity, even in the name of Europeanization or any other fancy, imaginative label. This will be viewed as " Attack On Islam, " and slogans of " Islam Khatrey Mein Hai ( Islam is in danger ) " shall bluster & clamor the skies of Europe.

Thus Islam will remain as " Enemy Number One Of Europe. "

4. What is more likely to happen is that, Moslems living in Europe, as well as in the United States, shall perpetrate their " Barbaric Medieval Arabic " customs inside the Western societies, regardless of whether the Western societies recognize this as a threat or not. The continuance of these barbaric Islamic customs in the West, is guaranteed due to a malaise wide-spread in the West ( as well as in India ), this is the " disease of political correctness. " The phoney-liberal politicians of the West ( as well as of India ) will not do anything about the barbaric laws of Islam, especially the oppression & persecution of women ( even inside Western societies ), such as female circumcision, mutilations, and other social calamities inflicted on women, these shall continue.

5. The sixty-four thousand dollar question is how, the educated Moslem women inside the Western societies, will act/react. It would seem logical that most educated Moslem women will feel foolish, if they continue to take the Moslem abuse. This realization will force the educated Moslem women to scratch their heads, to figure out their problem inside the camp & control of Islam. Most of them are likely to find it difficult, to forge a a close friendship with Islam. Eventually, they might decide that, they are fed up with the backwardness of Islam.

The phoney-liberal politicians of Europe ( and India ), who are celebrating multi-culturism through the existence & influx of Moslem immigrants, and are foolishly hoping for reform & modernization of Islam, are ignoring the brutality & barbarism of Islam. They fall way short of recognizing the fundamental-reality that, it is Impossible To Situate Islam Within Modernity. And Islam will continue to get away with, its ceremony of murder ( Jihad ), due to the stupidity of phoney-liberal politicians.

6. Any association of Islam with Enlightenment, leads to " failure of Islam, " and cries & crisis within the Islamic Community.

Dr. Wafa Sultan says:

" Moslem is an irrational creature, and the things that he has learned, overpower his mind, and inflame his feelings. That is why he has turned into an inferior creature, who cannot control himself, and respond to events, which criticize Islam, in a rational way. "

7. The opposition to uncouth & ruthlessly-militaristic Islam, and to its imbecilic clergy, is not an easy task. But that does not mean that, a potent reaction & defense against Islam, cannot be put together. Not only it can be formulated, but Islam itself can be rebutted & defeated, by people who have courage & are willing to put in resolute effort.

Surinder Paul Attri