Date: 08 Mar 2009


 Dutch Would Accept Gay Premier but Not Muslim 
THE HAGUE, 06/02/08 - The Dutch consider a homosexual premier acceptable. But a Muslim is unacceptable, it emerges from a survey of 21,000 members of TV programme EenVandaag's permanent opinion panel.

Nearly all participants (93 percent) found it acceptable to be governed by a woman premier. The scores were also high for a single (without a partner) prime minister (90 percent), an atheist (87 percent) or a homosexual (78 percent).

Three-quarters find a premier with a black skin acceptable. But when concrete ethnicity is attached to this, support dwindles.

Among the four major immigrant groups, Moroccans score worst; 31 percent consider a Moroccan premier acceptable. After this comes a Turkish premier (33 percent), Antillean (43 percent) and Surinamese (50 percent).

Even lower is support for an Islamic premier: 27 percent would find this acceptable. A Jewish premier is acceptable for 53 percent, actually higher than support for a 'strict Christian' premier (33).

Some 32 percent do not find it a problem if the premier only has MBO educational level, the lowest form of secondary education. For 34 percent, it is acceptable for the premier to visit or have visited prostitutes. A premier who has used 'hard drugs,' such as cocaine or heroin, is acceptable to 26 percent.

Remarkable is the very meagre support for an old premier. Only 19 percent accept a government leader aged over 70. Also remarkable is that voters aged over 65 are even more negative than average about an old premier. EenVandaag observed here that by contrast, in the US, the 71 year old John McCain is fully in the race for the White House.