A Critical Estimate of Muhammad

Date: 13 Mar 2009


A Critical Estimate of Muhammad by the Bangladeshi Apostate, Part-3 

By Dr Radhasyam Brahmachari 


Muhammad was a Mass Murderer: 

In 626 AD, the Prophet brought allegation against the Beni Koraiza that they had entered into a secret intrigue with the Koraish of Mecca against the Muslims of Medina, an allegation that was never investigated. A kangaroo court was formed with a new convert Sa’d, loyal to the Prophet, as the Judge and he issued a bloody verdict that said – all the able men would be beheaded, women and children would be sold as slaves and the spoils would be divided among the Muslim. They were nearly 2000 souls, including men, women and children. The verdict was delivered in the afternoon and immediately the men, about 800 in number, hands tied behind their backs, were separated from women and children, and kept under confinement. (Boys with pubic hair were taken as adults). The Prophet selected Rihana, most beautiful among the women for him. During the night a ditch large enough to contain 800 corpses was dug in the market-place of Medina. 

In the morning, Mohammad, himself a spectator of the tragedy, commanded the male captives to be brought forth in companies of five or six at a time. The unfortunates were then asked to sit down on the brink of the ditch facing the ditch, in a row and Hamja, the Prophet’s uncle, and Jubair, Talha and Ali, the cousins of Muhammad, chopped their heads off and kicked the dead bodies into the ditch. Only one woman was beheaded along with the men-folk and it was alleged that in one occasion she had planned to kill the Prophet by rolling down a heavy stone from the top of a building. 

To describe the incident Sir W Muir, the celebrated biographer of the Prophet, writes, “The butchery, begun in the morning, lasted all day, and continued by torchlight till the evening. Having thus drenched the market-place with the blood of seven or eight hundred victims, and having been commanded for the earth to be smoothed over their remains, Mohammad returned from the horrid spectacle to solace himself with the charms of Reihaha, whose husband and all her male relatives had just perished in the massacre. He invited her to be his wife; but she declined, and chose to remain his slave or concubine”. The Life of Mahomet, Voice of India, New Delhi, 1992). 

This present author has never seen a Muslim biographer of the Prophet to narrate this cold blooded massacre of 800 people by the Prophet. A Bengali biographer, Abdul Aziz Al Aman, has only mentioned it in his Kabar Pathe (On the Road to Kaaba) and described the massacre of the Koraiza Jews as a blot in the history of Prophet’s stay in Medina as well as a blot on the history of Islam. So it is obvious that the apologists like Mr Asgar Ali Engineer will always refrain from describing this bloody episode of his Prophet because it would then not be possible for him to portray the Prophet as an apostle of peace. But the stupid (and perhaps mischievous and wicked) monks of the R K Mission say that his (Muhammad’s) life and deeds in Medina, was an example of kindness and forgiveness, which even a billy goat would refuse to accept, 

Muhammad lived in Medina for 10 years and within these 10 years he organized 82 raids, as a part of the jihad, on the non-Muslim settlements of Arabia massacring thousands who refused to accept Islam. Out of these 82 raids, Muhammad participated in 26 raids, called Ghazwah, while the rest are called Sariah. 

It has been pointed out above that the Jews of Beni Najir, after being evicted from Medina, settled at Kloibar, nearly 100 miles north of Medina. Muhammad said to his followers that he would drive the Jews out of the Arab peninsula. So, in August, 628 AD, he invaded Khoibar with an army 1600 strong after sunrise (just after finishing the fazr or early morning prayer), when the inhabitants of Khoibar were totally unprepared. Massacre of unarmed people continued throughout the day drenching the land with blood. Kinana was the leader of the Jews. Information reached Muhammad from a traitor Jew that Kinana had concealed his treasure of gold ornaments and utensils; he received as dowry while marrying Safiya, in a secret place. One would be shocked to know the inhuman torture that Muhammad inflicted on Kinana to get the word out of him. Kinana was forced to lie down on his back and Muhammad placed burning charcoal on his chest and fanned it to glow red hot. Many believe that the torture continued till the burning charcoal penetrated Kinana’s heart and lungs. When a traitor Jew disclosed the secret place, Kinana was beheaded. Safiya, Kinana’s wife, was extremely beautiful and in the same night, Muhammad raped Safiya. 

Shame to the wicked and treacherous Monks of RKM 

So the above incidents conclusively prove that Muhammad was a mass murderer as alleged by the Bangladeshi apostates and raping of Rihana and Safiya substantiate their other allegation that Muhammad was a rapist. It is not difficult for the reader to gauge the extent of lies and deception of the author of the article “jagat jure udaar sure aananda gaan baaje” when he says, “We experienced the Prophet’s unlimited patience and endurance from his poverty-stricken life in an extremely unfavourable environment in Mecca. On the other hand, what we have learned from his life and deeds Medina is an example of kindness and forgiveness, though he was then the undeclared king of the city. As a matter of fact, the personal and religious conducts of his great life has been acknowledged as his priceless teachings. And hence Islam is a religion of patience and endurance, and a religion of kindness and forgiveness – or in a nutshell, a religion of love and compassion.” 

Though several other expositions in the article “jagat jure udaar sure aananda gaan baaje” deserve criticism, we shall consider the most important of them, i.e. the darkest lie that says that Sri Ramakrishna practiced Islam. This is the most notorious and the most despicable effort of the monks of the R K Mission to paint Sri Ramakrishna a secularist, with the help of the most irresponsible story fabricated by Mahendra Gupta, the author of Sri Ramakrishna Kathamrita.. These mischievous monks are now also busy to turn Swami Vivekananda a secularist. To this end they have re-made the portrait Swamiji in standing posture by re-painting his saffron garb black. They also stopped reprinting the most popular portrait of Swamiji carrying the sentence “Swami Vivekananda, the Hindu monk of India”. It has been mentioned earlier that Swamiji said that Sri Ramakrishna, the embodiment of mercy, came to this earth to save Hindu religion (or Sanatana Dharma) and the Hindus from the onslaught of Islam and Christianity (Rules and Regulations of Ramakrishna Math). But the monks of R K Mission are portraying Sri Ramakrishna, a devout Hindu, a secularist. 

However we may turn our attention to the fabricated story of Sri Ramakrishna’s practice of Islam. Those who are propagating the lie, say that at that time Sri Ramakrishna converted himself into a Muslim, used to perform Namaz and expressed his desire to eat beef. Perhaps the readers are aware that if a Hindu male wants to embrace Islam, he has to undergo circumcision. So we ask those propagators of that lie – “Did Sri Ramkrishna undergo circumcision when he embraced Islam?” 

It is well known that, Sri Ramakrishna did not care to follow the rituals while he worshipped the idol of Mother Kali at the temple of Dakshineswar. He was firmly convinced that pure devotion (bhakti) is enough to obtain the grace of Mother Kali. But namaz is not simply a devotional prayer to Allah. It has its strict rituals which must be observed. The most primary ritual for performing namaz is to learn the verses of Sura Fateha (the 1st chapter of the Koran), and some other duas by heart and that too in Arabic. So we ask the propagators of that lie – “Did Sri Ramakrishna ever learn Sura Fateha, in Arabic and other necessary duas by heart?” Not only that, a namazi has to recite, during namaz, several other verses, especially the verses containing the message of jihad, of the Koran in Arabic. So we ask those liars – “Did Sri Ramakrishna commit some other verses (in Arabic) of the Koran and the necessary duas (in Arabic) to memory, when he practiced Islam?” 

The Islamic prayer, called namaz, has some other important rituals and if these are not strictly observed by the namazis, Allah would refuse to accept his prayer. Firstly, it is a must for every Muslim to perform oju (ablution) before namaz and Allah does not accept one’s namaz if he does it without ablution. Secondly, there is the concept of Rakah or section of the Muhammadan prayer, that needs a bit more elaboration. It is obligatory for every Muslim to perform namaz five times a day and they are called fazar (early morning prayer, before the sunrise) , johar (mid-day prayer), aasar (afternoon prayer), magrib (prayer in the dusk) and esha ( prayer after dusk). There are strict laws for how many Rakahs of namaz are to be performed at a particular prayer time. 

Two other rituals are yet to be mentioned and those are ruku and sijdah. Ruku is a special posture when the namaji inclines his head, resting the palms on the knees and sijdah is the posture of prostration by touching the forehead on the ground. During every rakah of namaz, ruku and sijdah are to be performed at particular instants of time. So, we ask those stupid people who propagate the lie that Sri Ramakrishna performed namaz - “Did Sri Ramakrishna strictly observe all these rituals while he performed the so called namaz?” Had he not care to observe these rituals, his so called prayers to Allah may be called anything but namaz. 

His desire for taking beef is another lie. One should notice that eating beef is not a compulsory ritual for the Muslims. And in Arabia, where the creed called Islam originated, there are goats, doombas and camels but no cows. Muslims in India adopted themselves to beef eating only to hurt the sentiments of the Hindus. On the contrary, jihad and sex with kafir women are the integral part of Islam. So we advise the monks of RKM to fabricate new stories and say, “While Sri Ramakrishna practiced Islam, did he want to kill Hindu kafirs and rape Hindu women?” Such efforts would prove beyond doubt that Sri Ramakrishna once practiced Islam and turned himself into a Muslim. 


From the narrations of facts presented above and vis-à-vis the contents of the article “jagat jure udaar sure aananda gaan baaje” , it is not difficult for the reader to conclude that the author’s portrayal of Islam and its Prophet is full of lies, falsehood, fraud and deceit. There is no doubt that the monks of an organization like the Ramakrishna Mission, by writing and publishing such a stockpile of ignorance and stupidity in a reputed magazine like Udbodhan, are axing their own legs. If they continue this practice, soon people will lose credibility in its publication. Swami Vivekananda founded R K Mission for the benefit of the Hindus. But today its monks have deviated themselves far from the path shown by Swamiji. There is no doubt that, they are thus turning themselves into enemies of the Hindus and in near future, they will have to pay a heavy price for this. On the contrary, the apostates of Bangladesh, by projecting the real face of Islam and its Prophet, have done a great service, not only to the Hindus but also to the world community of non-Muslims, or rather to the entire humanity. 


*Professor, Department of Applied Physics, University of Calcutta. 

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