Date: 15 Mar 2009



 An objective assessment of the “achievements” of the UPA will put to shame even the most fervent supporter of Mrs Sonia Gandhi. No person with common sense will forge an alliance with this failed government, no person with common sense will vote for this Party which is nothing but a coterie of palace retainers and flatterers.

With what gumption does the Congress party go about saying that they have achieved this and that--even the Oscars which the Slumdog millionaire won (along with proliferation of slums) thanks to the Congress--jai ho! An intelligent person like Pranab Mukerjee has the cheek to say that when the time comes the people will remember the hand. Yes the time has come for people to remember the Hand which has to be removed. Why? Because from 2004 to 2008 there have been 14 serial bomb blasts across the country in which (going by media reports) 646 innocent people were killed in these and more than 2000 injured. This will not make our hearts ache because these are people who do not matter--they are not women and men of substance--the common folks who can be snuffed out. 

Not one woman/man of ‘substance’ had been targeted by the terrorists, because they know that those in power in the UPA are soft towards terrorism. Ministers like Antulay, Paswan, Lalu et al are their advocates. The Muslim vote bank is a great wall which protects them and the Congress under Mrs Sonia Gandhi dare not demolish that--in short we had a government with Mrs Sonia Gandhi stone walling any direct action against terrorists lest she lose the vote bank. Should we then vote for the Congress led by Mrs Sona and Rahul?

After a lot of dilly dallying for the last four and half years the UPA government was shaken from its lethargy and indifference to the loss of lives--with the 26/11 Mumbai blasts. The terrorists caught us napping and ill prepared to meet its challenge. It came as rude shock to Mrs Sonia and her coterie that the people did not want to see even their faces and resented them from visiting the blast sites. Quickly the most inefficient Home Minister Shivraj Patel--her handpicked man-- was quietly told to put in his papers and Mr Chidambaram was brought in. The latter confessed that there was security lapse and promised that in future intelligence inputs will be taken seriously. So what we had in short was the UPA government owning up that it is was the government’s failure and lapse that these people lost their lives and a promise held out to be more cautious! Should we vote in the Congress for this confession? For a party whose government could not provide security to its citizens and safeguard foreigners on its soil? A party which shamelessly buckled under terrorism and was not able to protect the sovereignty and integrity of this nation?

The Sonia led government in the fight against terrorism--brought in the proposal for setting up of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) and proposed amendments in the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) the former to be exclusively in charge of investigating terror crimes and the latter to act tough with the terrorists when apprehended. Apart from setting up these two agencies no meaningful action has been seen in the fight against terrorism. 

Afzal Guru is well cared for and of course dossiers are being exchanged between Pakistan and India with Pranab Mukherjee having to sift through the lies the Pakistan government utters. The NIA has not even found a proper office! The UAPA has yet to be enforced because India under Mrs Sonia Gandhi has no unlawful Activities to prevent such since unlawful activities assume legality under the UPA regime. What a farce Mrs Sonia Gandhi and Rahul make in their tough talk against terrorism. Should we vote for such a duo some led party which takes the loss of people’s lives so lightly.

What about the Common Minimum Program which the Leftist parties drew as the lakshman rekha to extend its support to the UPA from outside? The same Leftist parties were the first to fault the UPA on its default of the CMP. For full four and a half years Manmohan Singh and the PMO were only preoccupied with the N-deal. This did not figure in the CMP was the outcry of the Leftist parties. In the process Parliament was by-passed, misled--and the PM had the audacity even to lie to Parliament. 

The Hon’ able MPs were unperturbed because they were busy with their own individual agendas. One Union Minister was missing and the PM did not know his whereabouts! While A Raja the minister for IT was busy amassing crores. But the PM had enough time with Bush and brought home a good conduct certificate issued by him. This is surely an achievement which the Hand can boast of.

The NDA government had enacted the Right to Information (RTI). But the RIT is now only a piece of paper which cannot be put to effective use because the Prime Minister has exempted the ministers and their kin from its purview. One must grant that the PM becomes vigilant and alert when it comes to protecting the swindlers and corrupt politicians.

There is much more than eye can see because the Indian government has not requested the Swiss bank to divulge the names of those who have stashed our money in its bank. This clearly shows that Manmohan Singh is a man who abets corruption and does not realize that under oath he is obliged to protect and uphold the Constitution and not those in No 10 Janpath Road. 

The information that comes tumbling down the websites alleges about Rahul Gandhi’s two billion dollars in the Swiss bank. Already on 15-7-2005 Milap Choraria had appealed to the UN, had sent copies of his appeal to the President of India regarding this. 

As earlier as Sept. 22nd 2002, Schweitzer Illustriete- -a Swiss magazine had alleged that the Soviet agency KGB had deposited $2 billion in a Swiss bank account in 1985 in the ‘minor’ account of Rahul Gandhi managed by his mother Sonia Gandhi. Later according to Dr Swamy in his affidavit claimed that KGB chief Victor Cherikov had sought permission from the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) to make payments in US dollars to the family members of Mr Rajiv Gandhi, viz Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Mrs Paola Maino--mother of Mrs Sonia Gandhi. The stunning revelations made by Swedish Bofors case investigator Sten Lindstrom clearly shows that payment to AE services was negotiated by Quattrocchi who was paid $47,123,000 as a gift. Was this not at the cost of the country? And thanks to Mrs Sonia Gandhi, Q‘s accounts were defreezed and he was able to escape the country. One of the biggest achievements of the Congress!

All these make Mr Manmohan Singh, and the Indian government suspect in not being keen to find out the names of those who have black money in Swiss accounts. It is estimated that between $500 billion and $1,400 billion is hoarded in Swiss banks and still monies stashed in Virgin Islands and Bahamas. The ominous silence of even the CPM and the Leftist parties, the elite, the bureaucrats, and the NGOs is shocking. This money is people’s hard earned money and must be brought back to the country.

Instead we have Sonia Gandhi’s NREGP being bandied, the Self Help Groups (SHGs) of women being centre staged as powerful tools to banish rural poverty and empower women. Then why did the farmers commit suicides? This is another achievement of the Hand. 

All the time the bandicoots have infested the vitals of this nation and weakened the whole polity. We do not need freebies, because we the Indian electorate are no beggars to pick up the crumbs that fall from the tables of the mighty and the rich. What is more insulting is the freebies are again people’s money routed back to them as freebies to buy their votes. 

We want the money of the Indian people looted and stashed outside the country be brought back. There will be plenty of it to go around even if we simply distribute the looted cash. We can wipe out of our debt to the World Bank and it can become our borrower. This great fleecing of the Indian people and making them impoverished and paupers is the handiwork of the Congress’62 years of regime. 

The gang of conspirators includes the wealthy, the filthy rich, the silent bureaucrats –all worked Hand in glove. For this too we must remember the Hand to be banished. Little did Pranab Mukherjee realize what it amounts to when he stated that when the time comes the people will remember the Hand that made all this possible!

Let the Congress promise in its manifesto that it will bring back the black money hoarded outside the country--Just this one promise which it has to uphold.


Promises made by the Congress are only broken not to be kept--that is its ‘parampara’ Mrs Sonia Gandhi has been voted as one of the most powerful women in the world. What a paradox! In the disempowerment of women in India she has empowered herself. Her becoming the most powerful woman is directly correlated to the powerlessness of women in India. Even the one third reservation for women in legislatures a promise--and introduced in Parliament with much fanfare has not been fulfilled. It is a gimmick to wave this promise prior to election and fail to make it a reality. To point at the allies and fault them for placing blocks in passing the Reservation of women to Parliament Act, comes in handy for the Congress to explain its own inability and unconcern. But what prevented the Congress with the most powerful woman at its helm of affairs to start with her own party? Why has she not distributed 50 percent of the tickets to women to contest in the coming elections?

The SHG is a farce. The pittance these women get we are being told empowers them! Gender equality has never been the focus for this most powerful woman--Mrs Sonia Gandhi, hence laws towards that--in gender justice, security for women in their work place, equal wages for equal work are not issues that bother this globally powerful woman and the Party she leads. But her son Rahul goes seeking a pauperized dalit woman to understand poverty and talks of her in Parliament with his party thumping the tables. So poverty becomes real suddenly because Rahul discovered this impoverished woman in his constituency!

The corruption in the various sections of the polity--judiciary, executive and legislatures under Mrs Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh has assumed sky high proportions. The UPA under Mrs Sonia Gandhi failed to convert a Bill into a law providing statutory accountability for the judiciary. 

The cash for vote was a disgraceful episode in the annals of Parliament- when MPs exhibited bags of currency on the floor of the Parliament. neither the Speaker, nor the PM was ruffled. They were not shocked to stop the proceedings immediately and order an enquiry. It was back to normal routine because the vote was crucial for the UPA government to stay in power. An eye wash of a committee was appointed headed by one of the Congress members. Easily the culprits slipped through and a driver of Amar Singh was to be further probed! After all, this is the government which allowed ‘Q’ to flee from this country and which sent a courier boy from the Law Ministry to UK ordering the release of the accounts of Q. Poor Manmohan Singh pleads complete ignorance of this stating that he was out of the loop. Who then looped the whole chain of events? This is the way the UPA governed this country for the last five years.

Rahul Gandhi is being hoisted and foisted on the country as the man who introduced democratic voting in the Youth Congress and groomed towards being the next PM. (God save this country). Why then has his mother stubbornly refused to follow this age old mechanism of India--democratic voting? She resorts to selecting and hand picking for the Hand to effectively hold power.

Sonia Gandhi is unable to comprehend the fact that in all this mal-governance- corruption and subversion of democracy women are the most affected--physicall y, emotionally and psychologically. When the economic front fails-(though Mrs Sonia the economist credits the far sightedness of her mother-in-law in nationalization of banks which saved our economy for the global meltdown!!!) it is the women of India who goes hungry. She is the one who eats last in the household and of what remains. When terrorists’ attacks and leaves her people dead, maimed, injured it is the woman who grapples with the suffering and the pain and tries to hold on to the remnants of the family. 

When the corruption seeps into even the judiciary, it is the rape victim, the agonized mother and wife, who runs from pillar to post knocking for justice. When corruption is abetted in the executive from the Tahasidhar’s office to the minister’s it affects mostly the women. Her little jewelry has to be pawned--her double day labor stretches on to earn that bribe money to obtain that certificate, to put her family on the NREGP beneficiaries list. The story of women goes on. She still treks miles for water, she still blinks in the village darkness waiting for the N-deal (another ten years) to bring the electricity power which Mrs Sonia has promised. Will the most powerful woman--Mrs Sonia Gandhi comprehend all this? Whose power is she enjoying and at what cost?

Bring back the black monies from Swiss banks, from the Virgin Islands, from Bahamas and distribute these to every household below the Poverty line. It is the monies of the working class of this country. They ask for no luxuries, they demand a roof above their heads, two meals a day and for decent clothing. This is their birthright. Their pauperization has enabled and emboldened Mrs Sonia Gandhi and her children to have the best in India. Yet in their ignorance they think that they have made sacrifices for the country and others have not. 

It is insulting then for Priyanka to preen herself and ask, ‘Has anyone made sacrifices for the country as my family has”? This country cannot survive in skin-deep beauty and dimples--we need an intrinsically democratic person who cannot become a puppet, one who respects the Constitution and not subverts it, one who has experience, insights, and stands for justice at the helm of power. One who accepts the basic fact that this nation survives only on the sweat and toil of the its one billion people and to them then the best will be offered. Their security will be prioritized and their basic needs assured of. Their parampara will be safeguarded and respected and their country’s territorial borders will be protected. It is for such governance that people should vote for--Into that enlightenment let my country awake.