Date: 16 Mar 2009


This morning (March 16, 2009) Radio Five Live (UK) invited views on British troops on global peace keeping missions. 

Naturally all Muslim callers were against the idea. However our government cannot be cowed down and keep the armed forces on home ground only while the others over there are scheming and planning to attack us or our own soil ("way of life"). 

The abuse hurled at our brave soldiers in LUTON (10th. inst.) was an attrempt to INTIMIDATE this nation into "towing the Islamic line". The Daily Star of 11th isnt. called them "ENEMY WITHIN" on page 1.

While it is not possible to bring civlisation to the barbarians unless the barbariians themseles wish to be civilisedf, and there is no reason to suppose that the Afghans, the Irakis and the Pakistanis will give up their "way of life" as determined by KORAN, it would be right to go, do surgical strike, and come back. 

As a specific instance our troops ought to have come back after toppling saddam Hussain (if he did have nuclear weapons), and after removing the Taliban. 

But what to do if a thousand more Saddam Hussains are suddenly born and if the Taliban spread their tentacles wider to cover even half of Pakistan? Or, how to tell Iran, "Mind your own business and let Israel live."? 

The word "JEHAD" in KORAN means the opposite. It motivates a Muslm to struggle or fight till death (to get "virgins in paradise" as reward) in order to force the others to acknowledge the supremacy of Mohammed and his Islam over all the others. It also motivates a Muslim to impose SHARIA on the others.

Islam  is a global dilemma.


16.03.09 comment posted:


Police is for internal security. Military is for operations abroad. 

When military is fighting on home soil it means greatest threat to a country's very survival. 

Secondly there are many countries who do not believe in "mind your OWN business". For example Iran threatening to wipe out Israel, or Al Qaida in KABUL planning attacks on New York, or the Taliban-trained youth who killed the innocent on London tubes and bus. 

If the SOURCE of violence against this country lies ABROAD it is right to go abroad to deal with it. 

Lastly, what about the threat to secular and civilized world implied in this phrase, "GLOBAL ISLAM"? 

We can remember Hitler, too, threatening to extend his empire worldwide. Did we not send our troops to France, Libya, Burma and Malaysia to deal with that global threat?

The world is now a global village and we need to watch out for signs of trouble near us as well as far from us.

We must, therefore, admire our soldiers who ensure our safety at home by going to centres of EVIL VIOLENCE abroad. 

We must admire their courage to go through hardships and for giving their today for OUR tomorrow.