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date: 17 mar 2009


what kind of  baboo(n)s  are ruling india?

pandit jawaharlal nehru's high treason coming home to strike

nehru, the top indian leader at the time of departure of the british rulers from india, was cornered by the muslim leader mohammed ali jinnah with the demand for partition and threatened with civil war if he refused.

traitor nehru, whose heart was never in the hindu nation, readily signed the unconditional surrender of his country, conceding one third of territory to the indigenous muslims to establish their islamic republic called pakistan.

nehru who did not insist on referendum ought to have imposed at least one condition in return. that was to exterminate the muslim fifth column or ensure their departure to their islamic homeland.

but here was the leaders of hindus who gave a pound of flesh as well as a ton of blood of this nation and shamelessly ordered everyone to call it independence.

to ensure a lasting peace in south asia partition had to be accompanied by transfer of population. retaining the muslims in partitioned india, or broken bharat, in 1947 was to re-create the same conditions of political and social turmoil in which pakistan was established.

in 1947 no muslim was accused of causing communal disharmony or strife but ever since that day of india's doom a hindu who speaks up against a muslim is accused of serious crime and threatened with jail term.

what kind of  baboo(n)s  are ruling india?


gandhi family member is accused  

by sanjoy majumder 

bbc news, delhi  

17 march 2009


mr gandhi denies the accusations made against him 

a grandson of the late indian pm, indira gandhi, has been charged with inciting hatred against muslims during a recent election campaign rally. 

varun gandhi is alleged to have made the inflammatory remarks while campaigning as a candidate of the hindu nationalist bharatiya janata party. 

mr gandhi denies making the remarks and has said that the tape was doctored. 

three out of india's 14 prime ministers belong to the nehru-gandhi family, including the first, jawaharlal nehru. 

into trouble 

into trouble 

although varun gandhi is a descendant of the influential nehru-gandhi dynasty, he belongs to a side of the family that has disowned them. 

now a member of the hindu nationalist bjp, he is making his political debut in next month's general election. 

but an alleged campaign speech made on sunday has got him into trouble with the country's independent election commission. 

 gandhi-nehru dynasty 

jawaharlal nehru: first indian prime minister

indira gandhi: killed by her sikh bodyguard

sanjay gandhi: killed flying his plane

rajiv gandhi: assassinated by suspected tamil tiger supporters

sonia gandhi: opposition leader and congress party president 

during his speech, which was videotaped and aired on television, mr gandhi is seen as making offensive remarks against muslims saying they should be sent to pakistan. 

criminal charges have been filed against him after the commission reviewed the footage. 

the bjp has distanced itself from the remarks and said it will consider action if the charges are proved. 

if convicted, mr gandhi could be disqualified from contesting and face imprisonment. 

if convicted, mr gandhi could be disqualified from contesting and face imprisonment. 



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