Date: 19 Mar 2009


I sincerely feel that BJP has no hope under the walking ghost Advani with his namby-pamby Hindutva. The time has come to put the Hindu viewpoint forcibly. Let it not be hampered by the fact that its VP is a Muslim (Naqvi.). Narendraji MOdi played the Hindutva card and won a landslide. Still, the old senile Advani is busy portraying himself as secular. The last straw for me was the BJP distancing itself from the Veer Abhimanyu of the party, Varun Gandhi. This was the time they should have vigorously defended his stance and pressed home the point that, if it all, he was too mild. Also that he was referring to terrorism. Not once did he mention the M word. 
The BJP has lost a golden chance in not drafting Narendraji for PM. He is a real tiger, a modern Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel. Just imagine if the illiterate stupid opportunist Sonia were in power at the time of partition. Hydrabad would now be a part of Pakistan.
India is ruled by a party which is worse than the Mughals.