Date: 19 Mar 2009


Salim, Akbar’s son, succeeded him after his death and came to be known as Jahangir. Jahangir gained control over Bengal and Mewar after four campaigns against Amar Singh. He revoked Akbar’s orders that those who had been forcibly converted from Islam could return to Hinduism. He also prohibited the free inter-marriage customs between Hindus and Muslims in Kashmir . Hindus marrying Muslim girls and those who had already married were given a choice between Islam and death. Many were killed. 


Jahangir was also known as a drunkard and a sadist. He cared more for women than Islam. However, he encouraged conversions to Islam by providing financial care to converts. But his hatred for Vedic culture and Hindus is clearly shown even in the first year of his reign when he had the Sikh Guru Arjun Dev tortured to death. How this happened is that Jahangir’s own son, Prince Khusrav, rebelled against him. Jahangir went out with imperial forces after him. So the prince then went to Guru Arjun for assistance, since he had met him before at his grandfather Akbar’s court. Guru Arjun gave him some money for his travel. Then a furious Jahangir captured Guru Arjun and fined him 200,000 rupees, and also ordered him to strike out some of the verses in the Sikh holy book, the  Granth. The guru refused, whereupon Jahangir ordered his sons arrested and all his assets confiscated. He was then charged with treason and ordered to be put to death. 


This is related in his Tuzuk-i-Jahangiri. Therein he describes that Arjun had developed many followers and how he wanted to put an end to this falsehood, or bring him into Islam. Thus, Guru Arjun Dev ji nominated Har Govind as the next guru and went to Lahore where he was imprisoned at Lahore fort. Jahangir left the arrangements of torture to Shaik Farid Bukhari who had gained the title of Murtaza Khan. Guru Arjun Dev ji was chained to a post in an open place exposed to the sun from morning to evening in the summer months of May to June. Below his feet a heap of sand was put which burnt like a furnace. Boiling water was poured on his naked body at intervals. Some reports also say that he was made to sit on a hot iron plate, and was boiled in a cauldron. He was also stoned, which caused blood oozing sores on his head. His body was covered with blisters all over. 


The Guru was finally ordered to be executed, at which time his hands and feet were tied and he was thrown into the Ravi River . Furthermore, Jahangir destroyed the Bhagwat temple in Ajmer , persecuted Jains in Gujarat, ordered Jain monks not to be seen or be put to death, and sent Murtaza Khan to the temple town of Kangra in northern India to destroy the temples. The attack lasted 20 months, after which Jahangir went there to slaughter cows and spill their blood at what used to be Vedic holy places, and to build a mosque. 


Shah Jahan reigned from 1628 to 1658. He seized and remodeled the great Shiva Temple in Agra , the Tejo Mahila or Tajo Mahalaya, and turned it into a graveyard for one of his dead wives and renamed it Taj Mahal. 


It had been reported that many temples in the city of Benares had been partially rebuilt and the Hindus wanted to complete them. But Shah Jahan ordered that all temples in his whole dominion should be cut down. 76 temples in Benares had been destroyed. 


            In 1635 when soldiers captured some ladies of the Bundela royal family,  the mothers and daughters of these kings were left to be taken, robbed of their religion, and forced into the life of the Mughal harem.  Shah Jahan put enormous economic pressure on Hindus, particularly peasants, to become Muslims. The criminals too were forced to become Muslims. 


Under Shah Jahan peasants were compelled to sell their women and children to meet their revenue requirements... The peasants were carried off to various markets and fairs to be sold with their poor unhappy wives carrying their small children crying and lamenting. According to Qaznivi, Shah Jahan had decreed they should be sold to Muslim lords. 


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