Maneka breaks silence

Date: 27 Mar 2009


Maneka breaks silence on son's hate speech issue, attacks Cong
26 Mar 2009, 1654 hrs IST, PTI
NEW DELHI: Breaking her silence over her son's alleged hate speech, Varun Gandhi's mother and former Union minister Maneka Gandhi on Thursday  attacked Congress, saying the party was taking up the case to "conceal" its "anti-Sikh acts". 
"It has become empirical for Congress to show such tapes (of hate speeches) to conceal their anti-Sikh acts," Gandhi told a regional news channel. 
"It is Congress which should be ashamed for giving party tickets to people involved in the anti-Sikh riots in which thousands of Sikhs were killed," she added. 
Apart from the CD portraying Varun Gandhi speaking against the Muslim community, another clip was submitted to the Election Commission by Congress which depicted Varun Gandhi speaking against Sikh community as well. 
"The Election Commission has also dismissed the tape as a fake one and it actually is a fake one because Varun has not spoken anything like that," Gandhi claimed. 
"I am proud of being a Sikh. Sikhism was founded to defend Hindus and there is hardly any difference between a Sikh and a Hindu," the estranged Nehru-Gandhi family member said.