Date: 28 Mar 2009



Vote pulling is something of a subterranean ambitious. First of all the HINDUS have to show some self esteem and self respect to recover their Holy Land from foreign PREDATORS whose job in the last six decades has been to bash the Hindus at home and demolish Hindu settlements abroad, especially the grievous injury to our collective body in the shape of the ONLY Hindu Kingdom of Nepal that was destroyed while overlooking, even BLESSING, the 52 intolerant Islamic republics, especially Pakistan, where a Hindu is either considered or defined as "thief" or "servant".
Once the Hindu SPHERE OF INFLUENCE stretched from Rangoon to Kabul. But we never realised that there are FORMIDABLE enemies who will relentlessly & ruthlessly advance on OUR territory in order to replace Trishul by Symbol of Mohammed and Cross of Jerusalem. Look at the landscape of once brave Sikhs in EAST Punjab, now dotted all over with mushrooming mosques and churches- with the SIKHS marked for extinction in Amritsar as in Lahore. Is the situation in Kerala, Karnakata and Kashmir any different?
Passively we stood, disunited and squabbling among ourselves, beaten, defeated and WEAKENED, thus offering a lucrative TARGET (over centuries) to our enemies, enough to convince us that we are no match for Italy and Islam.
Our senses have been so DULLED that even the SURRENDER of LAHORE in 1947 did not warn us of the rapidly growing ENEMY WITHIN. The sleeping giant failed to try Nehru for that HIGH TREASON but elevated him to position of Saviour. Saviour from what? From whom? Our TOP scholarship has FAILED to even look at these questions.
The task is not merely to QUESTION the validity of all legislation since Partition when India was drastically reduced and badly disfigured, when FIVE PROVINCIAL LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLIES VANISHED, but also to raise TRISHUL over Rashtrapati Bhawan in New Delhi and ASPIRE to take the frontier back to KHYBER and to do to MECCA what its evil destructive forces did to AYODHYA, MATHURA, SOMNATH and AKHAND BHARAT. And we may add, "to New York on Sep 11, 2001 and to London on July 7, 2005." 
Yes, for a horse the mouse is a tiny thing but for a mouse a horse is a mountain. One can see in what SIZE and SHAPE the followers of mentally & spiritually emaciated "Mahatma" MK Gandhi have been REDUCED today to whom Broken Bharat is Akhand Bharat and the Rashtramata (Mother of our Hindu Nation) is the worthless import by BOFORS CHOR.
Is it not the time to get out of our deep frozen slavish mindset, to aspire to IMPOSE Secularism in Lahore before we lap it up and lick it in Delhi? By the way, until 1947 when Nehru & Gandhi took over the British Indian Colony even Karachi and Dhaka were under the SAME secular flag as Delhi and Mumbai.
Hence Varun is more than just a candidate for seat in Parliament. He is OUR man in that stooge body of subservient "yes" men & women who live and die under Nehru's spell and owe allegiance to the hostile NON Hindu crew of the Ship called Hindusthan. 
These "Hindu" MPs sheltering under the "Skirt of Sonia" have never mentioned a Memorial to the Dead of PARTITION, leave aside recovering North Kashmir and abolishing Article 370 of Constitution that applies only to South Kashmir.
Only after the Victory of Varun will the other demoralised cowering MILLIONS, now sheltering under that Italian "SKIRT", take courage to notice the disfigured map outline of India and the true nature of their rulers and then rise to protect Land and People from further decay and decomposition.
If we wish Hinduism to survive then we ought to comprehend that "Hinduism without spine and status is UNACCEPTABLE." VARUN is no ordinary contestant for a parliamentary seat. He is promise of our future.