Date: 31 Mar 2009



Dr. Babu Suseelan

The parliamentary election in Kerala is scheduled for April 16. The anti national Congress party, Marxist anarchists, pro-Pakistan Muslim League, BSP, NCP and BJP are contesting the election. All parties except BJP have retained the generic formula of blaming Hindus. By finding fault with Hindutva in a much wider, more malevolent and dangerous form, the pseudo secular Congress party and the totalitarian Marxists are hoping to consolidate Muslim and Christian votes. It is strange that the Marxist anarchists and the bogus secular Congress party are not interested in addressing the real issues facing the nation. The real issues are Jihadi terrorism, coercive and deceptive religious conversion, and foreign funded subversive groups destroying the social fabric of India, looting of Hindu Temple funds, corruption, and discrimination against Hindus. The majority of Hindus are real victims in Kerala.

Instead of addressing the real issues, the generic process of blaming Hindus is applied to almost every problem in Kerala. The dangerous Jihadi terrorism is explained away on the ground that Hindus are becoming active. The distribution of Pakistan printed counterfeit Indian currency by Jihadi groups is traced to economic opportunities. Deceptive and dishonest religious conversion by Christian groups is claimed on the impoverishment and culture of poverty and the lower value system of Hindus. Islamic bombing, Jihadi bus burning, arson and mass murder are explained away with phony social science theories and concepts like unemployment, poverty and lack of education. Every important social problem including Jihadi terrorism, corruption, anarchist violence, civil disorder, Islamic terrorism training schools, police corruption and inefficiency, crime, murder and clergy sex abuse-has been analyzed within the framework of the Hindu blaming ideology.

The process of Hindu blaming ideology is often very subtle. Hindu bashers display a deep concern for Jihadi terrorists, Marxist anarchists and Christian crusaders. They are very careful to dissociate themselves from Hindus. Blaming Hindus is an ideological process, a set of ideas and concepts from Nehruvian secularism and Gandhian Islamic appeasement policy.

Since 1950, the Congress party and the Marxists have been ruling Kerala in coalition with the Muslim League and the Kerala Christian Congress party. All these years, the ruling coalition has been promoting Jihadi groups and evangelist crusaders costing thousands of Hindu lives and crores of rupees. The Jihadi accommodation, missionary appeasement and outright favorable treatment are based on false assumption, inadequate information and without understanding the real motive or hidden agenda of the hate mongers who are waging a real war against Hindus.

The successive Congress and Marxist administration in Kerala failed in understanding the real mindset of Jihadis, Evangelists and their destructive ideologies. The Congress and the Marxist government have repeatedly provided more funding for Jihadis and crusaders, more educational institutions, special privileges including Mullah Pension, scholarships for Muslims, funding for Madrassa education, Hajj subsidy, quota system and special job reservation for Muslims.

The Marxist anarchists are now rallying for Jihadi terrorist groups headed by the notorious Jihadi terrorist mastermind Abdul Nasser Madani. The Marxists have affirmed Jihadi leader Madani as part of their ongoing dedication ďto finding solution to reduce Hindu influence and increasing BJP popularity.  Ostensibly, by expanding Jihadi terrorist groups, Marxists want to reduce overall growth of Sangh in Kerala. The Marxist anarchistís pro-Jihadi effort was organized by the Marxist party General Secretary Pinaroy Vijayan and his real estate Islamic mafia gang. Abdul Nasser Madaniís Jihadi group PDP manifesto is Islamic. Marxistís excessive enthusiasm for Madani has enabled Islamic fascists to expand subversive activities in Kerala. Under Madaniís leadership, Jihadi terrorism has increased in Kerala. Funding for Jihadi terrorism training and incentives for crime, violence and murder has increased in Kerala due to Madaniís international connection with Islamic terror groups. PDP and Madani are aligned with international terrorist groups, Marxist criminals, Al-Qaida, Muslim Brotherhood and several Pakistan and Saudi based Islamic groups. Jihadi groups such as PDP, NDF and SIMI cannot accommodate, compromise or reconcile with Indian democracy, pluralism, secularism and harmony. These apocalyptic terrorist groups want total destruction of Hindu culture.

Mass murder of Hindus in Marad, bus burning in Kochi, Jihadi terror training camps in Wagamon, and killing of hundreds of Hindu activists demonstrates Madaniís and PDFís commitment for Jihad war. The Marxists hail him for having been elected as the undisputed leader of the extremist Islamic group where Islamic fascists can work together to advance pro-Islamic agenda.

Marxists are now burdened with promoting false Islamic claim that Islam is peace. To say that Islam is peace is to apply a misleading metaphor. Islam is peace is an ideational ware that is seldom afforded any currency at the Islamic Jihadi bazaar. Both Jihadis and Marxists are known to indulge in senseless and vicious violence based on cooked up grievances. They most often target innocent Hindus for attack. Self-proclaimed grievance based violence in Kerala is targeted against Hindus, Hindu temples and cultural institutions. It is brutal, senseless and is not meant for promoting democracy, freedom, peace, justice or harmony.  Why do Marxists join with Jihadi terrorists against Hindus? They are not for revolutionary justice, equality, coexistence or pluralism. Understanding this unholy alliance is the most vital part of understanding Marxist morality or lack of it. Marxists have no problem with violence, terrorism and destruction- so long as the terrorism is directed against Hindus.

Marxists and Jihadis have choices to make in our democratic system. But they prefer to choose unfreedom, violence and totalitarianism. They rejoice their unfreedom when compelled to act on their dogmatic ideology which is morally wrong. Islam forbids democracy, critical thinking and coexistence. Jihadi action is based on the will of invisible Allah and the freedom of the will has no meaning for Jihadis. Islam has a world view that see invisible Allah as the sole determiner and judge of human affairs. The Islamic Allah is the controller of the entire world in which humans exist. Islam challenges democracy, freedom of thought, critical inquiry and reject differing world views. Both Muslims and Marxists are unwilling to recognize their defective thinking, thinking errors, risk taking behavior and criminal thinking. Muslims and Marxists project these dangerous tracts on to Hindus. In the process, they condemn and blame Hindus. By holding Hindus exclusively responsible for the problem, Jihadis and Marxists refuse to accept or recognize Indian culture and ethos. They are constantly engaged in armed struggle against infidel Hindus and culture.

If Hindus are not to fall into the dangerous Marxist-Jihadi trap, Hindus should wage an ideological war against the apocalyptic and dogmatic ideologies. If we fail in our mission, we are forcing innocent Hindus to seek refuse in the purgatory of Marxist-Islamic counterfeit systems. If Hindus do not wish to turn to the morbid and despairing delusions of Marxism and Jihadism, Hindus must organize, unite and fight for freedom, dignity and respect.

The big question: What should Hindus be doing? In what ways can the Hindus become more involved with the coming election to ensure the defeat of the alliance of the Marxist-Jihadi hate groups? Organized resistance to hate groups is the highest form of freedom. It is the wisdom of Hindutva. If we want to uphold Dharma and liberty, and resist these culture vultures, we will have to reject many of our favored belief in tolerance, secularism and the illusion that all religious dogmas are the same. We will have to see to it that our Hindu vision of the human future, unlike those of Jihadis and Marxists can prevail. We should not discard our noble virtues, but we must not tolerate intolerant ideologies and intolerant miscreants. We must join together in the insurrection of subjugated Hindus. It is urgent that Hindus must aggressively organize and be assertive and effectively mobilize Hindus towards our targeted goals.