Date: 31 Mar 2009


Dear Shri  M.P.Agrawal,
                              This  is most  unfortunate and tragic  on your part that you as District Magistrate of Pilibhit,U.P. been responsible to slapp National Security Act against  innocent Varun Gandhi on a speech he gave on 6 th.March 2009.It took you 23 days to decide what to do? This shows your lack of intelligence and lack of efficiency.This further proves that you are not capable of taking decisions own your own.
If it was so serious then why did you sat on it?
If you have taken the decision under pressure then come out in open and say so ,sothat truth comes out.
We as ordinary people do not know how these things work but you are responsible person and it   is your duty to act carefully and with responsiblity .
Public at large has been cheated by administration and you are part of it.
Who is behind this conspiracy against not only Varun Gandhi but the country?
Varun will come out clean and pure as 24carat gold out of this mess created by administration.It will take some time but then only real India would emerge as strong and just India for all.
Satyamev jayate is not for just writing on paper, articles and quoting in speeches but you must know that truth can only win if you fight for truth to win but you have to  give sacrifices for truth we are prepared for sacrifices for the truth that Varun is innocent.