Article 3958

Date: 03 Apr 2009


When we raise a foreigner in our midst the native lowers himself willingly. 
When besotted Rajiv (inside a mental coolie, later the BOFORS CHOR) put his head at the foot of Sonia, a poor girl from Italy in a "dhaba" in Cambridge, England, he put the whole of Hindustan under her foot. 
Today some native fools call her "RASHTRAMATA". They show to the whole world the result and effect of centuries of degrading slavery that saps away all self esteem and self confidence from natives who were once second to none on earth.
If there is no difference between Hindu and Muslim then what is wrong in having Koran over Delhi as it is over LAHORE? 
If foreigners and natives are the same then why not get the BRITISH BACK over our heads? 
What was that swadeshi movement and that slogan of QUIT INDIA about?
When will the MAJORITY community in PARTITIONED India open their eyes to save what is left of our NATIVE Spirituality in West Punjab and East Bengal and what is left of our TERRITORY after surrender of FIVE provinces in 1947?
Is the Hindu in the end going to beg for one square meter on earth to stand?
NO. Our first task is to raise awareness about PARTITION. It was high treason by Congress Party. We had a man who had NO heart in Lahore and Chittagong and NOW we have a woman in the same chair who has NO heart in Sri Krishna and Guru Nanak, neither in MANDIR in Ayodhya nor in HARIMANDIR in Amritsar.
Our first task is to raise awareness that the HINDU has become the soft TARGET in final fight for TERRITORY in South Asia. 
The only Hindu Kingdom of Nepal was pole in the eye of Sonia & her allies but 53 ISLAMIC REPUBLICS on earth are soothing balm in their eyes.
Our slogan now ought to be "QUIT INDIA" to all foreigners. Let the NATIVE take over the defence of his TERRITORY and SOULS. 

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What is the purpose of. Such mails ex cept downgrading public figures
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some people say that sonia sacrificed her family, declined the prime minister post and forgave the killers of her husband. more over under her able leader ship the country is getting economically stronger.all blatant lies. she never sacrificed her husband  he was killed . she is at liberty to forgive the killers of her husband but before forgiving the killers she should identify the culprits to the country, because with  Rg so many innocent countrymen also got killed.. if she has really and honestly turned down the offer of PMs post she should remain at her house or at least do politics as the great jayaprakash narayanan far as economics i leave it to economists. to save our country from self serving lot, sonia should be defeated and that too squrely jebamani mohanraj 094440 18543