Date: 05 Apr 2009


Please read the following story of a Moslem woman:

Women in Islam: Bitter Laments of a Bengali Muslim Woman

by Jahanara Begum
06 April, 2007

"Allah Amader Kandte Dao!" (Allah, Please let us weep in peace!) — Jahanara Begum

Please, Allah, leave us alone to cry and weep in peace. From behind the veil, beyond public gaze we want to cry till we cannot cry any more. This is the only right you have left to us Muslim women, throughout the Islamic world, where your laws are meticulously followed. 

The world beyond is undergoing so many changes, so many evolutions over the ages; year after year, new discoveries are being made both in the sciences and philosophies, in the rest of the world, improving upon old ideas and beliefs. But we are tied forever to the rigid and immutable shackles of your laws, Allah. 
No one ever came forward for our emancipation. Unique is our society! Men like Raja Ram Mohun Roy or Swami Vivekananda are not born in this society. No Sharat Chandra comes forward in this society to write an account of the volumes of tears that flow from our eyes. 

Educated Muslim men like Badruddin Tyebji, Hamid Dalwai and others like them have written on measures to stop the killing of cows but have failed to utter a single word of sympathy for us, Muslim women. 

Abdut Jabbar can write a big fat volume on the eunuchs—and on the castrated in different Muslim societies—but he has nothing to say in our behalf. 

Syed Mustafa Siraj was at least honest when he said that the Hindus can fearlessly write on the injustices and other inadequacies of their social system, but we, the Muslims, are afraid to criticize the defects of the Islamic society. 
Nargis Sattar has started to write a few articles on the subject of Islamic marriage laws and we were so hopeful. But that hope too, once again, has been taken away from us. More than a hundred female lawyers had demanded women’s emancipation in the streets of Lahore in Islamic Pakistan. The ‘heroic’ Pakistani policemen attacked the female lawyers with sticks and batons. 
A Muslim female member of the ADMK party of India had raised the subject of the emancipation of India’s Muslim women in the nation’s parliament—but then, all the progressive members of parliament remained silent on the issue, for no one wanted to offend the fundamentalist mullahs and lose the Muslim votes. 

The above story illustrates the great deal of suffering among Moslem women. Millions of other Moslem women similarly sob & bemoan in the mirky darkness of Islam. 

Moslem women need to be assisted, to get out of Islam & escape from the experience of naked Islamic barbarism, and to laugh & rejoice. 

Millions of Moslem women can be snatched away from Islam, and converted to Kafir-religions such as Hinduism, if Hindu people manifest guts & imagination, and capture the opportunities that are waiting to be taken possession of. 

Make no mistake about it. It is one of the greatest Dharmic Duty of Hindus, to save the Moslem women from the dark barbarism of Islam. This Hindu action can translate into Deliverance of Moslem women from Slavery Of Islam. Moslem women have a clear choice between: " Slavery of Islam & Freedom of Kafir-Religions, such as Hinduism. "

Let no body fail to understand that, this clash between Slavery Of Islam & Freedom Of Kafir-Religions, with respect to the treatment of Islamic women, will grow bigger as time marches on. 
Hindus need to develop techniques to demonstrate, to Moslem women what they can have by, walking out of Islam. Islam's treatment of its women is the greatest weakness of Islam, it is also the greatest opportunity for the Hindus. Hindus ought to lead the charge against the greatest weakness of Islam. 
Islam is the bottomless pit of barbarism, for the life of the Moslem women, particularly with the imposition of Sharia laws upon them. Moslem women cannot get out of Sharia laws, because that would be contrary to Allah's wishes. 
Islam is in chaos, and needs to be thrown into abyss. Hindu boys ought to go after the Moslem girls ( and women ), marry them & convert them to Hinduism, with full efforts.
So, Hindu Boys: What are you waiting for ?
If you need somebody's permission to pursue this Dharmic-Duty, you have my permission.
Surinder Paul Attri


Please watch this video.
This is how Muslims can "legally", as per Islamic Law, treat their females back home. Here is a 17 year old girl suffering the Islamic "justice". They show no mercy even when she is crying in pain.
It is very important for every girl in Europe to be told about people from the other civilisations, from decent to barbarian.