Date: 05 Apr 2009



Dear Sir,
I listened to part of your interview with Dr. Shahabuddin Yaqoot Qureshi today (5 Apr 09), ending at 7 p.m.
I have very mixed reaction because he is a MUSLIM in PARTITIONED INDIA.
He should not be there at all since India was divided between the Muslims and the Rest. Muslims were conceded clear identity while Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains and so on who are NATIVE to the soil were lumped together like riff raff.

 Pakistan was meant to be homeland for ALL the Indian Muslims, not only for those who were already in a MAJORITY in those provinces.
Had it been the REVERSE, that is, the Hindus asking for a separate homeland in an Islamic country, NOT ONE WOULD HAVE ESCAPED THE SWORD OF MOHAMMED on the Islamic side of border. 
Your interviewee is a Muslim from South India whom BLOODY HORRENDOUS PARTITON did not touch at all. “Rivers of blood” were flowing in Punjab and “streams of blood” in East Bengal. Six decades ago there was no TV and hardly an Indian family with a radio or able to read a newspaper. So the fate of Hindus & Sikhs in West Punjab remained unknown to the rest of the country.
Enslaved, degraded, defeated, beaten and CRUSHED, the HINDU WORLD has lost mutually binding affinity and is like a huge LOG OF WOOD where if one sets fire to one end the other end remains frozen in winter snow. 

But rest assured, the thaw is coming in the deep frozen collective Hindu body while the world likes to describe it as dangerous fundamentalist Hindu revival. No one thinks of the conflagration that consumed one third of India and whose flames leapt up to the sky in 1947.
I hail from West Punjab where complete ethnic cleansing took place and MILLIONS of Hindus and Sikhs were forced out of their homes. many with sad memories of their daughters forcibly snatched and gang raped by the ecstatic followers of Mohammed who found virgins on earth instead of getting to them after death.
Your interviewee is a Muslim, a lucky guy, who was not killed or kicked out of his home at PARTITION when INDIA lost both wings to the SWORD OF MOHAMMED. 
He is also very satisfied with the kind of democracy with the PERPETUAL rule of one DYNASTY that exists on Muslim vote bank but is a serious barrier in the way of the struggling Hindu nation towards their faint "glow" of freedom from Nehru's secular yoke while the Muslims in Pakistan are basking in bright SUNSHINE of KORAN & ISLAM in Lahore, Karachi and Dhaka. He is too smart to feel ashamed at the so-called democracy where the prime minister's chair AUTOMATICALLY came down from father Nehru to daughter Indira and then from mother Indira to son Rajiv. Now his widow is the First Lady of the Land of Hindus. Sonia is as alien to India as Mussolini was to England.
Dr. Qureshi spoke against the two-nation theory that divided India because some of his relatives “spat on” their motherland and migrated to Islamic land of great promise. Being a devious Muslim, he has no qualm about holding high office in the Land of Infidels. 
One needs to interview a Sikh or Hindu woman who was 30 or 35 at that time whose husband was KILLED and who has had to live as a grieving widow for the rest of her life. Furthermore, after this woman was forced out as a refugee the local MUSLIMS occupied her house and possessions in no time. 
How do THESE former refugees and VICTIMS of Islamic brutality feel about Muslim presence in BROKEN BHARAT? 

When they see one, their gut reaction is, "What the Hell is HE doing here after PARTITON?" Hindus and Sikhs, enslaved by Nehru after the departure of the British, have had to accept Partition as well as the treacherous Muslims in their midst.
For the Hindus, brought up believing in “Tyaag” and “Maaya”, the genocide and territorial surrender at Partition were a laugh. 

It is true that Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, who ruled like a dictator and imposed his family rule over Rest of India. did his utmost to "deny" the loss of life & territory (like the denial of Holocaust by some) by his propaganda blasts and by deleting the word “PARTITON” from the Constitution of India. 
Nehru did not demand Referendum over Partition, considering his HINDU subjects no more than the ignorant cattle who would not comprehend their misfortune while he rewarded the MUJSLIMS with huge territory on which to fly their separatist flag, enact ISLAMIC Constitution, exterminate Hindus and Sikhs, especially in West Punjab, East Bengal and Kashmir, and at the same time allow them to stay unharmed in Gandhi's India.
We ask, "What is good about a secular Muslim in India now when LAHORE has gone out of her map FOR EVER and those TWO MILLION slaughtered people cannot come back to life."
 Despite the cover up by "conceding appeasing pacifist" (MK) Gandhi who was manipulated as the sacred icon of treacherous All-India Congress Party in 1947 to soften the blow of Partition and to forget the surrender of five provinces without a single condition, each one of us must cast off fear and ask, "What really happened in 1947 to our ancient Motherland of Vedas and wisdom? 
"What is the nature of the two OPPOSING ideologies that clashed in such a bloody FEROCIOUS manner like the two tectonic plates under the surface of earth?"
"Which side LOST ground, lives, lands, property, businesses and livelihood but became totally reconciled with much reduced/shrunken India, and why?" 
The IDEOLOGICAL FAULT line suddenly came down from (natural rock like barrier) Khyber to (man made porous curtain) Wagah. Congress occupied India can still sleep peacefully but Hindu India cannot.
Please watch this video to comprehend the intrinsic and inherent brutality of ISLAM that "goes" for the weak.
This girl was weak. So she invited Islamic aggression. We need to ask, "Who was weak in 1947 to invite that Partititon and Genocide?" 
To most of us our HINDU nation was laid flat on ground like this girl and mutilated, not just whipped & let off like her.

So, despite what the treacherous Vidhan (Constitution), that does not mention PARTITION, says, beware of the great disaster that lies ahead because Partition was not conclusive but a TRAP for the Hindus & Sikhs.
Nehru accepted it and barrister-at-law MK Gandhi went one step further. He condoned and legalised that Treason by insisting on transferring Rs. 35 crore to Pakistan as a term of Partition. 
It is amazing that only the Hindu was forced & bound by MK Gandhi to "honour" a condition while the MUSLIM was exonerated from any condition. Both Nehru and Gandhi could not send even one warning to Mohammed Ali Jinnah that, "If even one Hindu is killed or one female abducted or raped, we shall tear up the document of Partition." O NO. These leaders went along with the wishes of the devils.
If you felt sick at such vulgar, cowardly and brutal display of ISLAMIC Law then spare a thought for the brutality against Hindu/Sikh girls and women who were abducted, raped and even taken out in processions through towns in broad daylight by the followers of Mohammed, not to forget those who were killed by their own fathers and those who jumped into deep wells to escape the "Culture of Islam". 
We need to press on the Government of India through UNO, or some higher power, to acknowledge PARTITION as a HISTORIC DEFEAT, and then explain to the people the terms of that Act of Partition, 1947, and name and expose the traitors and set up a Hindu Holocaust Museum and some memorials to recall the dead, at least once a year..
This is the real core of ISLAM, to live, think, act and pray like the barbarians of the barren desert of 7th century AD. At that time laws were severe since men picked up and ran off with any girl, horse or camel they fancied. There were no jails to keep and feed prisoners and none capable of maintaining records in blinding sandstorms and frequent battles and perpetual wars. Hence punishments were quick and conclusive like amputation, whipping and beheading.
This poor girl in 21st century, when there are learned judges with degrees in Law and built up courts with records and facilities of taking evidence, with electricity and even central heating and air conditioning, was treated under the laws that were commonly imposed by illiterate wild Arabs, carrying swords and riding camels in the 7th. century AD.
Islam will remain extremely crude, primitive, savage and dangerous to the civilised mankind, Hindus in particular, until Koran is amended and words like "Kafir" and phrases like "beat the women" are deleted from it.
Watch the Muslim pretending to be secular when he lives in a non Muslim country but see him turn a “BEAST” in his ISLAMIC Republic. Today (5 April 09) one “BEAST" exploded a bomb at a mosque at CHAKWAL, West Punjab, and killed scores of worshippers of Mohammed.
5 apr 09