Date: 17 Apr 2009



I will add one more thing here. Yesterday, around 6000 outsiders entered Islamabad [ Lal Masjid Friday prayers ]. Residents are being advised to take care of themselves and be cautious. I wish Lal Masjid owners remain peaceful and don't take revenge from innocent people. Hope they will not lose public support by doing any terrorist activity or act of irresponsibility.




Please do whatever you can. Wherever you are, at the very least ... spread awareness!
Tragedy worse than Gaza waiting to happen in Pakistan

Ayatullah Nasir Makarim Shirazi, one of the top ranking Maraji’ Taqleed in Hawzah Ilmiyyah Qum, said:

Taliban, Al-Qaida and extremist Wahabis have committed a massacre in Parachinar Pakistan that is worse than Gaza . They have beheaded 600 hundred people, cut off hands of women and children.

Honorable Marja’ made these remarks in the beginning of his Dars-e-Kharij of Fiqh in Masjid-e-Azam, Qum where he strongly criticized the silence of Pakistan government in the face of crimes against Shias of Parachinar and said:

Why is the Pakistan government sitting idle and watching this happen? Is Parachinar not part of Pakistan ? Pakistan government, which has a duty to defend its people, is not helping its own people and a genocide is taking place before its eyes.

Explaining the fact that the crimes of Al-Qaida, Taliban and the extremist Wahabis is the same as the crimes of Israel , he added:

It is clear that they are aligned with Israel because whatever happened in Gaza has repeated in the worse form in Parachinar.

The eminent Marja’-e-Taqleed voiced his complaint to the foreign ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the National Television for their lack of reporting and lack of confronting these genocidal acts saying:

Negligence of Pakistan government, careless attitude of Foreign Ministry and the Media has resulted in the spread of these massacres.

Hazrat Ayatullah Makarim Shirazi said:
Just as we raised our voices loudly about the crimes the people of Gaza , we should also scream and yell in support of people of Parachinar because Foreign Ministry and Official Media have remained silent and do not speak about these inhuman acts.

His Eminence added:
Foreign Ministry must awaken the international organizations to these tragedies and demand from them to send teams to investigate the crimes committed in Parachinar.

His Eminence continued:
It has been 10 months that the area of Parachinar has been besieged and permission has not been granted to deliver food and medicines.

The Ayatullah emphasized:
These news reports must reach the public through the mass media, and we hope that Allah (swt) will soon take revenge of the oppressed from their oppressors.
 این مرجع تقلیدتاکیدکردند: این اخباربایدازطریق رسانهها به گوشدیگران برسدو ماامیدواریم هرچه زودترخداوندانتقام مظلومان راازظالمان بگیرد.
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