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Re: Sachar Committee Report Uncovered Backwardness of India’s Muslims, Part 3
Backwardness of India's Muslims. O yes? 
When were they ever NOT backward?
In 712 AD they were most backward and starving in the Land of Rasul Allah, when the wealth of Hindusthan attracted them.
In 1026 Mahmud of Gazni in impoverished Afghanistan saw the riches of Somnath and took away what he could load on his donkeys, horses, mules and carts.
In 1192 AD the starving TURKS came to Delhi to fill their bellies and stayed put like SONIA GANDHI from starving Italy of Mussolini.
In 1947 M.A. Jinnah of ALL INDIA Muslim League saw the BACKWARDNESS OF INDIA'S MUSLIMS and saw the wealth in WEST PUNJAB, NORTH KASHMIR, SINDH, BALUCHISTAN AND EAST BENGAL as well as the prospect of Houries & Virgins for his followers on this earth.
TODAY (2009) India's Muslims are still backward according to this Sarkari "Khachar" Report, commissioned by some KHAN or MAINO in New Delhi who cannot see the backwardness of all the HINDUS in Chatisgarh, Jharkhand, Bihar and Nepal.
Many "sweet, compassionate and gentle" Hindus would be moved by the headline though they never read such a moving line about the Kashmiri HINDUS who were left more backward than these Muslims of Partitioned India.
SOME QUESTIONS before we all (HINDUS) melt down in sympathy, like ice cream in direct summer sun, with this rising and menacing FIFTH COLUMN in our midst. "Chacha" Nehru & "Bapu" Gandhi ignored them in 1946 and had their AKHAND BHARAT violently broken up a year later.
1.  What are the MUSLIMS doing AFTER PARTITION in India?
2.  Pakistan was created for ALL THE MUSLIMS OF INDIA, not just for those living in East Bengal and West Punjab. Therefore, the "godfather" of these bereaved MUSLIMS in BROKEN BHARAT is now the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and their dogfather, the King of Saudi Arabia and even the Islamic Republic of IRAN to whom they relate more than to the KAFIRS of Partitioned Indian Secular State.
3.  What about the BACKWARD HINDUS living in East Bengal, North Kashmir and Sindh? Can we throw them out of our moral RESPONSIBILITY like Bandit J.L. NEHRU, son of a Musalmaan, did 61 years ago?
4.  Now, who is sparing a thought for the CRUSHED HINDUS IN NEPAL and the SUPPRESSED Tamils (of INDIAN origin) in Sri Lanka who are now under relentless gun fire while India's female SUPREME COMMANDER is shopping around for her new saris and enjoying banquets for foreign heads of state?
5.  If we have soft bleeding heart like that of "Mahatma" MK GANDHI who was so generous as to say to MA JINNAH, "brother, if you need Lahore to exterminate the Hindus, then take away Karachi and North Kashmir, too."
6.  Are we on the WAY TO EXTINCTION in the "Rest of Bharat" (What is left of India since 1947)?
7.  We do sing "DHARTI MAATA" with hot passion but deep frozen emotion. But what do we know of our DHARTI (TERRITORY) where the Muslims have erected "KAFIR KILLER" mosques? Do they read some Holy Granth there that preaches UNIVERSAL LOVE, or the KORAN that preaches HATRED OF HINDUS?
Seven questions above for every thinking Hindu. 
And before we spare a copper for them let us all ask the KING OF SAUDI ARABIA to take them all away to his Golden Kingdom or send them to the vast empty lands in BALUCHISTAN. Hindus there vacated PLENTY OF DHARTI in 1947.
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Sachar Committee Report Uncovered Backwardness of India’s Muslims, Part 3
by Dr Radhasyam Brahmachari 
20 Apr, 2009 
Anti-India Jihadi Mindset of India’s Muslims 
It has been pointed out earlier that, after the present Congress Party led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) Government  came into power, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh appointed a high level committee in March 2005, under the chairmanship of the retired Supreme Court Judge Justice Rajinder Sachar, to investigate the social, economic and educational status of Indian Muslims. Before proceeding further, let us make it clear, first, what inspired the ruling Congress Party to set up a committee to investigate the social, educational, financial and other aspects of the Muslim community and second, what is the real agenda of India's Muslims? 
It is pertinent to point out beforehand that it was not a genuine aspiration to improve the lot of the Muslim masses that had inspired PM Singh to appoint the Sachar Committee. The leading Congress Party claims itself to be a secular party and in India secularism has become a euphemism for the appeasement of Muslim; the so-called secular political parties, in the name of secularism, resort to rampant appeasement of Muslims to secure their votes. The Sachar Committee was supposed to prepare a report according to the guideline set by the Congress Party, the biggest secular party and player in this Muslim appeasement game. Congress Party's objective was to increase its Muslim appeasement, under the cover of the Sachar Committee recommendations, so as to hoodwink the non-Muslim citizenry. By hook or by crook, Muslim votes, which is instrumental for remaining in power, must be secured.
It is to be noted here that in the West, the so-called liberal politicians have also started appeasing Muslims for securing their votes to win elections. The introduction of a Sharia court in the UK and the government's barring of Geert Wilders' entry into the country are burning examples. “I was invited to give a speech in the House of Lords. However, upon arrival at Heathrow airport, I was refused entry into the UK , and sent back to the Netherlands ”, said Mr Wilders. “Just like the British ban, the decision of the Amsterdam Court of Appeals to prosecute me for Fitna and my views on Islam, is a major blow dealt to freedom of speech in Europe . They are full-fledged attacks on freedom of speech in order to appease Muslims”, he added.
It is well known that Islam is devoid of concepts like nationalism, nationality, patriotism and so on. Instead, the Muslims believe in worldwide Islamic solidarity or Islamic ummah. As a result, the entire  Muslim population living in India are not Indians and, at best, they may be called “resident non-Indians”. They have no loyalty and respect for India ; they are loyal, first and foremost, to Islam and then to Allah. Though they live in India and sustain on its natural resources, their loyalty lies firstly with Pakistan and then with Arabia . In the Muslim eye, India is not his own country or his motherland; it is simply a dar-ul-harb, or a land of warfare and bloodshed, which is to be conquered for Islam to turn it into a dar-ul-Islam. India is a land where darkness of ignorance or jahelia still prevails, because Sharia law has not yet been implemented here. They would consider India to be their own country only when it has been thoroughly Islamized and turned into a dar-ul-Islam by enforcing the Sharia, the divine law of Allah.
So, all pious Muslims of India, in their inner core, hate to live in India , hate to coexist with the Hindu and other kafirs, who, according to the Koran, are Islam's enemies. They aspire for the day when Muslims would conquer and rule this country and when all the kafirs would either be slaughtered en masse or converted  to Islam.  They would consider India as their own country when Sharia would guide India ’s legal and administrative systems and Islamic system of education or madrassa system would replace the present secular system of education.
On the contrary, the Hindus consider India as their motherland, strive hard to bring prosperity to, and to enrich and glorify, their motherland. They, therefore, aim to get good education and become creative people and responsible citizens of India . And, for a pious Muslim mind, India is not his motherland, yet to be his own country. They do not treasure the glory of India , but dream for its conquest someday. So long they cannot conquer India , they should continue and intensify their jihad or to cause any damage they can by blowing off buildings, railways, bridges and other national assets by subversive activities and killing the kafirs.
For them, receiving education is not of immediate necessity, but to maintain a jihadi mindset for the future conquest of India as the utmost necessity.. They establish Islamic schools, the madrasas, and send their kids there. These learners come out with their minds imbued with the jihadi teachings of the Koran and Hadith and most of them take up the jihadi course: acquire weapons and explosives to engage in subversive terror activities. So, these madrasas are nothing but factories for producing terrorists. 
Low Levels of Education among the Muslims
It is not difficult to understand that such a jihadi mindset turns the Muslims of India into intellectually crippled people, who fail to emerge as forerunners in the field of knowledge and creativity. This is  confined not to India alone. Muslims are backward in education and in all other walks of life everywhere in this world. American journalist Alex Perry, to narrate the backwardness of India ’s Muslims, writes, 
“Indian Muslims today are less educated, poorer and live shorter, less secure and less healthy lives than their Hindu counterparts. Census figures paint a bleak picture of their plight. In rural India , 29% of Muslims earn less than $6 a month, compared with 26% of Hindus; in the cities (where a third of all Muslims live) the gap rises to 40% vs. 22%. Some 13% of India 's population is Muslim, yet Muslims account for just 3% of government employees, and an even smaller percentage are employed by private Hindu businesses. Meanwhile, in the cities, 30% of Muslims are illiterate, vs. 19% of Hindus.” (TIME, Aug 4, 2003).
In India , 59.1 percent Muslims are literate, whereas the general rate of literacy is 64.8 per cent. Though the rate of literacy is not so gloomy, most of the Muslim learners do not attend schools beyond 3rd or 4th class standard. So the Sachar Committee Report says, “As mentioned earlier, education is an area of grave concern for the Muslim Community. … The recognition of their educational backwardness is quite acute amongst a large section of Indian Muslims and they wish to rectify it urgently.” (The phrase “they wish to rectify it urgently” is a lie.) …. Relying predominantly on Madarsa and denominational institutions for improving the educational status of Muslims was also seen by some as violating the spirit of the Constitution.” To hide the real cause, the jihadi mindset of Muslims, for their low profile in education, the Committee writes, “Poverty—the Main Cause of Low levels of Education.”
To describe this poverty, the Committee says, “Indian Muslims today are less educated, poorer and live shorter, less secure and less healthy lives than their Hindu counterparts. Census figures paint a bleak picture of their plight. In rural India , 29% of Muslims earn less than $6 a month, compared with 26% of Hindus; in the cities (where a third of all Muslims live) the gap rises to 40% vs. 22%. Some 13% of India 's population is Muslim, yet Muslims account for just 3% of government employees, and an even smaller percentage are employed by private Hindu businesses. Meanwhile, in the cities, 30% of Muslims are illiterate, vs. 19% of Hindus. Nor are any of these indices improving.” 
The poverty is one of the reasons, no doubt, but the reader should recall that their effort to swell their population by unbridled procreation is one of the major reasons of that poverty. In this regard, the Report says. “High dropout rates among Muslim students are worrisome. As with many Indians, the main reason for educational backwardness of Muslims is abject poverty due to which children are forced to drop out after the first few classes. This is particularly true for Muslim girls. Little children are expected to provide for their families by working in karkhanas (small workshops), as domestic help or by looking after their siblings while their mothers go to work. It was felt that the incidence of child labour was much higher among Muslims as compared to other SRCs (Socio Religious Communities). Poor and illiterate parents cannot afford tuition for their children; nor can they provide the necessary support system at home which has become so essential a part of today’s educational system.” 
As a consequence, the presence of Muslims in the area of higher education is negligible. To highlight this aspect, a report in the Indian Express, a reputed English daily, says,
“The Sachar Committee has uncovered a more worrying trend in the IIMs (Indian Institute of Management) and IITs (Indian Institute of Technology), Muslim students make only 1.3% and 1.7% respectively. Data collected by the Committee for 5 IIMs for 2004-05 and 2005-06 puts the Muslim count at 1.3% or 63 in a total of 4743 students. The Committee did not have socio-religious break-up of the number of students who take the Common Admission Test (CAT) since no such data is collected. But on the basis of data available for all levels of the examination – the written test, the interview that follows and the group discussion – the Committee has concluded that while the success rate for Muslim candidates is better than for other communities (a strike rate of “one out of three”) yet, in the final list, only 1.3 per cent of those who make it are Muslims.. As far as the IITs go, of the existing 27,161 IITians, only 894 are Muslims. At the under-graduate level, only 1.7% are Muslims. Though the percentage gets better at the higher stages – about 4% - it’s still much lower than their population share.” 
While commenting on this aspect, the educationist Anil Sadgopal says he is 
“not surprised at the low figures for Muslims... I am sure the figures for Dalits and tribals are in the same range. With a high drop-out rate for Dalits, tribals and Muslims, how will they ever reach the level of being able to compete for seats in elite institutions like these? When only 5-6 percent of the school-going and tribals reach Class XII, with Muslims, being in the same range, how will a decent percentage of these make it to elite lists? The problem is the lack of a good and equitable school system. If that’s not rectified, then most Muslims, Dalits and tribals will get filtered out at the school level itself” 
The following table reflects the presence of Muslim students in undergraduate studies: 
TABLE – I. Students Enrolled In Undergraduate Courses 2004-05 (%)
Subject             General            SC/ST          OBC           Muslims 

Arts                     45                    25                20                10
Commerce          60                    15                15                10
Science               50                    20                20                10
Engineering        34                    15                15                  9
Medical               65                    15                15                  5

SC – Scheduled Castes 
ST – Scheduled Tribes 
OBC – Other Backward Castes 
To hide the real reason and to hold poverty and some other ridiculous and fabricated factors responsible for dismal levels of education amongst Muslims, the Report continues,
“Government schools that do exist in Muslim neighborhoods are merely centres of low quality education for the poor and marginalized. The poor quality of teaching, learning, absentee teachers, in turn, necessitate high cost inputs like private tuitions, particularly in the case of first generation learners from the Muslim community. This has a negative impact on retention and school completion. Thus, poverty again has a causal link with access to education among Muslims.” 
It has been pointed out earlier that the Sachar Committee was appointed by a government, whose sole intention is to remain in power with Muslim votes and hence to appease them. Bashing the Hindus (to please the Muslims) is another part of this farce. The Committee has tried to hold the Hindus responsible for the Muslim backwardness in education. So the report says,
“The ’communal’ content of school textbooks, as well as, the school ethos has been a major cause for concern for Muslims in some states. This is disconcerting for the school going Muslim child who finds a complete absence of any representation of her Community in the school text. Moreover, many schools are culturally hostile and Muslim students experience an atmosphere of marginalization and discrimination. Subtle deterrents to school admissions have already been mentioned.”
The Committee continues,
“A growing communal mindset among large number of school teachers adds to the ‘hostile’ school atmosphere. The distrust levels can be gauged from the fact that people actually believe that schools in some states have been given instructions to not let Muslim students pass in examinations. It is also alleged that it is not easy for Muslims to get jobs as teachers. Besides, Muslim teachers are often treated badly. The transfer of Muslim teachers to schools at a great distance is not uncommon. Discriminatory stoppage of salaries of Muslim teachers has also been alleged. It has been reported that in some locations, Hindu parents refuse to let their children go to schools where there are Muslim teachers.”

Madrasa Education
As noted already, Muslims, preferring to educate their children with the jihadi Islamic teaching, enroll their children into madrasas. Most madrasas, except those run by the government, teach nothing beyond the Koran and Hadith and that too in Arabic, which the learners understand little. Nonetheless, they learn the essence of Islam, like non-Muslims are despicable kafirs,  Allah has ordained jihad against the kafirs to massacre them, rape their women, occupy their land, loot their wealth and other valuables and, thus, to conquer India for Islam. So, to speak the truth, these madrasas are nothing but factories for producing jihadi terrorists.
It has been said earlier that the Islamic clerics (mullahs) insist that Muslims send their kids to madrasas to become good Muslims, not necessarily good human beings. They despise secular education provided in regular schools and never prescribe such schools for Muslim kids. They are scared that Muslims may become enlightened by attending these schools and hence may start questioning Islam. Light of knowledge is always to be guarded against, because “Islam is total darkness and hence vulnerable to light.” But the apologetic Sachar Committee writes,
“Madarsas, through which the Community ensures that its future generations acquire knowledge of Islam, have become a symbol of Muslim identity in India . Often they are looked upon with suspicion by the wider society, despite the fact that they are involved in providing religious education to the Muslim community. Labeling of Madarsas as a den for terrorists is extremely worrisome for the Muslim community. Even though there has been no evidence to suggest that Madarsas are producing terrorists they are constantly under scrutiny. This exercise, even as it is insulting to the Community, has a detrimental and traumatic impact on the children studying in the Madarsas.” 
The report continues,
“It has been pointed out that the existence of Madarsas (though not as a substitute for regular schools) is necessary for Muslims as, apart from providing basic education, they serve as an important instrument of identity maintenance for the Community. Many a time Madarsas are the only educational option available to Muslim children, especially in areas where no schools have reached the Muslim masses. Very often children go to the Madarsas not out of choice but due to non-availability and inaccessibility of other schools, and a near absence of education in their mother tongue. Madarsas, where they operate are rendering useful service as far as literacy is concerned. However, there is an urgent need to recognize that a very small percentage of Muslim children actually attend Madarsa education.”
From the above rhetoric, it is not difficult for readers to gauge the effort of the authors of the Report not only to hide, but also to encourage, the jihadi mindset of Muslims. 
Several state governments have tried hard to modernize madrasa education with the introduction of science, mathematics and computer education, but all such efforts failed due to violent opposition by the mullahs. So the Report says,
“Modernizing Madarsas by the government has been a very contentious issue with many differing viewpoints amongst the Community. While there is a general acceptance of an urgent need for the modernization of Madarsas, the modernization scheme of the government have not really provided much relief to the community as far as quality education is concerned. Promises made with regard to modernization have proved inadequate as nothing much has been done."
On the contrary, to hide the real hindrance, the Committee imports totally baseless excuses and writes,
“Science and Mathematics teachers appointed under this scheme have not been paid their salaries regularly. Besides, the salaries fixed are too low. It is widely believed that the help given to Madarsas is “on paper alone”. Giving computers to Madarsas has not been perceived to be of great help to the Community. Rather, it was suggested, provision should be made for teaching science, mathematics and English. Provision of a recurring grant for Madarsas would help. However, Madarsa ‘modernisation’ does not mean only having science/mathematics teachers and installing computers. As mentioned earlier Madarsas need to be affiliated to/recognized by regular education boards. Employability is often not provided by the Madarsas, and they would become ‘modern’ only when that issue is taken care of. The need for mainstream schools to provide free and compulsory education (which is the responsibility of the State) cannot be overlooked. ‘Reform’ of Madarsas and providing education through mainstream schools are not substitute strategies.”
So, it can be said that the Muslims of India are backward, like the Muslims of other countries, because they prefer to remain backward for the sake of Islam. 
(To be continued)