Date: 25 Apr 2009


Commentary : Varun Gandhi and Hindu Activism 
Samhati Sambad
April 25, 2009

 It is not mere Varun . It is a Cyclone indeed. The vindictive Bahujan Samaj Party lead by Miss. Mayabati imposed the National Security Act, NSA upon Varun Gandhi for his Big Offence as he declared in a public rally that .. “the hands torturing the Hindu mothers and sisters should be simply chopped off.” Varun’s speech has been considered by the Govt. as very communal and anti-muslim. [ Varun even did not mention----Hinduu or MUSLIM----in his speech why MUSLIM  and MAYAAVATI became angry and arrested VARUN ]

 But Azmal Ameer Kasav, the infamous Pakistani national for 26/11 Mumbai Mayhem was not tracked under NSA.
 Even the Communal Imam of Kolkata Tipu Sultan Mosque,
 Imam Barkati was not taken under NSA for issuing a Fatwa of Beheadment (Quatal) of apostate Taslima Nasrin , the humanist and anti-islamic writer of Bangladesh, worth a big prize of 5 lakh rupee.
 The administration and police have no power to take this Imam under custody, even no suit can be made against him.
 This is the real contradiction of situation in the arena of controlling communalism in India. And the Indians are now habituated with this trend of muslim appeasement pilled over them.

Hindu Samhati