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date: 28 apr 2009


what if congress comes to power?

from gaurang g. vaishnav 

election 2009: future of the nation hangs in balance

april 27, 2009 

what if congress comes to power? 

infiltration of terrorists from the porous borders of gujarat, 

west bengal, uttar pradesh 

welcome to taliban through ?oft on terrorism?policy 


application of sharia law in pockets of bharat 


many repeats of terrorist attacks on mumbai 


more godhras 

more shahabuddins 

more isharat jahans 

more teesta setalvads 

more lallus, karunanidhis, mulayams, mayavatis, muslim league, communists holding the country to a ransom 


more suicides by farmers 

no justice to the victims of sikh massacre 


clemency to afzal guru and torture to sadhvi pragyna 

increased class conflicts 

appeasement of minorities 

accelerated conversion of hindus 

insult of hindus and hindu ethos 

boost to state aided evangelization 

protection to dons of the underworld 

be prepared to be called hindus terrorists 

killings of many swamiji? like laxmananda in orissa 

same corruption and casteism of 50 years of misrule 


first claim on resources by muslims 

(heard directly from the ?trong?prime minister) 

quota in government services and education for the minorities 


communalization of the armed forces 

through setups like sachar committee 


replacement of map of bharat with a christian cross on legal tenders 

(like it was done recently with rs. 10 coin) 


deletion of sataymev jayate from government documents and web sites 

(of course, it is true so far as congress party and its cohorts are concerned!) 

replacement of all hindu icons with christian and islamic icons 

(like replacement of saraswatiji with crescent and cross in ncert text books) 

more funds in swiss banks 

dynastic rule in a democracy! 


congress's affidavit in supreme court questioned shree ram's existence, therefore, 

more affidavits stating shree krishna is a myth, 

guru govind singh was a rapist 

aurangzeb was a benevolent king 

(this is what is taught in ncert books) 

and if all goes well, mother of all the affidavits can come: 

hindus have no right to exist in bharat 


congress does not believe that shree ram ever existed, 

can you believe in congress? 


throw congress out lock, stock & barrel 

your vote is sacred! use it wisely! 

additional comment:

additional comment:

congress surrendered one third of india and betrayed the hindus there. for this high treason alone each and every congress man had to be executed by firinig squad or hanged from the nearest tree. such punishment for surrender of territory without any conditon is unpardonable in any country.

congress rulers are a party to annihilation of hindu existence not only in partitioned india but also abroad wherever they can help the killers of hindus.

they did not take any action in uganda and did not warn fiji in 1987. 

rascal rajiv, bofors chor, a committed catholic, sent his mercenary indina army to sri lanka to kill the tamils of indian origin there. today when the last tamils are being exterminated there congress controlled india is a passive observer and cannot even evacuate these wretched tamils to safety in tamil nadu from where they once went to work on tea plantations in sri lanka..

"hindu killer" congress government did not ensure safety of hindus in south kashmir in 1989.

the congress party are like the "swine flue" in india that attacks, bashes and kills, only the hindus and the sikhs.

congress governments enforced family planning only on the hindus while letting the mohammedans and the christians increase thier numbers manifold.

congress government does not mention "partition" but calls it "independendce" in order to fool the hindus whose hindusthan lost an arm and a leg in 1947..


considering the hindus insects and vermin the congress government refused to establish even one hindu holocaust museum anywhere in broken bharat.


for congress "swine" lahore never belonged to india and will never return to mother country. congress party of bandits, loafers, thieves, dogs, devils and witches acknowledges alien islam legitimate state religion in lahore but hindu religion is regarded undesirable, even dangerous in delhi. 


congress "swine" admire the grandeur of jama masjid in delhi but have put their boot on hindu aspirations to raise the sri ram temple in ayodhya.


congress "bas*ards" have encouraged all the khans of bollywood to do love scenes with hindu girls while not one hindu actor is allowed to touch a musalmani actress. 


congress "swine" have yet to promulgate an order. that in every mixed marriage between an uncouth mohammedan, praying in alien arabic, with a civilised gentle hindu maiden, praying in her own mother tongue, the groom will embrace the bride's religion.


congress governments have never thought of expulsion of all the treacherous mohammedans to their islamic homeland (pakistan) since partition of india.  what loyalty to india, and secularism, did they show in 712 ad, 1026 ad, 1192 ad, and 1947 ad?


congress acts and omissions have shown the world a pattern of tightening the noose around the hindus' necks. the death comes quickly as in 1947, suddenly as in uganda and fiji, rapidly as in sri lanka and slowly & gradually as across the whole of india. 


it is time for each and every hindu child, man and woman to comprehend what is happening to collective hindu body and our "lebensraum".


please see where all the hindus were living safely and happily in 1809, 1909 and 2009. 

do we wish to see the hindus confined to reservations on our own territory ultimately like the native americans today?


where are the hindu leaders? who will educate the masses? who will put spirit in their demoralised bodies?


throw congress out lock, stock & barrel 

your vote is sacred! use it wisely! 



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