Date: 11 May 2009



It is a DEATH game that has had, and will have, a very serious consequences for the secular, democratic and FREE world where girls have grown up on freedoms only to be LOCKED UP IN DARK INTELLECTUAL CELL OF MOHAMMED wherein four are meant to satisfy ONE Mohammed.

Think of all the conversions in Bharat when the ANCESTORS OF BLOODTHIRSTY TALIBAN were the rulers with absolute power to play hell with our Temples and daughters.

From a few thousand, over the years, they became a few MILLION.
Then came 1947. This very offspring of those HINDU maidens, now fanatic Mohammedans, stood up to condemn the ancient NATIVE religions of India and demanded PAKISTAN.

When India broke up at the seams, a "FLOOD OF BLOOD" gushed out to fill "rivers of blood".

Nehru, hemself a secret convert to Islam, suppressed the details and the extent of HINDU MASSACRE to save his own skin. He was the criminal to be EXECUTED BY FIRING SQUAD. He was the one who had to answer for the UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER of our FIVE provinces and he was the one, along with senile funk MK GANDHI, to demand a referendum over Partition, or FIGHT till death to save Akhand Bharat, or exterminate the traitors immediately after partition.

In early years those were isolated cases of abduction and Mohammedan REPRODUCTION. Later the accelerating rate of increase became unstoppable. We lost the BEST OF INDIA.

The answer NOW is to forget political correctness while we are "dying" collectively and LOSING TERRITORY, too, and EDUCATE our children on the behaviour and skills of the PREDATOR and warn them of the consequences. Neither the government nor the "holy" men & women have the COURAGE to speak out.

It has to be  COUNTER ATTACK at grassrootsand and we expect VHP and RSS to drop their "burqa" and FACE THE SITUATION, i.e., LOOK THE DEVIL IN THE EYE- Guru Gobind Singh style.

Each "kill" of a maiden by a Muslim "wolf" ought to be regarded as DEATH of our GIRL raised in freedoms only to be "consumption" by some Mohammed.

Question must be asked of the government of PARTITIONED India, "What is the FUTURE projection on the HEALTH and VIRILITY of your own native stock that is being WIPED OUT by Axis of Arabia and Vatican?

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Whilst we joke about them they are picking off Hindu girls at will
demanding everything in the name of religion, and getting it
at. look at India all actors Muslim, all women Hindu
all being converted in front of all Hindus what action taken to stop them? None

Today I got news that the daughter of a guy Called Mahesh Shah of Harrow, is getting married  to a Muslim in Leeds, can you imagine 
a family that does not even eat onions will have a daughter eating beef!

I told the Shah who told me what good is your money , build another temple, why not finance a group that can handle a situation like this for you