Date: 16 May 2009



Among these destitute children in Swat refugee camps today are the grandchildren of Hindu and SIKH girls who were abducted, raped and immediately converted to Islam while their menfolk were brutally put to sword, often in front of their eyes.

A trail of blood covered the ground continuously from Swat and Multan in West Punjab to Amritsar and Ferozepur in East Punjab in the wake of those fleeing foot convoys of HIndu/Sikh refugees in May 1947. 

Hundreds of suckling infants, pregnant women, patients with high temperature and sick and old men & women could not reach the edge of Bandit Nehru's "glow of freedom" and perished along the way.

Neither VHP, nor BJP nor even RSS and Shiromani Akali Dal or Rashtriya Sikh Sangat wish to ACKNOWLEDGE this sad fact in our own history. No wonder they are continuously suffering DEFEAT after humiliating DEFEAT ever since, and still "Italy & Islam" are on top of HINDUS in "Mother" India.

What IRONY & SHAME. India's Prime Minister, himself a former refugee from West Punjab, has not protested to the disintegrating Government of ISLAMIC Pakistan over the imposition of Jezia tax by Barbarians on the Sikh families in Swat. 

A Winston Churchill, George Bush or Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose would have immediately imposed similar tax on the treacherous Muslims in PARTITIONED India who were Party to PARTITION.


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Even God does not help those, who are bent upon destroying themselves 
People who have made violence, intimidation, suicidal and terrorist attacks; as the sole cause of their worth and recoginition and assertiveness, should be responsible for the miseries they  create and invite upon themselves and the rest of the mankind.

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Reference: news bulletin at 7 p.m. on May 13, 2009.

Dear Channel 4 TV,

The Prime Minstar has given £12 million of British tax payers for relief of the refugees of SWAT VALLEY. Britain will be giving such aid for ever. The next instalment will be £24 million and after that £48 million. Adding the BILLION DOLLAR donations from America and the EU, the amount for the “good for nothing Muslims, Taliban (their treatment, education & rehabilitation) and their Victims alike, will run into HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of pounds. 

The Prime Minister did not ask the President of Pakistan, “Are your people suffering due to some NATURAL disaster like Tsunami or earthquake, or due to “MAN- (MUSLIM-) MADE” disaster?”

He could also ask, “Why did you set fire to your own house and then ask France, Japan, the USA and the UK to send their fire brigades?”

A Muslim, once a refugee is a refugee FOR EVER. He is a refugee, a beggar and a dependent FOR EVER. Some also regard him as a perennial predator. 

Among those who have been killed, massacred, bombed and “exterminated” the most on earth, are the HINDUS, the JEWS and the SIKHS. However, please show me a single “refugee” from these communities anywhere. 

Being a SIKH myself, I can say that a SIKH is a refugee, if at all, for one hour only and a beggar never, and then he quickly STANDS UP on his own feet and is ready once again to feed his own family and also reach out to help MUSLIM refugees everywhere- from Somalia through Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Sudan and SWAT.

In 1947 more than 35 MILLION SIKHS and HINDUS became refugees in East and West Pakistan. Yet nobody even heard of them for more than a few weeks- that too, in small print on the back page of one or two newspapers. Not a penny was collected on their behalf in UK or USA.

In 1989 the “beastly predators” (followers) of Mohammed struck Kashmir Valley once again and forced out nearly QUARTER OF A MILLION Hindus who sought refuge in various parts of India. None has heard of them, either. No funds were raised anywhere on THEIR behalf. 

So what hidden agenda do the MUSLIMS have to “blast” the INFIDELS for more and more “LEBENSRAUM”, and now even the “BELIEVERS” in order to perpetuate their own refugee status on earth? 

Are 52 ISLAMIC republics on earth not enough for them? Why do they wish to squeeze us from the rest of the shrinking world, too?

Therefore, kindly announce the amount of donations given by the ISLAMIC world, including the OIL RICH countries, for their FELLOW MUSLIMS in Swat & Somalia?

Christian West is sending big aid to the orphans and the homeless of Pakistan who will be beneficiaries though one is not sure how much of it will actually reach these refugees. In any case we hope no BRITON will venture out to personally convey this aid to Swat as he is likely to be BEHEADED or cut up limb by limb and then put on public display.

As a Sikh who spent his childhood in West Punjab I “relate” to these children in a macabre way. Swat Valley was part of SIKH Kingdom of Maharaja Ranjit Singh who passed away in 1839, leaving his territories exposed to British invasion soon thereafter. 

The British aim was to get to KHYBER Pass in order to check the advance of Russia towards their lucrative Indian colony.

Nearly a century later Swat Valley was literally a tourists’ parades. Many elderly Britons living in, or going to, Swat Valley at that time might still be able to recall. 

There were Sikh shepherds, Buddhist monks and Hindu traders among the Muslim inhabitants. All were happy and we never heard of the Taliban or Islamic fundamentalism.

Then suddenly the birth of ISLAMIC Pakistan was announced. British rulers had promised a third of India to MUSLIM "land grabbers." India's Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru instantly ACCEPTED the surrender.

Immediately thereafter ETHNIC CLEANSING of Non Muslims started in full fury across the whole of Pakistan, especially in West Punjab and North Kashmir. 

Hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians got slaughtered, TENS OF MILLIONS were forced out of their homes and thousands of GIRLS were forcibly abducted, raped and either married to their abductors or brutally KILLED.

While the JEWS have kept the memory of their HOLOCAUST alive, our autocratic PANDIT JAWAHARLAL NEHRU. deleted t he word “PARTITION” from national psyche and country's Constitution. He called that most humiliating surrender of Secularism and Territory “Independence”.

ILLITERACY & IGNORANCE were such that the entire population forgot the Holocaust and LAHORE, KARACHI and NORTH KASHMIR, in order to CELEBRATE Nehru's Independence. 

The cunning barrister-at-law did not lose any time to turn his newly acquired Indian Empire into his own fiefdom and started grooming his daughter Indira to take his chair after his death.

After Indira the “throne of Delhi” went to her son Rajiv and now the world’s largest democracy adores and worships his Italian born widow SONIA, calling her “Mother of Nation.” Her influence over India’s Parliament is like that of the British Regent over the KHALSA DURBAR of LAHORE until 1846.

At PARTITION in 1947 millions of Hindus and SIKHS, forced out of their homes, had no safe refugee camps to receive them. They were continuously attacked along the way while fleeing in long foot convoys, on trains and private transport, right until the blessed moment they crossed the border into India. 

Their belongings and homes were looted and occupied and their girls forcibly abducted, sometimes killed by their own fathers to prevent them falling into Muslim hands. While the world was ignorant of their fate Government of India proved totally unfit to deal with these refugees who were left to their own devices to survive.

May be, one day western media will look at that scene of MUSLIM-MADE DESTRUCTION of 1947 and, theoretically, accompany a group of refugees from Swat to Amritsar to tell the world why the Divine Wrath of God has struck Swat now due to reason that Government of Nehru deliberately ignored and forgot.

Thank you for fearless journalism.

15.05 .09