Date: 16 May 2009



1) Didn't change pro-Business economic policy in favour of pro-poor
policy in our poor country where 77% Indians earn less than Rs. 20 a
day or Rs. 600 a month with 35% earning less than Rs. 9 a day! Among
the top 23% too only around 10% earn only Rs. 600 to Rs. 5,000 per
month who are just about poverty line but surely not even middle
class! We must scarp pro-globalization and liberalization policy and
go for Swadeshi & Self Reliance (original SJM & BMS of RSS affiliated
economy) with maximum 49% cap on FDIs & FIIs, high import tariffs on
non-essentials, continue domestic based privatization, Govt must
invest heavily in green energy, loan to poor youths, vocational
training to BPL students, public healthcare and infrastructure
development to ward of recession as USA too now under Obama dumping
crony capitalism
2) 85 year Advani still face of BJP & PM candidate while 39 year Raul
Antonio Vinci & 37 year Biancca Robert Vadra created wave among youths
who are 55% of voters along with Congress youth brigade of Sachin
Pilot, Jyotiraditya Schindia, Ajay Maken, Milind Deora, etc while we
have only Varun who did well in U.P but not used nationally. Raul
singly defeated CPM in Bengal, what Mamata failed for 32 years! Oust
all our oldie topbrass & instill youths, making Arun Jaitley BJP
President for next 5 years, Murli M Joshi next Indian Presidential
candidate, Varun General Secretary and Togadiya VHP President. In RSS
change leadership & oust Chief & Indraeesh with their RSS Muslim unit
3) Modi total failure as national leader & be restricted to Gujarat
wherever he went we lost except Bihar & NDA did well there as Nitish
didn't allow him. He responsible for riot on innocent Muslims in which
many Hindus too died while failed to punish a single of 2000 Godhra
Muslims involved in train carnage. Similiarly in Orissa we targeted
innocent tribal Christians while failed to ban conversions & foreign
funded missionaries or raise it as national issue inspite of long rule

Brainless Modi & Rajnath Singh responsible solely for defeat -

4) Made personal attacks while never raised Hindu issues like Congress-
CPM fielding Gaddar Azhar & Jihadi Madani, not hanging Parliament
attacker Afzal for Muslim votes, unconstitutionally increasing
reservations & wanting minority quotas dropping standards of premiere
institutes like IIT/IIM etc, destroying national heritage Ram Setu,
filing affidavit in SC that Lord Ram didn't exist, removing POTA,
giving family pension to terrorists, charging military men and Hindu
Saints-Sadhvis for false, imaginary unproved crimes & their torture in
jails to appear secular, teaching Jihadis like Khilafatis & Titu Mir
as freedom fighters, providing legal aid to Jihadi students of Jamia
Millia arrested by Delhi police in Batla House encounter, sending
wrong DNA report of Kasab to Pakistan, giving school board status to
Madrashas with salaries & pensions to their Maulavis creating Jihadis
for Muslim votes, arresting Varun Gandhi for talking self defence
while leaving Imams who publicly issue fatwa to kill Taslima go scott
free, giving Amarnath land to communal Kashmiri Muslims who ousted all
Kashmiri Hindus whom Govt failed to rehabilitate, blamming Hindus
while all know that Gujarat & Orissa riots started by minorities by
violent Hindu murders, declaraing Muslims have first right on India's
resources while Sachar report prove that high birth rate and their
Govt led to minority poverty inspite of their rule on India for last
1000 years before independence, UPA Govt in 2007 supplied forged
papers to Swiss Govt regarding Black Money in Swiss Banks & now
destroyed our weapons without consulting public -
5) Fumbled to answer Kandhar raised by CPM-Congress while raised dead
issues like Ram Mandir as a functioning Temple already there since
Babri destruction and even a Jihadi strike on it happened instead of
real ones like ouster policy of Bangladeshi infiltrators & inability
to have a radio FM & a 24 hr TV channel with hourly news bulletins!

RSS Chief and Indraeesh main culprit & be ousted: -

They formed Muslim unit in RSS the RMM for first time against wishes
of Guruji Golwalkar or Doctorji Hegdewar -
Strangely from being ousted Mr. Mohan magically became RSS Chief -
That's what we say as Modi & Advani are both paper tigers, 2nd & 3rd
Sardar Patels named by some sycophants and in reality big zeroes who
failed miserably on Hindutva not raising serious issues like Uniform
Civil Code, support Varun on compulsory sterilization of all Indians after having 2 children including Muslims, banning conversions,
ousting Bangladeshis, etc and made Hindu Nationalism look like some anti-minority pogrom of Hitler!