Date: 20 May 2009


What a cheek to demand ISLAM DAY when there are hundreds of millions on earth who are still anguished and crying over the barbarity of Islam across the globe and the visible expression of ISLAM in SWAT in Pakistan right now,  in Kandahar in Afghanistan and even off the Somalian coast where every pirate is a MUSLIM.
This was the scene (below) in the once peaceful and idyllic tourists' paradise of SWAT Valley at the time of brutal break up of India on MUSLIM terms in 1947:
"Among these destitute children in Swat refugee camps today are the grandchildren of Hindu and SIKH girls who were abducted, raped and immediately converted to Islam while their men-folk were brutally put to sword, often in front of their eyes. That was bloody horrendous, brutal & savage Partition of India on terms of Mohammed.

"A trail of blood covered the ground continuously from Swat and Multan in West Punjab to Amritsar and Ferozepur in East Punjab in the wake of those fleeing foot convoys of Hindu / Sikh refugees in May 1947. 

"Hundreds of suckling infants, pregnant women, patients with high temperature and sick and old men & women could not reach the edge of Bandit Nehru's "glow of freedom" and perished along the way."

Closer at home, how will the BEREAVED FAMILIES & VICTIMS of 7/7 attacks regard such poll? How INSENSITIVE and ILL MANNERED the Muslim among us can be! 
Wherever Islam has landed it is the promise of death and destruction of the innocent and naive NATIVES. Their KORAN is the (holy?) book of extreme contempt for the non Muslims and women.
Once Afghanistan was a BUDDHIST country like China. It was peaceful. People were disciplined and workng hard but no one had a whip in hand to hit the women who forgot or failed to hide their faces in public, nor were the girls' schools set on fire in that Afghanistan. 
Could we not have such a poll in the United Kingdom so that the Government & the citizens know what is really CORRECT, not just "politically" correct, that remains BURIED under the floor of Westminster.


Help vote (ASAP) against Islam Day (in Hawaii) in a poll being taken by a Hawaii paper - the results of the poll will be published so the more votes against it will help let Hawaii politicians know how people feel about their adopting the resolution.
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