Date: 20 May 2009




Re: WHYS LIVE from MUMBAI and LAHORE: What will it take to reconcile India and Pakistan?

To BBC, London.


Dear Madam,

Thank you for your e-mail WHYS today. You and BBC have posed a very interesting question and I shall be interested to know what your other addressees write back. My own reaction is as follows:-


You would be aware of the deep IDEOLOGICAL divisions on the sub continent. It is the clash between the ever aggressive repressive and savage Arab and ever on the defensive tolerant and gentle Indian civilizations. The ONLY thing that can unite the two is for the MUSLIMS of the SUB CONTINENT to treat the NON MUSLIMS as equal to them since they have no sanction from Allah to convert the whole world and then kill each other as they are doing in Swat right now.


Teachings of KORAN make the Muslims HATE the Infidels. Koran is an import from ARABIA and that is where it really belongs. IMPOSING it on the others as per their Islamic Constitution in Pakistan simply DEGRADES the non Muslims and by an ironic quirk, it DEGRADES THE MUSLIMS, too. The world at large has sympathy with the victim, not with the bully.


Koran may have everything to do with a Muslim's life but it has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do when it comes to a culturally rich and civilized MULTI-RELIGIOUS society. 


The State has the responsibility to treat ALL CITIZENS alike. An "Islamic" Pakistan is an OBSCENITY if not an INSULT as far as the NON MUSLIMS in that State are concerned. United Nations has yet to ban all but one of these offensive repressive provocative intolerant & discriminatory ISLAMIC constitutions. 


As a corollary (that is, in other words), "Secularism to be acceptable in Mumbai, has to be RAMMED DOWN their throats in LAHORE." This was exactly the case during the British Raj when Lahore and Mumbai were under ONE Government, under ONE flag and in ONE country. The "separatist destructive mischievous Muslim Moron” was effectively under the British BOOT then, and all was well with our world.


Koran can, of course, be read & revered by all the Muslims but it is really a decent Book only if they keep it at home (as we, the NON MUSLIMS, keep our holy books at home) and not put it on glaring ghoulish public view or enshrine it in the CONSTITUTION in order to humiliate the NON Muslims, who are equally, if nor more, PROUD of, and COMMITTED to, their own religions. The centuries long RESISTANCE against BRUTAL and SAVAGE Islamic rule in India ought to be better known to the rest of the world. There were public beheadings of holy men and even murder of small children in the most gruesome manner imaginable, and that was "as per KORAN and SHARIA". 


In fact, we do not have to go that far. We can see the PRODUCTS OF KORAN in Taliban and Al Qaida in Afghanistan and Pakistan. How many British troops will die in order to keep the FIRES OF HATRED AND INTOLERANCE ignited by the word “Jehad” under check there?


In short, Mumbai and Lahore can be reconciled if India has the same "Constitution" that was valid until 14 August 1947. Many old BRITONS are still witness to the PEACE that prevailed then from Peshawar to Chittagong.







What a cheek to demand ISLAM DAY when there are hundreds of millions of VICTIMS OF ISLAM on earth who are still anguished and crying over the barbarity of Islam across the globe and the visible expression of ISLAM in SWAT in Pakistan right now,  in Kandahar in Afghanistan and even off the Somalian coast where each and every pirate is a MUSLIM.


Can't they have ISLAM DAY in their own homes and mosques? Why must a Government bend and acknowledge and recognise Islam at State level? What about HINDU DAY in Bharat, SIKH DAY in East Punjab, BUDDHIST DAY in Chittagong and Ladakh and what about a CHRISTIAN DAY in England and Germany? Islam does wish to take an individual and all the rest of mankind back to savage 7th. Century AD.

Closer at home, how will the BEREAVED FAMILIES & VICTIMS of 7/7 attacks in London regard such a poll? How INSENSITIVE and ILL MANNERED the Muslim among us can be! 


Wherever Islam has landed it is the promise of death and destruction of the innocent and naive NATIVES. Their KORAN is the (holy?) book of extreme contempt for the non Muslims and women.


Once Afghanistan was a BUDDHIST country like China. It was peaceful. People were disciplined and working hard but no one had a whip in hand to hit the women who forgot or failed to hide their faces in public, nor were the girls' schools set on fire in that Afghanistan. 


Could we not have such a poll in every country, including India, so that the Government & the citizens know what is really CORRECT, not just "politically", that still remains BURIED underground?








Help vote (ASAP) against Islam Day (in Hawaii) in a poll being taken by a Hawaii paper - the results of the poll will be published so the more votes against it will help let Hawaii politicians know how people feel about their adopting the resolution.
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Only two were hanged after MK Gandhi was assassinated.
Two were hanged and thousands were massacred in the wake of Indira KHAN'S assassination.
The whole TAMIL settlement in Sri Lanka was WIPED OUT after BOFORS CHOR was assassianted.
Don't the HINDUS have to be trembling, thinking of the consequences after the assassination of the next Gandhi?