Date: 21 May 2009



Thank you for your e-mail WHYS today. You and BBC have posed a very interesting question and I shall be interested to know what your other addressees write back.
My own reaction is as follows:-
You seem to be naive about the deep IDEOLOGICAL divisions on the sub continent.
The ONLY thing that can unite the two is for the MUSLIMS OF the SUB CONTINENT to treat the NON MUSLIMS as equal to them.
Teachings of KORAN make the Muslims HATE the Infidels. Koran is an import from ARABIA and that is where it really belongs. But IMPOSING it on the others as per Constitution simply DEGRADES the non Muslims and by an ironic quirk, it DEGRADES THE MUSLIMS themselves. 
Koran may have everything to do with a Believer's life but NOTHING WHATSOEVER when we deal with a MULTI-RELIGIOUS society. The State has the responsibility to treat ALL CITIZENS alike. An "Islamic" Pakistan is an OBSCENITY if not INSULT as far as the NON MUSLIMS there are concerned.
As a corollary (or in other words), "Secularism to be acceptable or decent in Mumbai, has to be RAMMED DOWN their throats in LAHORE." This was exactly the case during the British Raj when Lahore and Mumbai were under ONE Government and in ONE country. The "separatist destructive mischievous" Muslim Moron was effectively under the British BOOT then, and all was well with our world.
Koran can, of course, be read by all but only if they keep it at home (as we, the NON MUSLIMS, do) and not put it in blaring ghoulish public view or in the CONSTITUTION in order to humiliate the NON Muslims, who are equally, if nor more, PROUD of, and COMMITTED to, their own religions. The whole RESISTANCE movement against BRUTAL and SAVAGE Islamic rule in India ought to be better known to the world. There were public beheadings of holy men and even murder of small children in the most gruesome manner imaginable, and that was "as per KORAN and SHARIA". 
In fact we do not have to go that far. We can see the PRODUCTS OF KORAN in Taliban and Al Qaida in Afghanistan and Pakistan. How many British troops will die in order to keep the FIRES OF HATRED AND INTOLERANCE under check there?
In short, Mumbai and Lahore can be reconciled if India has the same "Constitution" that was valid until 14 August 1947. Many old BRITONS are still witness to the PEACE that prevailed then from Peshawar to Chittagong.