Date: 22 May 2009


Millions have been uprooted with enormous miseries in the Swat Valley.  The attrocities bestowed upon them are the results of the Seminaries cherished in Islam and glorified by the Islamic scriptures.  There is no foreign hand in it and in fact these are the direct results of the Pakistan Government Policies over the decades.
The displaced persons cannot be exempted from the fact that a good number of them were a party to the creation of this sickening state of affairs.
However, the victims, which include young children, females and the old person need the sympathy and support of good people.  Various organisations, philinthropists have come out to help these victims.  The Pakistan Government is also pleading for funds and the USA has pledged generous funds.  Hopefully, these funds are utilized for the purpose of their allocations.
About two decades ago almost five lakhs Hindus and Sikhs were chased out of their hearths and homes from Islamic-Majority Kashmir.  Their womenfoks were dishonoured and even very feeble Senior Citizens were made to walk miles and miles without adequate means (virtually no means at all) to take shelter at safe places in the rest of India.  They too were and are rtefugees in their own country.  A good number of them are still in make-shift tents.
Our Government was not generous with them socially, politically and ecnomically.
Unlike in the Swat Valley episode, no foreign Government came to their rescue.  United Nations washed its hands of because they are technically not refugees, being displaced in their own country.  The UN Human Rights did not show any animation towards these unfortunate souls and neither our Government felt necessary to ask for UN Funds for these people, which like any other sections; throughout the World in similar situation, is entitled.
The UN is sanctioning Sums and allocating funds for the health and other needs of the Swat Victims.
Why the UN and its Institutions cannot support non-Muslim Victims and shower their concern for them? 
BK Chaudhari