Date: 26 May 2009



WHERE IS JALLIANWALA BAGH? That is where MK Gandhi thought in 1919 that the first “gun” for SWARAJ ought to be fired. His TREACHEROUS & Corrupt CONGRESS Party has totally turned his logic upside down when Indira sent her army to the same city in 1984 to FINISH OFF what she could have used as POSITIVE ENERGY & SHAKTI to liberate North Kashmir. 

But she was NOT a Hindu at heart but a Musalmani, once Mrs. Feroze KHAN. She had to liberate East Pakistan to give her "baby" its own separate ISLAMIC identity and SOVEREIGNTY as "Bangladesh". A new flag was raised in New Delhi and Indira sent blessings to their man at UNO. 12 years later she attended to Amritsar as a Musalmani.


Althought the Sikhs regard the HINDUS as their "parents, Spring and Source", and fled West Punjab in their company, the ruling and fooling GANDHIS, including Indira, would wish it seen the other way. From rewarding and appeasing the Muslims to bashing and beating the  Sikhs is a short way for Congress (Italy & Islam). 

Indira was not to enlish the support of the Sikhs to CAPTURE North Kashmir. She was also not to acknowledge that it was the Sikh troops who were pushing the raiders out of Kashmir when ordered to halt by her father. Earlier it was the SIKH army under command of Gen Hari Singh Nalwa who took the frontier of Hindusthan to KHYBER PASS.


Hindu leaders ought to have noticed a pattern long ago that the NOOSE OF DEATH is actually tightening around Hindu necks but by stages. SIKHS are the initial but essential part of that process.

One could have studied the defeat and death of the NAZIS who at first eliminated their dissidents, then the gypsies, then the invalid, then the Jews, finally to be wiped out themselves.


Gandh’s and Hitler’s views COINCIDED in the end. When Hitler saw the Russians surrounding Berlin he cursed the German race, “PERISH YOU WEAKLINGS.” 

When Mohammed Ali JINNAH showed the dagger to MK Gandhi, the great pacifist, threatening civil war, our Bapu looked around to spot some stalwarts in his own camp. Seeing NONE he cursed audibly, “HINDUS ARE COWARDS AND THEY OUGHT TO PERISH." We did perish all over in Western and Eastern India within days.

Hindu leaders had more than SIX DECADES to analyse this and take some action to preare the Hindus for VICTORY in the last general elections. The ruins in Ayodhya are silent in disgust because the nation is touching the feet of an imported White Elephant from Italy.


When there is unrest among people or violence at ground level some higher power ought to condemn the RULERS to death by firing squad. 

The whole lot of self preserving corrupt Congress goons and dynastic gangsters ought to be WIPED OUT and a new generation ought to come forward to TAKE OVER.


Who is RESPONSIBLE for the current unrest in East Punjab? The labourer? The illiterate rickshaw puller? The road sweeper? The bunya? The barber? The tiller? The miller? The young men in Vienna? 

NO. They are not responsible. They are all victims. Not a penny of Rahul’s or Sonia’s property has gone up in flames. Not one of their close relatives has been killed. If things get worse Sonia will fly off to ITALY and her son RAHUL will fly off to VENEZUELA be with his sweetheart Veronica. They have NO connection with the soil of Bharat except to loot and plunder, and enrich themselves and perpetuate their tight hold on Hindu necks.


Unrest in Punjab is very unfortunate. What calibre of the chief minister? What role of the CATHOLIC GOVERNOR in this 'Sikh majority' State?


First of all we need to establish the bona fides of the rulers. To start with they surrendered ONE THIRD OF INDIA to the enemy and then went out to EMBRACE him, reward him, appease him and provide Hajj facilities to him.


Then they set about DIVIDING, CONFUSING, BATTERING & BASHING the Hindus. As a part of their strategic END GOAL it was necessary to take out the remaining sign of life & vitality from the limp Hindu body in order to perpetuate their Raj of Loot & Plunder. 

They encouraged new hostile sects to come up and grow at the cost of mainstream, thus engendering insecurity. They pitched one against the other. They invented the term "scheduled caste" and then perpetuated it as a separate caste, empowering it all the time, putting poison and hatred in their minds against the mainstream Hindus.


If a patient dies due to doctor’s neglect, if a child drowns while under supervision, if a company makes repeated losses, prompt action is taken. But what action can the iltiterate and impoverished people of India take against their SARKAR if their own rulers plan such unrest & turmoil? 

The situation in East Punjab is not a reflection on the murderers and victims but on the Governor and the Government on top. They have WILLFULLY or through NEGLECT ignored the initial signs of trouble brewing. These are both serious crimes. But while common man will pay for their treachery or neglect the GANDHIS on top stand to benefit and as a collateral damage we shall see more and more scared inhabitants of East Punjab entering churches and mosques, forsaking mandirs and gurdwaras. 

Congress policy is to IGNORE the crying Hindus in South Kashmir and KILL the Sikhs in East Punjab. The only BENEFICIARIES of the Governemnt policy wil be the Muslim and Christian majority states. 

They ignored the fate of Indians in Uganda, turned a blind eye towards Fiji and Kashmir, and are KILLING the Hindus outright by proxy in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.


Now in this backdrop we need to read the following..


 People of East Punjab are feeling insecure today. They are crying over the dance of death & destruction. Showing her anguish over the murders in a gurdwara in Vienna, one disenchanted woman said on radio, "I am a "Chamiyaar" (low caste Untoudhable).


It was a SLAP in the face of the Custodians & Guardians of political and religious leadership in East Punjab that is still called “Punjab” to fool the natives.


Punjab became a frontier State when Bandit Nehru delved in Punjabi politics and brought down the frontier from Khyber to Wagah.  For the ENEMIES to the West and the North West, Delhi is still the magnet that Somnath Temple was for Mahmud of Ghazni. 


The young Sikhs in Vienna, who committed the murder, left their country of birth like millions of other Indians due to corruption, violence, impoverishment and unrest at home where politicians are taking care of their own families and "relate" to fellow citizens like the sheep in abattoir. 


"Deras" among the Sikhs and sub sects among the Hindus are springing up in India where they ought to have been noticed along ago by the RULING establishment. 


Hinduism is riddled with sects. Hence they are divided and weak. New sects among the Sikhs serve the same purpose- to divide, weaken and destroy the Sikhs. They function OPPOSITE to the principle of UNITY IS STRENGTH. 


There is a body whose sole aim is to keep the SIKHS united and strong. That body is Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC). Eroded by Hindu secularism and demoralised by foreign interference they are now totally useless to meet the new challenges. 

Regarding the VISIBLE symbols as the sole criterion of being a Sikh they are neglecting the ordinary Sikhs and the low caste Sikhs. Yes, in stagnating climate of Hindu bashing the Sikhs now have more castes and sub castes than the Hindus. 

As the Hindus have turned away from the FIGHTING SPIRIT of Sri Krishna and Sri Ram, the Sikhs, too, have dumped the FIGHTING SPIRIT that was created by Guru Gobind Singh ji for “Dharma-Raksha”. 

In Vienna the bubble burst that was created right under the noses of SGPC in Amritsar.


Instead of SGPC, the real CRIMINALS, being charge sheeted and sent to jail, these young men in a foreign country will suffer long years of imprisonment. Do the Government of Punjab and the SGPC have an idea of the fate of their families and dependents? Do the RULERS have any clue as to the negative impact of these new sects upon the mainstream Sikhs across the world? 

This body of good Sikhs called SGPC does not even know how many Sikhs in Amritsar alone have started going to churches and mosques.


In other words, Religion tells the mice to love cats. Cats are CONQUERERS and the mice are told to move out of the cat’s way. Did we not move out of LAHORE and SRI NANKANA SAHIB? The Hindus moved out of Karachi, Multan, Kashmir and East Bengal with equal alacrity without sticking to their own territory.


The RULERS can enlighten or brainwash their subjects. If the RULERS are a DYNASTY or DICTATORSHIP the nation will be brainwashed to love subservience and lick slavery.


In PARTITIONED India (PI) Nehru/Gandhi Dynasty is that all powerful & ruthless dictatorial establishment, eliminating all threats and dangers to its perpetual hold on power. They determine how to weaken and reduce the native patriotic forces instead of uniting and strengthening them.


For peace at present and safety and prosperity in future the RULERS should share their subjects' SPIRITUAL orientation. In England and America the rulers are CHRISTIAN and in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan they are MUSLIM. But In India the NATIVES are HINDUS OF SORTS and the rulers are determined to impose their own treacherous version of Secularism that allows Hajj facilities to Muslims but expects the Hindus to be satisfied with Babri Masjid in Ayodhya and the Sikhs to "humbly" apply for Visa to visit Sri Nankana Sahib. They have Article 370 for Kashmir but not for Assam, Kerala and Maharashtra. 


Right on top of the nation at the PINNACLE of collective Hindu political Will is a semi literate Italian woman whose heart belongs to Pope, not to Sri Ram or Guru Nanak. But Hindu “jagat” is happy to even wash her feet and drink the water of this bogus Rashtramata. 


Hindusthan has been SLAVE for the last 1000 years. The far seeing CHRISTIANS (our British Masters) were not so naive as to EMPOWER the natives before departing.


They empowered the MUSLIMS instead, and presented them with PAKISTAN to start the giant sized “Hindu killer” ball rolling.


They gave Raj to Jinnah over there because he was not embarrassed or ashamed of his ISLAM. They gave Raj to Nehru over here who was a secret ENEMY of Hindus and wished to see them finished off. All what he did, including the UNCONDITIONAL surrender of Lahore, Karachi and East Bengal, was HIGH TREASON against his own MOTHERLAND that NO genuine Hindu would have even contemplated. But he gave it away for free.


Sikh leadership then and now live in the present, and the past, but NOT IN THE FUTURE. They have leaders without VISION.


Jinnah foresaw the future as early as the 1930's that one day the HINDUS will elevate and raise, high above them any ITALIAN Catholic brat, putting their heads at her feet and ask her to rule them. 


Jinnah foresaw that NEHRU will mesmerise the Hindus and  serve BRITISH IMPERIALISM till his death and then keep the PRIME MINISTER’S CHAIR in his own family. Jinnah foresaw that the HINDUS will call it democracy and secularism. 


What did the Hindus and the SIKHS foresee in 1940 when Pakistan Resolution was passed in Lahore?


Today we see the DALITS being empowered by India’s “Hindu bashing/Sikh killing” rulers because the Dalits, like the Blacks in America, are the former slaves, live poor lives at grassroots, are shunned by the wealthy, have suffered persecution for centuries, and can be instigated to rise. 


The ruling Congress establishment, subservient to Dynasty, foresaw that the Dalits will one day FIGHT while the Hindus of high castes and the Sikhs will become PROSPEROUS, comfort loving and soft, and, therefore, UNFIT TO FIGHT.


MAYAWATI has given the call to the DALITS of India to “go out, seek a Brahmin and crush his head.” This being the OFFICIAL policy of the Government of Gandhis in Broken Bharat she was not arrested for using such INFLAMATORY language. But Varun Gandhi was not so lucky as we know. 


Could EAST PUNJAB be immune from this new political wind that will soon become a murderous storm?


Today while Hindu TRISHUL is nowhere to be seen across Bharat, both the SPIRITUAL and POLITICAL FLAGS of Sikhs (MIRI PIRI) are down. Boasting of serving langar (free food) to 30 thousand or half a million hungry mouths daily is considered great achievement by SGPC while the adoration of SONIA (ITALY AND ISLAM) have become the first love of Captain (MAHARAJA) Amarinder Singh. They both are supposed to notice and understand the violent undercurrents that are rocking the rickety leaking Hindustani boat.


For six decades Christians and Muslims have been increasing rapidly in PI (Partitioned India) as seen by mushrooming churches and mosques across the land. Hindus are decreasing while Sikh growth is STATIC. Our leaders are blind to this fact.  These FOOLS are even blind to the fact that key posts are slipping away. For example, the GOVERNOR of East Punjab, Gen. (Retd.) S.F Rodrigues, is a CATHOLIC.


Why does this tiny territorial FRAGMENT of the original grand Province of PUNJAB need a Catholic GENERAL but not a Sikh civilian? Slaves do not ask but obey.


What love of Guru Nanak to Guru Gobind Singh does this RODRIGUES have at heart and what well-being and high spirits of the Sikhs is his own first concern? Would he prefer to unite the native communities or see them fight and then call the army to kill? Are his children being inspired by the brave deeds and unique sacrifices of our Gurus and the sons of the Tenth Guru? Does his wife read Sri Guru Granth Sahib? Do his humble and obedient SIKH SUBJECTS ever see him sitting in congregation in a Gurdwara? Why is our loyalty & obedience to him so profound and UNCONDITIONAL? Why did Partitioned Indian Secular State have so many MUSLMS as Supreme Commanders/Presidents?. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Presidents_of_India)


Are we fools to live under a huge BLACK CLOUD overhead and then imagine that we are under BLUE SKY in bright sunshine?  Are we brainless and gutless not even to mention PARTITION? 


We FLED our homes when Partition struck. It was forgotten in a second. Then the carnage of 1984 struck. The Sikhs are forgetting it, too. 


Now the Dalits are burning our buildings but we will never know why. While erecting statues and establishing FOUNDATIONS after every Congress “DOG and WITCH” we never thought of an INSTITUTION OF VISION? The result is before our eyes.