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date: 28 may 2009


us commission on international religious freedom 

news item

united states commission on international religious freedom (?scirf? would be visiting india on june 15, 2009 to closely scrutinize the religious freedom in india, particularly in gujarat and orissa.


the indian (?ecular jackal? ambassador to the united states ought to have sought an immediate interview with president obama to ask, ?hat about a commission to go to bangladesh to enquire into the very birth of that islamic state that has crushed every human right of the hindus??

the president of india, who shows her hair style & saree but not guts, ought to have written to her american counterpart, ?hat about sending such commissions to china, iran, saudi arabia, pakistan and other islamic nations who are the worst violators of religious freedom? what about sudan, somalia and nigeria? come to india last.?

a letter of protest ought to have gone from india's foreign minister or parliament but they are silent or pleasing sonia and appeasing islam.


hindusthan after independence ought to have been sovereign and not sonia? servant or the concubine of islam. it ought to have counted among world's super powers. but despite partition hindu leaders, instead of ruling & dominating their territory, put the muslims in the chair and sonia on the throne and themselves sat on ground at their feet.


the west, including the un are american funded and the americans are staunch christians and thus anti hindu.


their bias and prejudice are glaringly obvious, e.g., their total lack of concern over the  break up of secular india in order to create islamic pakistan and their interference in the internal affairs of myanmar & india to ensure power for aung san suu kyi and sonia gandhi respectively. 

they were all actively interested in destroying the only hindu kingdom of nepal. they overlooked the extermination of hindus in kashmir- both north and south, the persecution of hindus in east bengal (bangladesh) and had nothing to say when human rights of the sikhs came under severe attack in october/november 1984.


india herself is at fault, firstly by not showing initiative of this kind. what stopped india by insisting on sending such a commission to bangladesh and swat to investigate the religious freedoms of minorities there?


it is quite possible that the impulse for this american commission to be sent to bharat would have come from none else but sonia & her puppets in bharat itself. that powerful anti hindu lobby in india itself is permanent ally of the indian muslims. they refuse to notice the assassination of 1,000 hindus but wail and cry worldwide if a muslim or christian is hurt.


when cabinet ministers and lok sabha sit at the feet of an italian born catholic they cry over the pain of christians and muslims while overlooking the hindu victims all over the world.


hindu india has not got a clear identity even after partition. it is this anti national powerful element in our country that ensured that partition is neither stated in constitution nor mentioned by the ruling establishment. 


two things have made india look very weak, and the weak are clobbered and bullied, cut, chopped, reduced and harassed as per law of nature that is superior to all man-made laws.


to concede partition was high treason and to grant full constitutional rights and equality to the muslims thereafter was an even more serious crime against india. both these acts of surrender showed hindus' (and india's) monumental weakness. there is an alarming vacuum of power in hindusthan.


may be, it is time to call for a hindu think tank which will hear the post-partition young generation's views.


we see another serious anti national omission by the dynasty and their puppets who occupy chairs at the highest level: pakistan is pursuing that policy vigorously while india does not even realise this.


pakistani aggressive action over kashmir is directly proportional to the relative strengths of the two countries at any given time. thus in "normal" times when india seems weak & strife ridden, pakistan actively tries to grab kashmir by instigating insurgency in the valley and by sending in the terrorists. 



now pakistan is embroiled with her own taliban and thus offers the best opportunity to india to recover north kashmir by military strike and then scatter the muslims there across bharat, repealing article 370 of constitution. 

unfortunately this will not happen since bharat is slave of sonia and initiatives belong to our enemies, including pope & mohammed.


there is no sign that india under sonia is even stirring with regard to this vital strategic impulse. but come the day when india is embroiled in some internal revolt or resurrection, pakistan will invade kashmir once again.


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