Date: 01 Jun 2009



Will President Barack Obama be the “sugar coated tip of the lethal ISLAMIC arrow” for the Jewish State of Israel?

There is a prophecy that the House of West will be brought down by a man from the House of East whose Father is a Muslim but mother a Christian, Hindu, Pagan or Jewess. 
India’s historic surrender in 1947 was by a man whose father was a Muslim but mother a Parsi. The golden lesson from history is: A man in patriarchal societies will advance the cause his father.
Jews and Hindus have NEVER invaded any country or carried out genocide of other people and yet they have been persecuted and brought to the edge of EXTINCTION everywhere on earth.

Industry, loyalty and hard work of the Jews have benefited enormously the countries of their domicile for CENTURIES. Similarly Industry, loyalty and hard work of the Hindus have benefited enormously their FOREIGN (Muslim & Christian) masters for CENTURIES, too.

Yet their own countries of domicile (“motherlands”) and their own rulers and masters have turned against them in the most venomous, vicious and ruthless manner. 

So what is the hidden agenda of those who wish to finish off the Jews and the Hindus?

We can add, "In a world of Wolves, Tigers and Leopards, rabbits, sheep and deer have no chance." 
What makes one community the killer of the other is INDOCTRINATION (brainwashing). The WORST brainwashing and conditioning on earth are due to the teachings of KORAN and HADITH (belligerent disposition, intolerance and predatory wars of Mohammed).
The Arabs say, "The ONLY point of dispute with Israel is the captured territory." WHAT A GRAND DECEPTION!"
The Muslims will NEVER rest till the last Hindu and Jew is either converted to Islam, enslaved or killed.

Let us look back at PAKISTAN (the INDIAN Muslims) again.
From 1930's onwards, coinciding with, and much inspired by, the RISE OF HITLER, the Muslims of India insisted on carving out for themselves a separate ISLAMIC country. They used to say, "Pakistan (PARTITION) is the ONLY demand we have. Afterwards we will live in peace with HINDU India."
Ignorant, brainless and gutless Hindu LEADERS trusted the Muslims like the lamb who trusts the wolf. Instead of arming themselves immediately to face the imminent threat to the integrity of their country they chose appeasement and surrender.

Since a good Muslim is committed to "ETERNAL ENCROACHMENT OF TERRITORY," within days Pakistani forces INVADED Kashmir.

India's bad luck was to trust a secret convert to ISLAM, a barrister-at-law from London under a HINDU name, JAWAHARLAL NEHRU, who declared, “I am the defender of Secularism and at the same time the champion of Muslims’ rights, too." The Hindus fell in his trap effortlessly.
That was 1947. But what has happened since then? 

The Hindus have worked, toiled and died for their own prosperity while the MUSLIMS HAVE BEEN REPRODUCING AT TOP SPEED. Results are before our eyes. Muslims are again 30%, of the population in India, the same ratio as in 1947 when they could terrorise the Hindu MAJORITY into surrendering one third of India, promising PERMANENT PEACE!
Now that the wolf cub has grown up in the Indian sheep pen, the Hindus are again fearing for their life and the honour of their daughters. One wonders how long they will avert their doom given that the same MUSLIM APPEASING political party & leaders have them in their tight grip.
In contrast to "BROKEN" BHARAT (Partitioned Indian secular State) Israel has LEADERS who have some knowledge of their past. They can go to Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem and learn from their history. Hindu leaders in Delhi, on the other hand, have NO such reminder of their past. Their constitutional fathers have deleted the word “Partition” from the Constitution and school text books. Their children are grabbed at birth to be brainwashed and demoralized by the Gandhian philosophy of “Non violence, Appeasement and Surrender.”
Finally, India, a country sinking deeper and deeper in the quagmire of treacherous secularism created by her failed leadership, is under increasing weight of the massive ROCK called the "indigenous" Muslims. She is, therefore, very scared of being seen in the company of Israel. We can recall Nehru, Indira & Rajiv- all supporting the Arab & Islamic causes anywhere to the hilt, honouring Yasser Arafat in particular and bestowing upon him the highest awards and honors for "patriotism". Naturally, these awards were always accompanied by millions of dollars grant aid to his Palestine at the cost of their own starving hundreds of millions. 
India at present is “the SLAVE of Italy & CONCUBILE of Islam". But Israel, a SOVEREIGN Jewish State that can fly her flag in defiance of global Islam & Iran, need have no such fears in making her presence felt and seen in India.
1 June 09