Date: 01 Jun 2009


Fate of armies is sealed if political leadership is not up to the mark. Indian Muslims under the leadership of Mr Jinnah showed great initiative and struck at the right moment in history.

Partition of India meant gross reduction in the prowess and capability of the Indian armed forces that were deliberately held back & withdrawn by Prime Minister Nehru from defending, and later, recovering our lost territories.

Pakistan has never lacked initiatives. She has been consistently demanding Kashmir on the same criterion by which Pandit Nehru agreed to the surrender of Lahore-the "Muslim majority" criterion. 
Pakistani aggressive action over Kashmir is directly proportionate to the relative (military) strengths of the two countries at any given time. 

In "normal" times when India seems dithering & strife ridden, Pakistan actively tries to GRAB Kashmir by instigating insurgency in the Valley and by continuously sending in the terrorists.
Now Pakistan is embroiled with her own TALIBAN and thus offers the best opportunity to India to recover North Kashmir by MILITARY STRIKE and then scatter the Muslims living there across Bharat, repealing Article 370 of Constitution. 
If Bharat, under weak and squabbling political leadership, misses this opportunity either through complacency or ignorance, then there will be the most unfortunate consequence in the future of such an historic blunder.

Unfortunately, given the pacifist Gandhian ideology, there is no sign yet that India will even stir with regard to such a strategic impulse. But come the day when India is embroiled in some INTERNAL revolt or insurrection, Pakistan will INVADE Kashmir at once, backed by her nuclear bomb. 
UN and the USA will interfere as they did when Turkey invaded Cyprus and recently the TAMILS were all but EXTERMINATED in Northern Sri Lanka. In fact the West may actually facilitate Pakistan's capture of South Kashmir. We should not forget that Britain acted as the midwife at the time of bloody caesarian birth of Pakistan in 1947.