Date: 02 Jun 2009



A copy of this letter to "The Times", London, should go to all the TAMIL addresses across the globe. They should know that someone has felt their pain.

Letter to the Editor,
The Times,


 Sir, Congratulations for reporting on the massacre of BETRAYED Tamils in Sri Lanka what we knew but could not speak out. It was the most SHAMEFUL and DISGUSTING act of betrayal of the Tamils of INDIAN origin. 

Government of India had THREE OPTIONS:

Option 1. The Turkish Option. To invade the Island and then create a sovereign Tamil Republic and RECOGNISE it immediately. Turkish Republic of Cyprus would have followed suit.

Option 2. Gandhian Option. To mediate & negotiate with commitment and perseverance just as the British did between the Catholics and the Protestants in N. Ireland.

Option 3. DUNKIRK OPTION. To send boats & ships under naval & aerial escort and EVACUATE the wretched people, bedraggled shell shocked men, women, children, the sick and the elderly, perishing in pain and agony under heavy shelling and merciless barbaric gunfire by Sri Lankan forces. We recall the evacuation of Allied troops in the face of fierce German ground attacks and aerial bombardment.

But India, the size of elephant with guts of a mouse and heart of stone, did NONE of these.

It is significant to note that while India has happily accommodated 17 (SEVENTEEN) million illegal migrants from Bangladesh, she refuses to let these few hundred thousand Tamils in who look up to her as their land of origin and roots, not only language and culture. 

Betrayal of Tamils by India is not only dishonourable and disgusting but also without parallel in history.

Looking back, this is how Hindusthan (Bharat), “led by Jackals”, betrayed the Hindus of Karachi, the Sikhs of Lahore and everyone in North Kashmir and East Bengal.

Now how can the 20,000 DEAD Tamils take their revenge on New Delhi where the Italian born widow of Rajiv Gandhi is the uncrowned QUEEN, commanding her native “dwarfs & morons” to look the other way whenever the INDIANS get beaten, thrashed or blasted- be it in Uganda, Fiji, Malaysia, Sri Lanka or Australia?

Please see “background” below your own news item.


The Times, London, Monday June 1, 2009.

India ‘was complicit in massacre of civilians,’

India was accused of complicity in the killing of an estimated 20,000 civilians in the last stages of Sri Lanka’s 26-year war against the Tamil Tigers. A former commander of Indian peacekeeping forces in Sri Lanka, Major-General Ashok Mehta, said that India’s role was “distressing and disturbing”. Two human rights groups said that India had failed to do enough to protect civilian lives.


INDIA ‘COMPLICIT’ in 20,000 Sri Lanka deaths.

General accuses army of wanting to avenge Gandhi murder.

Jeremy Page

South Asia Correspondent.




Rajiv was the son of a MUSLIM, Feroze Khan of Allahabad. His mother INDIRA adopted the surname GANDHI to fool the Indian electorate.

After her ignominious death at Halloween, 1984, he was hauled from his job as an airlines pilot and put in the chair of Prime Minister of India- a slap in the face of democracy.

He was sent to Cambridge for studies but wasted his time seducing a poor Italian au pair girl Sonia Maino who was learning English, part-time, at a private school.

As Prime Minister he located a source of immense wealth through defence purchases. He allegedly took $50 MILLION commissions from the Swedish Bofors Gun Company. Had he been in China he would have been BEHEADED or HANGED TO DEATH for this crime. But in Congress Occupied India he was the SULTAN. 

America has always supported the dictators while the UNO has turned a blind eye to their misdeeds.

That impoverished Italian au pair he brought from Cambridge, is now one of the richest females in the world, and politically, the most powerful person in the whole of India where no native son or daughter of soil can match her in wisdom & knowledge. Even the Prime Minister has to dance to her tune or be out of office.

Rajiv KHAN (aka GANDHI) desperately needed more military operations in order to buy arms and equipment for more commissions and bribes. So he sent his Indian Army to kill the Tamils in Sri Lanka. The army’s record of service there is despicable. They were not only killers of a community of INDIAN origin, but also murderers and, occasionally, looters and rapists.

A Tamil lady of great courage sacrificed her life while assassinating Rajiv Gandhi on May 21, 1991, taking revenge for the murder of her own husband and son.

Ruling Congress Party swore revenge on the Tamils. Earlier, they had sworn revenge against the SIKHS after their heroic deed on October 31, 1984. His mother had attacked the Sikhs’ holiest shrine in Amritsar, killing thousands.

In this widely known “revelation” (published in The Times, London), 20,000 civilians were killed by Sri Lankan Troops for the sake of ONE loafer and “Chor” (THIEF) from the House of Nehru in PARTITIONED INDIA. It is a serious provocation to the people of Tamil Nadu who regard the Tamils of Sri Lanka as their extended family. 

As a backlash the Tamils in Tamil Nadu may well decide to reject India (“kick her bottom”) and go sovereign like EAST Bengal (now Bangladesh) and Portugal.

Nehru Dynasty has split communities, divided the nation, given immense pain and suffering to the victims of STATE repression instead of uniting and strengthening the natives. They have turned a blind eye to the Indians living abroad and left them to their dire fate as in Uganda, Fiji, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and now, in Australia.

In Partitioned India, a servile, timid and ignorant country, the rulers are safe- generation after generation. People of India are not like those in Russia, China, Iran or America where such rulers would long have gone to gallows or oblivion.