Date: 03 Jun 2009


The world is deeply shocked to witness the horrendous fate of our fellow humans in Northern Sri Lanka. They became pawns in the game of VINDICTIVENESS and VENOM of GOVERNMENT OF INDIA.

The world watched the brutal drama right till the end. The Government of Sri Lanka showed NO mercy at all. They were bound and beholden to the WILL of Rajiv Gandhi's widow, Sonia Gandhi, to take full revenge for his assassination on May 21, 1991. That assassination was well merited and well deserved since he had sent his "KILLER" ARMY to Sri Lanka to kill the Tamils. They did a lot more than just kill.

People OUGHT TO KNOW the nature of this "Government" in India that is trailing behind the "Mother of Nation" SONIA Gandhi. 

Nehru/Gandhi DYNASTY that has been in power since August 1947 wishes to intimidate and demoralise their ONE BILLION subjects into submission to the extent that the Indians should be seen walking past any Gandhi with heads down and feeling guilty.

"The Times", London, (June 1, 2009),  showed extreme courage to publish the news in TRUE perspective and without fear or favour of this ruthless Dynasty in India that is ruling and fooling the whole world, not only India.

The world must not rest till each and every innocent Tamil's death is accounted for and recorded for a charge sheet against "Government" of India. 

Where is UNO? Since India is a big DEFENCE customer of Britain and America only UNO was expected to take note of that senseless SLAUGHTER, amounting to GENOCIDE of the Tamils of INDIAN origin. 

Without the support and backing of INDIA the Tamils, who contributed so much to the economy of Sri Lanka, were DOOMED. And that is exactly what happened.

Can people, who stand for freedom, dignity and security, sleep peacefully, having watched the RELENTLESS bombing and shelling of the civilian Tamils?

I hope you will do a programme on the SLAUGHTER OF TAMILS IN SRI LANKA  that was carried out in order to satisfy the "lust for blood" of Government of India.

Thank you and best wishes
rajinder singh rajput
June 3, 2009

Government of India had THREE OPTIONS:

Option 1. The Turkish Option. To invade the Island and then create a sovereign Tamil Republic and RECOGNISE it immediately. Turkish Republic of Cyprus would have followed suit.


Option 2. Gandhian Option. To mediate & negotiate with commitment and perseverance just as the British did between the Catholics and the Protestants in N. Ireland.


Option 3. DUNKIRK OPTION. To send boats & ships under naval & aerial escort and EVACUATE the wretched people, bedraggled shell shocked men, women, children, the sick and the elderly, perishing in pain and agony under heavy shelling and merciless barbaric gunfire by Sri Lankan forces. We recall the evacuation of Allied troops in the face of fierce German ground attacks and aerial bombardment.


But India did NONE of these.


It is significant to note that while India has happily accommodated 17 (SEVENTEEN) million illegal migrants from Bangladesh, she refused to let these few hundred thousand Tamils in who look up to her as their land of origin and roots, not only language and culture. 


Betrayal of Tamils by India is not only dishonourable and disgusting but also without parallel in history.


Now how can the 20,000 DEAD Tamils take their revenge on New Delhi where the Italian born widow of Rajiv Gandhi is the uncrowned QUEEN, commanding her native “dwarfs & morons” to look the other way whenever the INDIANS get beaten, thrashed or blasted- be it in Uganda, Fiji, Malaysia, Sri Lanka or Australia?

Great cruelty and barbarity has been perpetrated under the design of "Government" of India that needs redress immediately. This needless massacre ought NEVER be forgotten. "Government" of India ought to be put in dock and tried. They cannot get away like Rajiv Gandhi himself who is said to have taken $50 MILLION from a Swedish Gun Company for their BOFORS guns, and closed the case unilaterally.

June 3, 2009