Date: 09 Jun 2009


The following account will be extremely EMBARRASSING to Nehru / Gandhi Dynasty and the Government of India.

A Political Party has IDEOLOGY that goes on generation after generation. It is a  PERMANENT guide & direction for its followers.

Simply put,  the IDEOLOGY (permanent interest) of NEHRU DYNASTY is now the Ideology of All-India CONGRESS Party.

In clear words it is to WIPE OUT the memory of that horrendous Civil & Military DEFEAT of 1947. We know why especially the military is an EMBARRASSMENT to this Government, the Party and the Dynasty.

If the ruling establishment (Dynasty's flag bearer) is afraid of anyone, it is the NATIVES (HINDUS and Sikhs) who were betrayed, and the ARMY who was held back from defending our own TERRITORY against the savage MOHAMMEDAN onslaught in 1947. 

Nehru and Gandhi had committed the ultimate (Cardinal) CRIME by unconditionlly surrendering one third of India- one through Treason the other through Cowardice.

By the way, the name of the British politician is Michael Haseltine, not Maichile Hailstine. 

In GENUINE democracies the politicians RESPECT their armed forces who are regarded as Defenders of Democracy and real Secularism. 

With regard to India (BROKEN BHARAT) the politicians are embarrassed by the armed forces since the Dynasty is neither Hindu/Sikh in nature nor a National force but the AXIS of "Italy, Islam and the SERVILE Hindu". 

India is now entering the Phase of (serious) Destabilisation.


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I hereby take the liberty to quote a passage from the pages 110 & 111 of the book ‘Toward Resurgent India ’ written by Lt. Gen. (Retd.) M. M. Lakhera, one time Lt. Gov. of Pondicherry and also of Andaman & Nicobar and now the Governor of Mizoram. 
The passage below needs no comment. 
“I had gone to UK as a member of the Indian Delegation to take part in the 50th Anniversary celebrations of the victory in Europe during the Second World War. I along with four other Army officers, had just stepped out after attending the inaugural session and were waiting on the roadside for the traffic 
to ease so as to walk across the road to the vehicle park. Among those with me was Honorary Captain Umrao Singh, a Victorian Cross winner (unfortunately, I have received the sad news of his expiry just two days back). All of a sudden a car moving on the road came to a halt in front of us and a well dressed gentleman stepped out. He approached Umrao Singh and said, “Sir, may I have the privilege of shaking hand with the Victoria Cross?” He shook hands with him. 

Evidently he had recognised Umrao Singh from his car and had stopped his car to pay his respect to a winner of the highest gallantry medal of his country. Then he looked at me and said, “General, you are from Indian Army.” When I replied in 
affirmative, he gave out his name, saying that he was Maichile Hailstine. I was absolutely astounded as the recognition dawned on me that he was the Deputy Prime Minister of UK .    
    I was totally overawed by such courtesy shown by a dignitary of the second highest status in the British Government and humbly thanked him for having invited our delegation for the VE Day function. Again his reply was typical of his sagacity, “General, it is we the British, who should be grateful to your country and your Armed Forces, who had helped us win both the first and the  
second World wars. How can we be ever so ungrateful to forget your country’s great contribution.” 
Suddenly I became conscious that all the traffic behind his car had come to stand still. I hurried to thank him and politely requested him to move20along to relieve the traffic hold-up. He stated, “Sir, how dare I drive off when Victoria Cross has to cross the road.” Realizing his genuine feeling I and my colleagues quickly crossed the road. Reaching the other side I looked back and saw that Mr. Hailstine was still standing waiting for the Victoria Cross to be safely across. 
Ladies & Gentlemen, that is the type of regards they have for their decorated soldiers. I have always aspired that similar respect could be shown at least to a Param Vir Chakra or Ashok Chakra winner by the leaders and prominent figures 
in our country.”