\where is MY home, asks a HINDU REFUGEE IN HINDUSTHAN.

Date: 09 Jun 2009


You may express your wishes and aspirations but what will be the outcome? Your house is gone since 1989. That is TWENTY years ago.
The way you have worded the SUBJECT (My Lost Home) says a lot.
It is anguished cry of someone forced out of his home. It was not sold by you. It was not gifted by you. IT WAS SNATCHED BY BARBARIANS, and YOU WERE FORCED OUT.
The question comes up, WHO ARE THE RULERS?
In 1947 FIFTEEN MILLION Hindus and Sikhs were forced out of their homes in PAKISTAN. They all lived in their homes. All those homes, too, were SURRENDERED along with all the TERRITORY.
People migrated to Partitioned Indian Secular State and aspired to return to their homes one day. SIXTY TWO YEARS HAVE PASSED.
As homeless refugees they were like the PALESTINIANS.
But while the Palestinians have the WHOLE WORLD including President Obama, backing them, for us HINDUS nobody spoke.
For decades we saw Nehru and his daughter Indira welcoming and honouring Yasser Arafat. They gave him the highest awards accompanied by big cash. He could give speeches in Delhi asserting his right to recover Arab homes from the Jews. But NO ONE on our side echoed that by supporting the INDIANS' right to return who had been expelled from Pakistan. 
So we came to the conclusion that Nehru and Arafat were two BROTHERS who championed the SAME cause. That cause was the ARAB CAUSE, not the HINDU cause.
In this light it is futile to beg of the robber to return the diamond that he has LOOTED. The way to get your homes back is to EXTERMINATE the Dynasty and the CONGRESS Party who are standing between you and your homes in Kashmir.
Given the HINDUS' love of IGNORANCE and SLAVERY when will Dynasty and Congress be kicked out?