Date: 12 Jun 2009



Alexander of Macedonia, the great warrior was told of a Land where wealth was abundant and education- both divine and worldly, of the highest order. He gave the orders to advance to go there and see it with his own eyes. His destination was not Arabia or Palestine but Punjab. The contrast between the sand desert on the one hand and the fertile fields irrigated by five rivers on the other could not be greater.

A thousand years later the wild tribes of Arabs under the command of Mohammed bin Qasim set out to conquer Sindh. The subjugation of Punjab by the savage Mohammedans followed soon thereafter. Now the warring (Jehadi) Ideology had become their Religion.

It met with brave resistance in Punjab. The butchery of her free thinking natives and the martyrdom of her children, women and holy men is legendary. 

Islam was rejected CONTEMPTUOUSLY, FEARLESSLY & FIERCELY. (Recall the life, times & struggles of Shivaji, Rani of Jhansi and Guru Gobind Singh Ji)

But the gentle natives were no match for the brutes coming from Arabia, Iran and Afghanistan. Slowly, the number of Muslims grew and grew through conquest and conversion. However, the Spirit of Punjab remained in tact.

Mr. MK Gandhi (aka Mahatma) chose the city of AMRITSAR in Punjab to call for demonstration for freedom in 1919. MA Jinnah, too, passed his Pakistan Resolution in LAHORE. Punjab proved to be the Land of Patriots and Traitors of extreme degree.

A head count in 1947 put the Muslims ahead of the natives. So they could have Pakistan with ISLAMIC Constitution- sheer violation of human rights and equality. But the Spirit of Punjab could not be enslaved like her people.

The innate Spirit of Punjab is proud of its own gods, goddesses and Divinity. Given that it already has Holy books like the Vedas, the Gita and Sri Guru Granth Sahib, the Spirit of Punjab cannot rest in harmony and peace with the imported Koran and Bible, the products of entirely different geo-political social scenario.

It is in Punjab where the epic battle of KURUKSHETRA was fought in which Evil was destroyed and Right triumphed.

In 1947 the sacred DHARTI of Bharat, including West Punjab, went under the profane occupation of aliens due to High Treason of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and cowardice of MK Gandhi who were supposedly India’s top negotiators & leaders at the time.

West Punjab with its capital in LAHORE and cultural centres in Multan and Gujranwala was occupied by Islam. & went under the influence of Mohammed. Her people were brainwashed to disregard the shine & glory of ancient India but started admiring and acquiring the Arabs’ “way of life.” The results were to be seen soon.

INDIA was expected to lay claim to her surrendered territories immediately after the departure of the British masters but that was impossible due to the fact that India was, and has been, in the tight grip of the same Political Party that agreed to Partition. India has never been totally independent.

Restless and frustrated, the Spirit of Punjab has appeared in the shape of TALIBAN. They are the WARRIORS OF GOD sent down to PUNISH the traitors who put themselves above the rest of us in 1947.

Pakistan was based NOT on humanitarian grounds or on women’s dignity but on ISLAMIC Sharia Law, a crude Judiciary from ARABIA. It is alien to the native civilization, culture and act of worship. For example, our places of worship are not “all male” prayer grounds and halls.

Attacks by the Taliban and the suicide bombers are the symptoms of this crippling mental “disease” called Islam. TWO suicide bombers struck in Pakistan today (June 12, 2009) to teach the brainwashed Pakistanis a lesson. One killed Mufti Dr Sarfraz Naeemi in Lahore, and the other killed several army personnel in Naushera, a town near Peshawar.

PAKISTAN, based on EVIL and FOREIGN Ideology, is violently IMPLODING under the weight of its own ISLAMIC fundamentalism. 

The agonized HINDU/SIKH soul, forced out in 1947, is striking back. It says, “Bharat, the land of Divinity, will not accept any Messenger of God from Arabia or Palestine. They will not “grow” over here as the mangoes cannot grow over there. O brainwashed children of Bharat, reject them. Bring peace and harmony to your converted degraded agitated souls. Accept and honor your own Sages & Seers like Guru Nanak, who rose from Punjab to bring peace, tolerance and universal love to the whole world, including Arabia and Palestine.

Writing on the Wall says, “If you do not honour your own native “saints and gurus”, you will remain schizophrenic, swinging between East and Middle East. You will be ideological coolies and slaves of FOREIGN powers. You FOOLS will KILL one another and perish in the end.” (What is happening in Swat and Waziristan?)

When the Taliban imposed Jazia on the Sikhs in Swat, one called them, “Shaitaan.” 
When they flogged the girl, holding her legs down, someone said, “Haiwaan.” 
When they destroyed 200 girls’ schools in Swat and exploded bombs in mosques in Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar, someone called them “Beimaan.” 
Finally, someone completed the definition by saying, “Musalmaan.” 

So we have it now, “Musalmaan, Beimaan, Shaitaan, Haiwaan.” How can a Punjabi, or, indeed, anyone else, be a Musalmaan?
The Spirit of Punjab declares, “Let us pray for the Independence of native souls all over “AKHAND BHARAT” from the slavery of FOREIGN religions. Our own are second to none.

12. 06.09