Date: 13 Jun 2009


This is from a Christian website and I agree with the contention of the "extremist Hindus" that “We want all the one million Christians out of the country,”

History proves that Christianity spreaded hate and conducted genocide campaigns against non Christian beliefs and believers.  As a result such a intolerant, hate ideology has no place in civilized society and should be outright banned, not  only in Nepal but in India, Sri Lanka and other places where this pestilence is taking its toll. Or Non Christian beliefs natives will be exterminated.   There is direct connection between the rakshasik behaviour of Christians and their worship of dead corpse, ghosts, holy or unholy, and blood drinking orgy.

Nepalese Christians should be come back to their tolerant ancestral religion. It is not people, but the evil corpse god ideology that should banned from Nepal and elsewhere.

Nepal: Hindus say Christians must leave


Hindu extremists are demanding that the 1 million Christians of Nepal should leave the country. This comes a week after a bombing at the Catholic cathedral in Kathmandu.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009
By Spero News  

Barely a week after several people were killed when militants bombed the Kathmandu Catholic Cathedral, Hindu extremists now want all the one million Christians out of the South Asian country.

But local churches who make up 2.4 per cent of the population have defied the threats saying they will continue with their mission despite the persecution. There are nearly 7,000 Catholics in Nepal.

“Our mission in Nepal will not change,” the churches told the independent Catholic news (ICN) mentioning their call to preach the Gospel and to bear witness to the faith even in times of difficulty.

In their statement, distributed during a public demonstration organized by the Church in Nepal on 31 May, to create awareness among the people on the issue of religious freedom, the extremist Hindu Nepal Defense Army (NDA) also acknowledged responsibility for the cathedral bomb attack.

“We want all the one million Christians out of the country,” their statement said.

A day of prayer for the two victims of the explosion in the Church of the Assumption. The Prime Minister is present along with political figures and representatives from Protestant Churches. Christians to rally.

Bomb blast at church in Nepal

A blast at Assumption Cathedral in Nepal killed two young people, and several wounded. The powerful blast left the church strewn with blood and lifted worshippers off the ground.
The Christian community, with the support of local authorities, has taken security measures, organized guards on their churches and issued an alert to all their communities in the country.

The Church in Nepal is involved in social services, with the poor, the sick, and the marginalized and is generally well-received by the people.

The NDA has, from the beginning, been fighting for the return of the Hindu monarchy. It has already carried out several attacks on Muslims and Christians and last year, Salesian Fr Johnson Moyalan, was killed in the attacks.

They are protesting the arrival of a democratic secular system and the rise to power of ex-Maoist groups after centuries of rule by a Hindu monarch.

Source: CISA