Date: 15 Jun 2009


PARTITION, A NEW PERSPECTIVE. The ball is in the HINDU court.
Jinnah warned the Muslims of their terrible fate and third class status in A "Hindu Majority" Hindustan after the British left. However, the primary motive was his own elevation to be Head of the new state. 
There was an underlying general attitude towards, and general PERCEPTION of, the Hindus that permeated through his brain and across his followers. It is vital to explore this new dimension with courage.
Even if Jinnah "liberated" the Muslims of Lahore what about the Muslims of Delhi? Nehru could also have told him, "Will the Hindus in your Pakistan not feel SIMILARLY threatened?" 
Nehru and Gandhi never pointed this out. They simply did not have the heart in their own "Akhand Bharat".
Partition showed the true LOYALTY, NATURE and PATRIOTISM of these "chickens". The were all Hindus and cowards, hence looked CONTEMPTIBLE to the powerful British RULERS (who could shift our frontiers so easily and reduce the size of India so drastically) and to the manly MUSLIMS (the former RULERS who had crushed the Hindus to the extent that "AHIMSA PARMO DHARMA" and "Embrace the Enemy" became our core belief).
It is this COWARDICE that was the real reason of Muslim demand for separation. 
Courage and bravery ATTRACT. Cowardice and servility REPEL. Given free choice girls will go to those whom they perceive to be brave. They will shun the COWARD. Is there any wonder why Hindu girls love a "KHAN" in Bollywood and elsewhere?
It is high time that Hindu LEADERS understood this. It is that perception of HINDU BEING A COWARD that the Kashmiri Muslims, too, wish to part company with us. WHO wants to be with, or under, the cowards? Even own children hate the parents who are cowards.
Demand for KHALISTAN, too, is based on this reason: Many, not all, Sikhs wish to part company with the sheepish cowardly Hindu MAJORITY who do not have the guts to commemorate the DEAD OF 1947 or say the word "Partition." The cowardly nation, happily and most willingly, calls it "Independence".
Hindus are seen as loathsome by many Sikhs, too, because as the MAJORITY community they failed to DEFEND their Nankana Sahib. Even today "HINDUS" collectively show no guts to re-claim Lahore, leave aside North Kashmir. A Sikh's perception of a Hindu MP in Lok Sabha is of a MULE giving ride to their Rashtramata from Italy.
So Jinnah's argument was only a PRETEXT upon which to gather support of all Muslims.
How is it that Barristers Nehru, Gandhi and Patel did not tell him of the time when the Hindus were under the MUSLIMS during oppressive Mogul Rule when they were forced to pay Jezia tax? And, were the Muslims not living in peace with the same Hindus during British rule?
The real reason was the Muslim VIEW & PERCEPTION of the Hindus who were considered SLAVES and SERVILE- and therefore undesirable to live with, or under.
Had the Hindus shown any VITALITY, INITIATIVE and MANLINESS Mr Jinnah would have shown a lot of respect for them and would have considered it a pleasure to live with them in Hindustan.
If we just substitute the (manly) "White Europeans" for the (cowardly) HINDUS in that India, there would have been no demand for Pakistan. 
People distance themselves from what they regard as weak, servile and contemptible. None is more contemptible than a coward irrespective of the amount of Pooja and the number of Akhand PaaThs he does.
Let us all give it a thought and EDUCATE our leaders who think no end of themselves, being totally detached from REALITY. 
Why were the Hindus contemptible in the eyes of Jinnah? All slaves are.
Even today the Hindus are licking slavery under ITALY & ISLAM and have raised the semi literate White Elephant from Italy to be Rashtramata. Why should the whole world not perceive them to be cowards? We, too, need to see the obvious, and ponder over the IMPLICATIONS.
The most obvious ones are, getting kicked and beaten in Australia, MASSACRED in Sri Lanka, thrashed in Fiji and kicked out of Uganda. Is there any other nation or nationality whose IMAGE is so reduced across the globe? 
Our SERVILITY made us look CONTEMPTIBLE to Jinnah, Liaqat Ali and Hussain Shaheed Suhrawardy and they insisted on SEPARATION- not from India or Hindusthan BUT FROM THE HINDUS, stinking cowards. Sonia Gandhi, too, does not, and CANNOT, respect a nation whose MP's are ready to sweep her floor and wash her toilet.
What makes a people ATTRACTIVE is MANLINESS. Seeing only KHANS dancing with HINDU maidens in films and the entire LOK SABHA sitting at the feet of BOGUS Gandhis (Rahul included) cannot induce the Pakistanis to wish to come back to Mother India. At first we need to give her Glory and SHAKTI. Our MP's are a disgrace to Bharat who put Italy above India and a foreign female above all the native stock including our mothers, sisters and daughters. 
There is only ONE reason why even RAHUL is bringing his future bride from abroad like his father? Like Mohammed Ali Jinnah he, too, wishes to give a SLAP to the Hindu nation, REPELLED BY OUR COWARDICE. His wife, too, will be a symbol of separation (Pakistan) in the belly of Hindusthan.
What must the HINDUS do to become attractive and likeable to the others? The answer is very simple: Do what those whom WE admire and adore and wish to sit next to, do.
What about raising Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya? What about honoring Guru Tegh Bahadur in PUBLIC across India? 
What about calling "in the hearing of Sonia and Imam Bukhari" GURU GOBIND SINGH a national hero and "DEFENDER OF HINDU DHARMA"?
What else will bring back MANLINESS & MANHOOD to the HINDUS? How will we be seen as BRAVE and HEROES, instead of followers of defeated Nehru & demoralised Gandhi who RAN AWAY from Lahore, Karachi, North Kashmir and East Bengal when the BULLY threatened to give them civil war and, to all of us, HELL?