Thugs are finally in paradise.

Date: 16 Jun 2009


Thanks to Barack Hussein these thugs are finally in paradise.
The only thing  missing from the picture are the 72 houries! Perhaps they are there, but Allah has kept them invisible to us - the kaffirs.
Or perhaps, as it is described in the Kooran, the virgins have transparent absolutely romantic!
One wonders if  these Uighurs would have ever imagined the rewards that awaited them following 9/11!
But wait...Barack will unleash more thugs pretty soon...Italy, the cradle of Mafia Civilization will see two or three of these jihadis land on its soil in a few days!
Meanwhile, back in Motherland, knowing how strongly Manmohanji feels for the Muslims ( losing sleep over one from Australia, bequething Bharat's resources to the Muslims, etc), it would not be at all surprising to see the Pakies currently locked up at Gitmo  being released on Indian soil.