Date: 19 Jul 2009


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Unfortunately Hindus have been on the "self destruct path" ever since the barbarian Muslims subjugated them and treated them worse than dogs. The horrendous treatment meted out to the Hindus surpasses all world records in brutality. It is something equalling the Nazi treatment of the Jews during WW 2.

Hindus were BEHEADED, their daughters abducted and raped, their temples razed to ground and finally forcible expulsion from five provinces under the pretext of Partition in 1947, all this shows that the Hindus are not even human beings in the eyes of the Koran reading Mohammedans. They are simply dismissed as KAFIRS and INFIDELS.

We cannot appreciate or comprehend the Muslim point of view since we are not so brutalised like them being brainwashed and conditioned by Koran to be BUTCHERS of BELIEVERS and MOMINS. Otherwise today TRISHUL and KHANDA CHAKRA would have been flying over Mecca & Medina instead of Star & Crescent over LAHORE & Chittagong today.

How readily the HINDUS, the majority community, accepted the unconditional surrender of five provinces overnight in 1947 and how automatically they continued to adore and worship Gandhi and Nehru instead of hanging them to death for their High Treason and betrayal of the nation.

One wonders, Are the Hindus now permanently a GENETICALLY inferior race?

Keeping company with the Hindus even the Sikhs are behaving like the zombies. They have not one day designated to recall their slaughter throughout West Punjab in 1947 or the unconditional surrender of Lahore and Sri Nankana Sahib by Congress Party ON THEIR BEHALF. 

Worse still, not one is perturbed over the fact that the GOVERNOR of East Punjab is neither a Hindu nor a Sikh but an alien and antagonistic CATHOLIC who secretly wishes them dead or converted. They must be fools to expect this man, General SF Rodrigues, to wish them well in any walk of life. 

Obviously, he is the eyes and ears of Rashtramata Sonia Maino, the uncrowned Queen of Hindusthan and her Pope in Italy. There is not one HIndu shouting "QUIT INDIA" at her though millions claim to do so at the British in those days. Obviously that was safe then for the cowards!

We have a DEEP FROZEN Hindu nation whose enthusiasm in doing pooja and havan and the Sikhs' commitment to do "akhand paThs" is in direct CONTRAST to their wish to grab the POLITICAL power and be counted as a manly nation on earth. This deep frozen nation has not noticed the number of KHANS at Bollywood who have downgraded, replaced and relegated all the Hindu heroes in films. 

We do read about the disproportionate RISE in Muslim numbers and we do realise that future projections point to great Hindu slaughter before which the Jewish Holocaust and the Holocaust of the SIKHS at Partition will pale into insignificance. 

Still our deep frozen psyche is not prepared to stir. Similarly, there is NO demand to impose at least ONE condition on the INDIAN Muslims who snatched five provinces and also STAYED PUT. Would this be possible anywhere else on earth? 

We can recall that as soon as Japan declared war against the USA, all the Japanese citizens working or residing, and even holidaying in America were promptly INTERNED and not released till after the end of WW2. That is why America is a super power who can go out to Afghanistan and Iraq to crush the head of enemy there while India cannot even ensure the safe return of Hindu REFUGEES back to the Valley. Her lady Supreme Commander is a dirty joke on the valour of the brave MEN IN UNIFORM she "leads & commands" so uninspiringly.

This pathetic state of Hindus' self denial, or the Hindus' DEATH WISH (a common phenomenon among the defeated and deeply humiliated nations), needs tackling at the highest level and by the INTELLIGENTSIA in order to see any chance of survival of the Hindus in Delhi while they have PERISHED in Lahore without any resistance.

TREACHEROUS Nehru Dynasty and their Congress Party keenly wish us all to commemorate the massacre of Jallianwala Bagh in Amristar in 1919 to ram down our throats the helpless state of our subjugation. But it seems that they will be prepared to launch another Operation "Blue Star" to destroy the HINDUS' morale and spirit if anyone said, "Let us CELEBRATE Shivaji's victory over Afzal Khan in 1659, or the sacking of Sirhind by Banda Singh Bahadur on May 24, 1710, or the capture of Khyber Pass by General Hari Singh Nalwa in 1836. 

What about two days' statutory holiday to CELEBRATE the crushing defeat of Pakistan in 1971? Why must the Hindu nation be MANIPULATED to commemorate only massacres, beheadings and killings? Such is the ingenious psychological onslaught against the Hindus to keep them scared, demoralised and subservient as willing SLAVES while adoring the Khans of Bollywood and yielding their girls to Muslim grooms to produce more Muslims. 

We cannot evan lay down the condition that any mixed marriage will not result in automatic conversion of the Hindu bride to Islam nor in raising her children as Muslims. 

We are timid or terrified to the extreme if we cannot guard our image in the world abroad and our daughters at home.
20 Jul 09
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I am concerned about what is happening to Hindu culture, our failure at gaining political power and generally lack of proper leadership and making a united voice.

I hope you will let me share my views from time to time.