Date: 22 Jul 2009


Please substitute CHRISTIAN, JEW, PAGAN, etc., for “Hindu Muslim” below. What is good for one is also good for the others since all face the present onslaught by GLOBAL Islam.

Hindu Muslim marriages : NO!

These are extremely detrimental to our HINDU nation. 
NB: India after surrendering five provinces to ISLAM, must be seen as a Hindu Rashtra. We do not need the approval of either Lok Sabha or Congress Party who do not even mention Partition. Thus they deny the Hindus IDENTITY and believe like cuckoos that we are still mentally "deep frozen" in the PRE-PARTITION Colonial happy days of "Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai."
Hindu Muslim marriages are extremely offensive for the reason that the Muslim GROOM imagines himself to be a "conqueror" of one of the KAFIRS in the way of his ongoing personal JEHAD against Kufr. Thus these marriages are, therefore, a PROVOCATION to all the Kafirs (HINDUS, SIKHS, BUDDHISTS, CHRISTIANS, JEWS and so on) on earth. NB: Hindus are described as KAFIRS in Koran which is Word of God for the Muslims. Collectively, the Muslims are committed to degrade, subdue, subjugate, enslave, convert, even kill, a Kafir (non Muslim) who refuses to convert. MILLIONS of Hindus paid with their lives, often in the most brutal manner like Guru Tegh Bahadur, the two little sons of Guru Gobind Singhji and the brave boy Hakikat Rai. Hindus escaping from Pakistan and Bangladesh KNOW THIS at their cost.
Hindu Muslim marriages are obnoxious since the girl must convert to Islam for her safety. If, on the other hand, the groom converts to her HINDU Faith then he is inviting his murder at the hands of Muslim zealots. NB: Has anyone seen a Hindu HERO in a Bollywood films playing or dancing with a MUSLIM actress? Where it happened once, they set fire to the cinemas. Let us not have SHORT MEMORY to serve the enemy.
Hindu Muslim marriages are objectionable because their CHILDREN also must be raised as followers of Mohammed of Alien ARABIA. NB: If the converted Hindu brides go on giving them countless MORE Muslims then secularism and democracy in Bharat will not only be seriously endangered but WIPED OUT. We cannot watch our slow extinction. NB: This is exactly what happened in West Punjab, Kashmir and East Bengal. Let us not be BLIND to reality.
Hindu Muslim marriages "stink" because a girl brought up in atmosphere of freedoms is forced to sacrifice her own "way of life" and do things that are obnoxious to her nature due to her upbringing, for example, eating or cooking BEEF, wasting precious hours of life learning the Arabic language in order to read the Koran, even having to hide under a burqa or face cover, especially if she goes with him to his Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan or Turkey, etc.
Hindu Muslim marriages are most degrading and insulting to HINDU and SIKH girls who are second to none on earth but have to enter a DARK medieval society where she could be ONE OF FOUR wives and unable to object or protest.
Hindu Muslim marriages are unacceptable where divorce can be effective and binding merely on the husband saying the word "Talaaq" three times in the manner of macho Arab savages FOURTEEN CENTURIES ago.
Hindu Muslim marriages are unacceptable since the status of a Muslim wife is very low. She must obey, obey and obey, or get beaten up, even locked up without food and water if the husband is angry and wants to punish her properly according to Sharia Law of his Religion.
Hindu Muslim marriages are unacceptable since the girls will not be allowed to enter a mandir or Gurdwara to listen to sweet, melodious and calming divine MUSIC ("bhajans and kirtan").
Hindu Muslim marriages are objectionable because in an Islamic society a woman's place is in the house and she is used only to serve her man and produce children for his Rasul Allah. Talking to any other man is taboo. Many are killed every day in the Islamic world merely on suspicion if a girl or woman in seen talking to a stranger. It is called "Honour killing".
Saving girls from the "PREDATORS" means saving the future of our "DESH & DHARMA". Partition was the direct result of letting them INCREASE their numbers  IN OUR OWN COUNTRY, and AT OUR OWN COST. When they had QUANTITY they struck and destroyed QUALITY. So we ought to safeguard our quality, too, not just our mandirs, gurdwaras and the distinctly DIFFERENT ethos and "way of life". Facts ought to be stated fearlessly. Partition not only gave us bleeding memories (loss of everything precious we had, including homes) but also taught us an unforgetable lesson that those areas in which Muslim numbers had grown like cancer cells had to be amputated.
Please think of the UNEVEN playing field. While the Muslims force their females to stay at home and dare not talk to a stranger, Muslim MAN or BOY, on the other hand, is free to approach any Hindu or Sikh girl at place or work, club, disco, cinema, office, factory, hotel or restaurant to introduce himself, show excessive courtesy, love & devotion, exchange telephone numbers, invite her out for further secret, one to one, meetings, seduce her by giving presents from sweets to jewellery and thus pysically remove her from her own family moorings. Muslim males are out and about ON THEIR OWN like lone hunters while self respecting Hindu and Sikh young men, brought up in ethical family atmosphere, are conditioned to respect parents, culture and social norms. A Muslim, inspired by his Koran, gets thrill introducing his non Muslim girl to his family and friends while a Hindu boy will think twice before even talking to a Muslim female, leave aside take her to his parents' home. He is conscious of their disapproval and afraid of ATTACK by someone from the enraged Muslim community. We see this fact in Indian films. While no Hindu actor is seen taking MUSLIM actresses "for a ride" all the KHANS take full advantage of excessive Hindu tolerance. 
Hindu Muslim marriages YES, but only if all such marriages mean the Muslim groom embracing the HINDU or SIKH Faith to honour his bride and to respect her feelngs and her parents. Otherwise, as a self respecting nation we ought to make it clear to them that this is now HINDUSTHAN, not their ISLAMIC Pakistan, Iran or Arabia where they can make it ONE WAY traffic, i.e., each and every mixed marriage to mean "Advantage & Gain to Mohammed" but SHAME, HUMILIATION & LOSS to us.
If we love and cherish our daughters, then a PRINT OUT of this e-mail ought to be given to each one of them. Hindu/Sikh ORGANISATIONS, mandirs and Gurdwaras, should distribute this widely in public and congregations. Not to do so under the cover of "political correctness" will be downright cowardince and total betrayal of our own girls.