Date: 23 Jul 2009


With such 'learned' people leading the Society, what can one do except slapping ones forehead in dismay, and hope better sense prevails in the Society, in spite of such mental slaves!
They should go and see the status of mother tongue in countries all over the world. Perhaps OCCUPIED DEGRADED Indians wish to introduce ITALIAN as compulsory subject in the near future in love for Sonia Maino.
Mother tongue shouldn’t be imposed: SUPRE COURT OF INDIA.

Dear Editor

“Mother tongue shouldn’t be imposed: SC” 

I deplore the view taken by the learned judges for the following reason.
Mother tongue is the language from which one teaches ones own cultural values. You take out the cultural values from an Individual you make him/her loose their identity
in his/her own homeland. English may be necessary for getting jobs in English speaking nations.

Do Germans, Japanese, French, Italian, Danish, and Islamic Nations opt for English as a medium of Instructions as much the learned judge’s love for English?

To learn only English is a slavish mentality that is rooted in the so-called “Brown Englishman’s” culture in India since the Independence of India. This  slavish mentality must be fought by all vernacular Indian language people at all levels.

“A bench of Chief Justice K.G. Balakrishnan said over the Karnataka government’s decision to make Kannada a compulsory medium of Instructions for primary education.”

It is surprising to read how much hatred these so called learned judges do have towards their own National languages and culture. 

The rich cultural heritage is only found in the vernacular languages, which one will never understand through English language. There is paucity of the words for the cultural concepts that are important to keep the cultural traditions alive.

I hope the learned Judges take a leaf out of their own parental language to understand the ethics of their own upbringing in their own vernacular language. I hope their parents were not English to opt only for English language.

I hope learned administrators and Judges come to their senses sooner than (too) late.