Date: 23 Jul 2009


A lot of Hindus are getting worked up on Abdul Kalam's treatment at New York Airport strictly in accordance with rules of entry into states.

US takes the MUSLIM attacks seriously unlike BROKEN BHARAT where Hindus are being targeted and KILLED almost on daily basis.

We don't know what Abdul wanted to see or do in America, the land of stalwarts. But their activities come to light only when they come in news.

Similarly who would have known about BOFORC commissions if a journalist had not broken the news? Till then that s.o.b. was going on as Mr CLEAN.

Similarly who would have known that the big "deshbhagat" Rahul Gandhi is a smugglar/scoundrel if the same New York Airport officers had not asked him to open his suitcase to find $200,000 IN CASH?

Now Abdul is incensed over his body search. He comes from a smashed Hindusthan under the foot of Sonia Manio where Muslim killers go scot free while Hindus and Sikh PATRIOTS are hanged to death promptly in the manner of Great Patriot NATHU RAM GODSE. At that time the nation did not rise to LYNCH Nehru just like the time of Butcher Aurangzeb who ordered the BEHEADING of a Hindu holy man, Tegh Bahadur in the centre of Delhi in broad daylight. Why are the HINDUS in the same crushed frame of mind?

Please don't get worked up over Kalam. The United States treats the "BABOO(N)S" from PARTITIONED India as they deem fit. The Indian "secular" guys are dwarfs on WORLD stage though they may be STALWARTS for the INTIMIDATED and enslaved Hindu "JACKALS" in India.

Firstly, KALAM is a MOHAMMEDAN. So the Americans were confused whether they should wear Gandhi's glasses (and loin cloth) to TRUST him or treat him as enemy of secularism and democracy. This distinction may be blurred in BROKEN Bharat but the Americans see the black and white clearly. For them EVERY Muslim is a suspect- though in Partitioned Indian Secular State the Hindus are at great pains to raise one as Rashtrapati.

The other guy with grudge against the American airport officials is George Fernandes, ex Defence Minister. Yes, a CATHOLIC made in charge of defence of HINDUS. HOW LUDICROUS the Indian Hindus must be! In WHICH country on earth is a Hindu the Defence Minister?

Fernandes is not a HINDU from Hindusthan. What do you know about your EX DEFENCE MINISTER and about the big bribes and commissions that are extracted, or COVERED UP, by these defence guys from big orders to supply BOFORS GUNS, expensive tanks, submarines and fighter planes, and so on?

Finally, what is the IDENTITY of Broken Bharat itself from where this Kalam arrived? The Americans know more about her PARTITION than us, who are brainwashed by NEHRU / GANDHI DYNASTY to call it "INDEPENDENCE".  We have NO shame in throwing dust in our own children's eyes.

The American troops are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan along with troops from 30 other countries. Where are the INDIAN troops to FIGHT along side the Americans? So, WHY should they receive Kalam or Fernandes with a smile?

Obviously, the UNITED States cannot spread red carpet for our BABOO(N)S who have never talked of recovering even NORTH KASHMIR, leave aside abrogating Article 370 of "JACKALS'" VIDHAN which is a joke for the PATRIOTS who still do not know what the terms of that SURRENDER of 1947 were. 

America is not a "Bhangi Colony" to receive "Sonia's men" from GANDHI'S LAND with flowers.

23 July 09
Do see this video clip to see WHERE kalam and Fernandes ought to be despatched by our HINDU nation..: 



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Notice to Continental for Kalam frisking; unavoidable, says airline

Dear Friends 

Please read the URL for the complete news. I am sending my comments to the Editor.


Dear Editor.

India must wake up to its rights of citizens in India and abroad. Any US, UK citizen, if subjected to such an ordeal the Media, Politicians and even a common citizen would protest against such practices if adopted by Indians at the Airports. George Fernandez our ex-Defense Minister was subjected to similar ordeal in US when he visited as Indian Defense Minister. We did not protest against such practices by US. 

 Unless we follow such procedures during the visits of VIP's of US such as President Obama, or Past Presidents or Hillary Clinton for that matter. The National Security concerns of US are the same as India in the present circumstances of Terrorism. In fact India is more vulnerable than US. The sea of Terrorist sponsoring Nations surrounds India. US are not surrounded by such nations.

 I hope Indian Politicians and Bureaucrats and Security Agencies wake to such an incident by Continental Air line and lodge a protest with US administration.