Date: 25 Jul 2009


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Ex-President Abdul Kalam is not likes of Rahul Gandhi 


The writer FULLY understands the concept in which a MUSLIM was elevated by a numerically vast nation due to colossal INFERIORITY COMPLEX to appease the MUSLISM minority, and to get the "Certicicate" of SECULARISM. 

When will Pakistan or Germany, Bangladesh or even America have a HINDU President for such a Certificate?

At that time when Kalam was the President the whole HINDU nation entrusted their DEFENCE to a Muslim (the President is also the SUPREME COMMANDER of India's Armed Forces). 

The whole world regard the Hindus as WEAKLINGS who entrust their DEFENCE to a Muslim. Abdul Kalam will REFUSE till his death to declare, "I have embraced the Hindu religion since I love Sanskrit, eat vegetarian food and my grandparents were Hindu." 

SONIA MAINO is another FOREIGNER who loves everything Indian, including our servility, adoration, loyalty, food, sari and "nishkam sewa" but will refuse to embrace our native Hindu religion. No wonder her son Rahul, the VVIP from Bharat, was caught by American customs with $200,000 in cash. In their Indian colony he can easily degrade the lot by importing and marrying a Venezuelan female. She, too, will be adored and elevated like Sonia because we HINDUS need that Certificate from the world.

May be, it DOES NOT MATTER in the least to be a HINDU in Hindustan since our native RELIGION is SECULARISM as defined by Bandit Jawaharlal Nehru in whose "Secularism" another VVIP called MK Gandhi is a stalwart while Sri Rama, Guru Gobind Singhji, Shivaji and Maharana Pratap are unmentionable puny "men of violence".

The writer fully understands the LARGEST BRAINWASHING in history whereby A BILLION strong nation is made to BELIEVE that India got Independence in 1947 but she neither surrendered one third of her territory nor nearly BLED TO DEATH.

From the present Supreme Commander Shrimati Rashtrapatni down to the Prime Minister and their VIDHAN there is NO mention of that UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER nor any aspiration to EITHER reunite OR expel the MUSLIMS who established Pakistan on our dead bodies (two million slaughtered and 15 million expelled) BUT STAYED PUT, too, in order to do to DELHI what they did to LAHORE.

Finally, America treated Kalam as she would treat You and Me. Salute to that great nation who is ensuring peace on earth by fighting for Secularism & Democracy in Afghanistan and Iraq and keeping an eye on Pakistan, too. 

Imagine the world without our protective SHIELD called the UNITED States of America since INDIA (our Bharatvarsha) will defend DELHI as she "defended" LAHORE & "captured" NORTH KASHMIR.

Don't we wish we could call our country UNITED STATES OF INDIA instead of Partitoned Indian Secular States?

Back to Kalam, there is NO "VIP" in America or Europe where LAW is concerned.
Jul 25, 09