Date: 26 Jul 2009


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Along with ouster of all crores of Muslim Bangladeshi invaders and
compulsory maximum 2 children policy for Indians of all faiths to save our Nation!
You have spoken about a dream. Now let us see REALITY:
Muslims wish to increase numbers AT ANY COST.
The Hindus being educated and individualist go for one child or two. The Christians follow the example of Muslims and folllow their agenda.

Long term projections are Hindus' extinction in Middle India, too. Right now, unnoticed and peacefully but in the last phase we shall see general massacre of Hindus as in Pakistan during 1947. Large scale KILLING & SLAUGHTER will be followed by large scale CONVERSION.

The Government of India is in the grip of ITALY & ISLAM and so we can see how HELPLESS the Hindus have become on their own territory. We are even putting MOHAMMEDANS in the President's chair just to get "Certificate of Secularism" from the world. Our self confidence is gone. The Hindu is shy or afraid of snatchng political power from the enemies even in our own Hindusthan. We dare not gather ro raise the Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya. The task should be accomplished within weeks.

The Hindus are already BRAINWASHED to "celebrate" Independence rather than recall PARTITION and the TWO MILLION dead. And none will be demanding the head of Nehru for high treason, the UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER of five provinces on one day n 1947.

HINDU leaders are the only hope to do something for the Hindus but only after they themselves wake up.

Jul 26, 09