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In Service of Indian Military Veterans
Chander Kamboj.
Photos taken at Noida an Saheed Smarak on 26 Jul 09, will follow in subsequent emails.
From: Rakesh Prasad Chaturvedi

Sent: Sunday, July 26, 2009 8:39 PM

Subject: Its curtains on Kargil Divas Activities 2009


Today we paid homage to the martyrs at war memorials across India. At NCR the epicentre of activity was the Shaheed Smaarak, Sector 29, Noida. The response was heartwarming. Approximately 450-500 people from all walks of life.......... ESM, college kids, software persons, entrepreneurs, managers et al, paid homage between 1100-1300 hrs. A full fledged CD has been compiled, and a fair number would soon be on our website. 

We were assisted by children from Nehru International Public School, Noida who not only helped us with traffic and conduct of the actual ceremony, but also had their music group give us some inspirational songs.

A blood donation and Organ Pledging camp was also conducted parallely. 15 units of blood and 68 organ pledges resulted in the two hour window. The latter manned by RR was constrained since they could not accept pledges from Non Military members. I suggest this should be rectified in our approach as the ultimate receipient does not always have to be a military man. Will someone please check/ look at it? Thanks. 

Starting on time, we finished as scheduled. We are satisfied totally.  

This brings us to nearly the end of the planned activities this week. Candle lighting is a personal effort and having been advertised well,  will be a success.

I am attaching details of activities carried out by us during this week. 

I am humbled by the public response to all these activities.

The Blood Donation was a total success. At places (Wipro BPO Okhla) we had youngsters 'falling over each other' to donate blood. Phew !! They stood in the sun, in a queue to enter the blood collection vehicle, patiently. Its been encouraging and comforting experience to be associated with the youth who respond to a 'call' very enthusiastically . 
I received a call from a civilian in Gurgaon ( I dont know him), who plans to fly to Srinagar over the week end, take a taxi to Kargil, visit the war memorial there and be back to work. Is this a pilgrimage? I feel so. 
PVR is showing slides in interval/ before the movie to appeal to public to commemorate the Kargil Divas. 
Not of our doing, but I understand Abhishek Bachhan is visiting Kargil and areas around during this week. 
Some websites ( and are spreading awareness about our events on their web site. 
Some corporates are supporting the cause by organizing their own events. Max India for instance is carrying on a blood donation in their hospitals on Monday and Wednesday next. The latter event is followed by their Chairman Mr Analjeet Singh honoring the soldiers of one of the 'paltans' including the legendary L/Nk Sanjay Kumar, PVC (Param Veer Chakra- the Indian equivalent of the Victoria Cross !!!) 
Interestingly, India's first nuclear submarine was commissioned on Kargil Divas. 
So thats' that. Heartiest felicitations to you for Kargil Divas. May our freedom and sovereignty be forever intact. And may this land continue to thrive and produce as valourous sons as it has so far...................... despite a plethora of obstacles. Similar to the Kargil 99 experience of " Tenacity in Adversity".

God Bless us ALL !!
With Warm Regards,
Col RP Chaturvedi,
A-35, Sector 36, 
Noida 201303.
Mob: +919891279035



Kargil Divas Activities at NCR

 Blood Donation under arrangements Max India
 Blood Donation 1100-1700 hrs
 Accenture/ 62
 Blood Donation 1200 to 220300 hrs
 Wipro Okhla
 235 units collected

Lecture at Nehru Public School 1100-1200

Nehru Public School

 Lecture at Vishwa Bharti School 
Blood donation 1200- 2000 hrs  





Blood Donation 1200- 2000 hrs.

 Vishwa Bharti

Steria Noida B-39, Sector-1, ( tel : 247 5035) 


Steria Noida B-38/C-4, Sector 57, ( tel: 430 6787)




127 units collected




85 units collected
 Blood donation  1000- 1600  hrs 
Blood Donation 1500 to 250000 hrs 
Blood Donation 1830- 2230
 Nucleus / 62

Wipro G/N

I Gate/ 3
 117 units collected

55 units collected

62 units collected

 ·         Homage to Martyrs  1100-1300 hrs

·         Blood Donation / Organ Pledge Camp


·         Candlelight homage @ home.

 Shahid Smarak

Shahid Smarak


 Attendance 450-500 

15 units collected

67 organs pledged


 Blood Donation at Max Hospital 
 Blood Donation at Max Hospital 
Honoring the Kargil Braves. CMD Mr Analjeet Singh hosts Guests of Honour the 13 Jak Rif braves , including 
 L/NK Sanjay Kumar, PVC

Max Hospital Saket

Chief Guest is VCOAS



From: Colonelrajan Srinivas <colonelrajan44@>



Date: Friday, 24 July, 2009, 8:24 PM 





AT 11 AM ON SUNDAY, 26 JULY 2009.


           Ex-Servicemen* are requested to assemble at 10.45 AM on Sunday, 26 July 2009 at the Minsk Square War Memorial, near GPO Bangalore, to pay homage to the Martyrs, on the occasion of Kargil Diwas. Ex-Servicemen shall be properly attired with suitable head gear and shall wear miniature or regular medals. (* The term Ex-Servicemen includes all retired Officers, JCOs, NCOs & OR (and their equivalents in the Navy & Air Force). [All Ex-Servicemen are requested to disseminate information regarding the Memorial Service to their fellow Ex-Servicemen by telephone, cellphone, SMS or Emails; so as to ensure maximum participation. ]


         10.45 AM      Assembly 

         11.00 AM      Laying of wreaths 

         11.30 AM      Tea 

         12.00 Noon   Ex-Servicemen Sammelan 

         12.30 PM       Bara Khana 

         08.00 PM       Lighting of candles at home in memory of the Martyrs. 

         08.00 PM       Dinner at RSI Bangalore 


1.                       Veterans may be dressed in suit / combination with regimental tie or National Dress (bandh gala) or shirt & regimental tie or just open collar. The head gear could be a beret, a cap (like the Thambi cap or the Nepali cap), a side cap, a hat, a turban, a regimental turban with ‘thura’. 

2.                       Cars & vehicles shall be parked only in the designated Car Park inside the Cubbon Park, entry to which is near the Victoria Statue, on MG Road. 

3.                       On disembarking from their cars/ vehicles, Veterans shall take care while crossing the roads, so as not to cause any hindrance / inconvenience to moving traffic; and also, in their own interest & safety. 

4.                       The entire proceedings shall be conducted as a solemn event with dignity & decorum.

------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- -


Lt Gen NSI Narahari, PVSM    

Air Mshl Keith Lewis, PVSM, AVSM, VM           

Rear Adml BR Vasanth, PVSM, AVSM, NM 

Maj Gen MC Nanjappa, AVSM**, YSM     

AVM S Kasinath, VSM      

Cmde Sam Daniel 


Veteran Colonel SS Rajan, State Convenor IESM 

77 Shankara Mutt Parallel Road, Shankarpuram, Basavanagudi, Bangalore-560004 

TeleNo.080-26679490 Cell No. 9448024377, Email: colonelrajan44@ 


From: Brij Thapa

Subject: Kargil divas.jpg

To: "aaa Brig C S Kamboj" , "Gen H B Kala"

Date: Sunday, 26 July, 2009, 12:07 AM

 Dear Brig Kamboj Sir, 
I am attaching required article of Gen Kala which was published in to day's Amar Ujala News Paper in which so nicely described the complete picture of war front , indeed  shows unique bravery of the Indian Soldier in the world.No one can stop tears in eyes after reading letter written by Lt Jayant Thapar to his parents before launching final attack since he knew that he is sacrificing his life for the freedom of the country and given lesson to others that brave soldiers even after death remains immortal.
Out of total 533 casulty  of Indian Army,from Uttarakhand 75 soldiers died in Kargil War(Operation Vijay) and  18 soldiers who sacrificed their life from Doon valley whose names are Maj Viwek Gupta-Vasnt Vihar, Sq Ldr Rajeev Pundir-Dehradun,Nk Brij Mohan Singh-Tunwala, Mekh Gurung-Dakra, Narpal Singh- Ram Nagar Danda,Jaideep Singh-Nehru Gram,Devendra Singh- anarwala,, Shiv Caharan- Anarwala,, Vijay Singh-Shyampur,Krishna Kumar- Sella Kuai, Kailash Kumar-Dandi,Rajesh Gurung -Chandra Mati,Sanjay Gurung- Nawada, Surendra Singh Negi-Malhan Plot, Jai Singh Negi-Malhan Plot, Tara Jing-Dekholing,Ramesh Thapa-Sella Kuai and Tenjing Namkha-Vikas Nagar.
Dehradun Ex-Services League has also given wide publicity stated:-



DEHRADUN EX-SERVICES LEAGUE will observe “KARGIL DIVAS” on 26th July 2009 from 0930 hrs to 1030 hrs at KARGIL WAR MEMORIAL in Gandhi Park, Dehradun. All ESM are requested to please  attend and pay homage to martyrs.


Brig K G Behl , President, DESL

Lt Col B M Thapa, General Secretary, DESL

We expect good gathering of ESM on Kargil Divas. It is nice that Dr Ramesh Pokhriyal"Nishank" Chief Minister Uttarakhand also paying homage to martyrs at same Kargil War Memorial on 26 JUl o9 .




From: Ravindran Major 

Subject: Kargil-10th anniversary
Date: Sunday, 26 July, 2009, 2:56 PM

A commemoration parade was held at the Martyrs' Column at Fort Maidan today, on the 10th anniversary of the Kargil war, in honour of those who had laid down their lives for protecting the integrity and honour of the nation. The function was held under the aegies of the District Committee of the Indian Exsevicemen League (IESL), Palakkad. A wreath was laid at the memorial by M P Chandramohan, President of the District Committee. 


Wreaths were also laid on behalf of the Indain Exservicemen Movement (IESM) by Maj Gen (Dr) P Subhas, VSM and on behalf of the Defence Service Officers' Institute, Palakkad by Brig M P G Menon, AVSM. Satbir Singh laid a wreath on behalf of Palakkad Vividh Bharathi. Thereafter, Chandramohan narrated the issues related to Op Vijay and said that 527 brave sons of the nation had sacrificed their lives and 1000s had become handicapped. Unfortunately both the authorties and majority of the people have forgotton those sacrifices. 


Brig Menon and Gen Subhas also recollected the peculiar conditions under which the operation was conducted where the armed forces were not allowed to cross the border as in an all out conventional war and the price we had to pay for it had been heavy. Both the veterans highlighted the fact that 'men and God people adore in times of crisis, crisis over, God is forgotten and soldier slighted'. This they said is not good for the country and people should be encouraged to serve the country through its armed forces which, like the national flag, is a symbol of honour and privilege.



Maj P M Ravindran requested the gathering to light a lamp/candle in front of their houses at 8 pm today in honour of those who had sacrificed their 
lives so that their countrymen could sleep in peace.

Jai Hind !

P M Ravindran

PS:Photograph of Maj Gen P Subhas, VSM laying the wreath is attached.


From: yashwant deva

Subject: EDITED

To: ""REPORT MY SIGNAL" (CS Kamboj)"

Date: Sunday, 26 July, 2009, 11:42 AM

My dear Chander,

             Yesterday, Asha and I distributed candels, gur and chana
to the residents of our colony. I reproduce the letter that I wrote to
them. The colony is abuzz with patriotic feelings and excitement about
the novelty of the idea that IESM have expounded. The management of
the colony has decided that henceforth they would organise the solemn
occasion centrally

                                        KARGIL DIWAS
                                          26 July 2009

Dear Neighbours and Fellow Citizens,

           Tomorrow we observe the Veer Diwas, the Vijay Diwas , and
the Shatru-Vinash Diwas in memory of the martyrs and honour of the

             Let us show our gratitude to the fallen, and the
veterans, who gave their sarvasva for our freedom, solidarity and
welfare by lighting a candle and placing a flower in our porches and
balconies; and distributing gur and chana – a traditional custom of
emulating what our valiant front-line soldiers, sailors and airmen
survived on, during the wars the country has fought.

                A battlefield is the most appropriate forum and pulpit
that the Lord chose for delivering the message of karmayog. .

Asha and Yashwant

(Maj Gen And Mrs Yashwant Deva)


From: <>
Subject: Re: ARTICLE ON KARGIL BY LT GEN HB KALA - EMAIL 553/2009 - 25 JUL 09 - (R to...
Date: Sunday, 26 July, 2009, 2:25 AM

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Dear Chander,
My article --a tribite to kargil heroes has appeared in Amar Ujala today's edition. I do not have the knowhow to reproduce it here. I will be grateful if you could tell people to read it.
Regards         -- HIra Kala
(Lt Gen HB Kala, Former Army Commander, settled at Dehradun)


Dear Sir,

I looked up the "strength" of this newspaper (below) and was really impressed to see the wide circulation (effect) of Gen Kala's contribution to the Veterans' cause. I think the veterans will be quite impressed.


RS Rajput (UK)

Today, Amar Ujala has a staggering circulation of over 1,400,000 copies and a readership of over 7.3 million in Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal alone. Additionally Amar Ujala is now also a leading newspaper in Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir. Currently, Amar Ujala publishes a 16 page daily issue with more colour pages in every edition. In addition to this, Amar Ujala also has in offering for readers four colour magazines.