Date: 29 Jul 2009


To the esteemed writers below:

If our nation of ONE BILLION cannot hold a post mortem over PARTITION nor shake off this Article 370 which makes an INDIAN "persona non grata" in South Kashmir and "enemy" in North Kashmir, what hope then that we could have defended Lahore in the civil war of 1947? 

This Article was the brainchild of NEHRU (& his Congress Party) just like his bogus "cease fire" in order to prevent our own our brave troops from advancing any further and in order to give advantage to the enemy at war, 

This Article was meant precisely to enable the likes of Rubiya from South Kashmir to own her property in Chennai while telling every INDIAN, wishing to buy even a shack in the Valley, to "KEEP OUT!"  It's like the sign at some shops, "NO DOGS ALLOWED."

Is there anyone old enough who can still remember a similar sign at the start of Mall Road in Simla (now Shimla) during British Raj, "NO INDIAN ALLOWED BEYOND THIS POINT"?

One could see with envy from a distance only the British with their ladies strolling along that "avenue of refreshing breeze" in a city that was in our own country. 

Jenab Jawahar Lal Nehru just continued that tradition of "INSULT THE INDIAN". How detached & distant he was to sign up the UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER of Karachi, Quetta, Lahore, Peshawar and Dhaka (five provincial capitals) nonchalantly on one day and then CELEBRATE it! 

What was his Will or legacy with regard to RECOVERING North Kashmir?

"Father of Nation" Bapu Gandhi was already frozen in terror at the very thought of bloodshed if he challenged fellow barrister-at-law Mohammed Ali Jinnah of All-India Muslim League (former President of All-India Congress Party).

In the event we had "rivers of blood flowing" in West Punjab and India's map shrank by FIVE provinces. Kashmir, known as "Paradise on earth", became a one-way (mouse) TRAP under Article 370. A Kashmiri can come out (to buy property in India), an Indian CANNOT go in (to do likewise).

15th of August is approaching. Is the nation going to pay GLOWING tributes to Bandit Nehru? How did he "FIGHT" for the Independence of those FIVE capitals mentioned above AND the State of Jammu & Kashmir?

The world will watch the ONE BILLION of us CELEBRATING, and the extent to which ALL THE INDIANS have been brainwashed, intimidated, or ENSLAVED.


1.  Had you added the following words viz. "Pandit Nehru and the Congress" after the line "THANKS TO ARTICLE37O" in last paragraph, it would have been more appropriate.


2.  -- On Mon, 27/7/09, xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>>Dear Sir,
>May I please be permitted a small correction to your posting?
>It was not Mehbooba Mufti who was kidnapped, but, her sister - Dr. Rubiya. Yes, Mufti was the then Home Minister in the 'WEEPY SINGH' Cabinet.
>You and me, Sir, as Indians are not permitted to buy any property in J&K, THANKS TO ARTICLE 370. However, Rubiya is happily settled in the southern suburb - PALAVAKKAM - of Chennai. She has her own property!!