Date: 29 Jul 2009


Partition of India 1.
We do not need a fearless child to shout, “Look, the king is naked!

Even a fool can see that India’s Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was the WSORST TRATIROR in history and his mentor “Bapu” MK Gandhi was a downright COWARD and appeaser of the MUSLIMS and the BRITISH at the time.

It is now known that Nehru was a secret convert to ISLAM and shared the hatred of Hindus with the British. It is further believed that a sum of money was put in his secret account in London. Nehru sold his conscience and dumped his patriotism in a second.

It is now known that “Bapu” Gandhi was threatened by fellow Barrister Mohammed Ali Jinnah that there would be civil war if he did not keep shut over breaking up India to carve out an Islamic State. Gandhi said, “Hey Ram. No bloodshed like NOAKHALI. Please take what you want but leave Gujarat and Delhi in India.”

There were the brave Sikhs with zero political awareness. As early as March 1940 when the INDIGENOUS Muslims passed their PAKISTAN RESOLUTION in Lahore none realized that it was the MUSLIM RESOLUTION TO EXTERMINATE THEM in the Punjab. Lahore was the heart of Punjab just as Delhi is to Bharat. Sikh disunity and cowardice also meant the surrender of Janmasthan of Guru Nanak Dev.

That is how India was MUTILATED to suit the wishes of her Muslims. They proved to be cancer that required the limbs to be amputated.
There can be no comment on the HINDUS own wish for survival. Due to deeply embedded INFERIORITY COMPLEX they are still appeasing the Muslims and entrust them with key posts all over Bharat with the ease of breathing. Hardly anyone cares to know as to how a Believer (MOMIN) in “Koran being the word of Allah” looks at the KAFIRS.

28 July 2009.