Date: 02 Aug 2009


India’s Great Hindutva Revolution – A Brief Synopsis

“Political Hindutva” on the March to Shape the Confident, Courageous And Youthful India in 21st Century


The Meaning and Significance of Term Hindutva?

	The word Hindutva literally means “Hindu-ness”… or possessing the “traits and characteristics of Hindu ancestors.”  Hindutva is not the same thing as Hindu Religion, as is commonly given out. Hindutva is of being “like-Hindu” or being of the “Hindu origin and ancestry.” 

	For India’s over one billion people… their basic beliefs, thought process, value system and the ancestral heritage have all come to be represented, in recent times, by one word – Hindutva.
	The concept of Hindutva includes a whole combination of all the knowledge and thinking and languages and traditions and the native ingenuity ever developed by our great ancestors anywhere on the sacred and historic land of India. 

	Whatever India has achieved… all its name, fame, and the greatness of its civilization… it is all because of the country’s intimate association with Hindutva. Hindutva, therefore, is India’s Nationalism… not one of its religions. 

	There are many sides of Hindutva; the spiritual side, the philosophic side, religious side, ritualistic side, economic side, scientific side, political side. It is the “Political Hindutva” that ensures that the guiding principles of our country – its philosophy of governance, its inclusive worldview and its holistic vision – all of them receive continued inspiration from the age-old cultural heritage of Hindutva and the noble teachings of its great masters (the revered Rishis). 
“Hindutva Revolution” and Its Principal Objectives

	The “Hindutva Revolution” is the powerful mobilization of India’s one billion minds. It is all about the awakening of India… the awakening of its vast masses… towards their ancestral culture and heritage, their origin and roots. 

	“Hindutva Revolution” is also an extremely effective means for the Indian people to realize their fundamental democratic right to shape and govern their own country on the lines of their own culture and indigenous value system. 

	We, therefore, want Hindutva to rise in India; we want it to occupy a place of great prominence in nation’s media, nation’s public life and nation’s politics. We also need to defend the Hindutva from all its enemies. 

	“Hindutva Revolution” is also about the shaping of a confident, courageous, youthful modern India... the India that takes the inspiration from its rich culture, its rich history; its rich economic theories and rich scientific knowledge.

	From this dynamic Revolution, we also envision the emergence of a new youthful leadership in the country that is bright, strong and courageous… while still being firmly rooted in the country’s indigenous values. 
It’s the Nationwide Battle… Through the Strategy of “Aggressive Defense” of Hindutva

	The first and the foremost task of “Hindutva Revolution” is the proactive defense of Hindutva from many of its enemies. Since most such attacks on Hindutva – including the mischievous lies deliberately propagated against it – come through the country’s media, the battle for Hindutva’s defense also is fought – and won – through the same media. To meet this enormous challenge, the best way for us is to wage a vigorous, democratic war on the enemies of Hindutva.

	To effectively carry out our critical mission, an army of 25,000 young Hindutva warriors… under the leadership of BJP… launches a peaceful, but passionate, democratic war against all forces opposed to Hindutva. The young fighters engage in the spirited defense of Hindutva and also attack its enemies in media every single day of the year. 

	Within a period of five years, these soldiers and their supporters manage to shoot tens of millions of “letters, emails, phone calls” at media… all of them protesting against… and questioning the media’s deliberate anti-Hindutva stance.

	The forceful nationwide struggle for an aggressive defense of Hindutva results in the gigantic mobilization of country’s masses going after the anti-Hindutva media writers, media editors, and the media owners.

The BJP Takes Charge… and Leads the Fight from the Front

	Taking part in this highly-effective “aggressive defense” strategy are various Sangh Parivar outfits, Hindutva-based mega organizations outside of the Parivar, Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha, and the nation’s youth – the grand alliance of all nationalistic forces. 

	All available Hindutva hands get engaged in the BJP’s large-scale, determined offensive. They all join in the chorus… against the belligerent media managers that are openly hostile to Hindutva. The widespread pro-Hindutva campaign is full-throated, repeated, unrelenting, and merciless.

	The spirited and incessant onslaughts from the Hindutva war machine keep mounting with renewed frequency and intensity… soon destabilizing the well-entrenched ‘secular’ establishment… forcing them to run for the cover. 

	The enormous uprising of the country’s common public successfully restrains and reins-in the largely foreign-owned and foreign-controlled media networks that have turned completely ‘wild’ and ‘out-of-control.’
Watch the Hindutva-powered Angry Public… Against… the Money-rich Media Networks

	Colossal churning effect from the “Mass-Revolution” rumbles through the cities and towns, lanes and by-lanes of India… intensifying the people’s anger against, and building the public pressure on, the media barons. 

	Within a short time, the arrogant media managers and their owners feel the heat and find it too much to deal with… the angry public, unfavorable publicity, fleeing advertisers, falling revenues – all at the same time. 

	The lies and deception-based media networks are frightened and get demoralized. Under the intense public pressure, they finally buckle. In keeping with the people’s demands, the owners switch allegiance and go with the Hindutva. 

	The anti-Hindutva media titans are conquered and humbled one-at-a-time; the nationalist ideology triumphs. The grand success of “People’s Revolution”… successfully infuses youthful energy into BJP, the ‘Party of Hindutva.’ 

	The BJP leaders that have already turned popular with the public by this time… become an absolute favorite of the press and darling of the voters. 
Add this One Political Masterstroke… and Bring an Instant Popularity to BJP 

	BJP carefully analyses the critical “Muslim Factor” in India’s politics… the factor that ensures an unfair importance to 13% minority Muslims at the expense of 83% Hindu majority. 

	Additionally, an astounding hostility displayed by country’s Muslim leadership… towards the Hindutva and the BJP… forces the leading party to put the Muslims on a temporary hold from its own political process. 

	Honestly and skillfully articulating Hindutva to the Hindu masses, BJP succeeds at touching that common cord in their heart. Focusing its undivided attention on the country’s vast Hindu population and the Hindutva-associated issues, the party goes through a phenomenal growth attracting unprecedented public support in all regions of the country. 

	Adding this one political masterstroke of “focusing on the Hindu votes and espousing the Hindutva causes” rushes the 83% majority population to the support of BJP, despite people’s individual caste differences. 

	While we are still looking at them, the titanic changes take place in country’s media culture, public perception, and political environment. A broad-based public support for Hindutva in the country is quickly established. Fallout of the “daily media war” and the “fast-changing ground reality” soon alters all political equations in the country. 

	BJP rapidly climbs to the crest of popularity and wins the absolute majority in nation’s Parliament within a matter of only five years of the start of Revolution. Individual states too rush forward to keep pace with the national trend.
A Bumper Crop of Young, Dynamic, Visionary Leaders… for the Rapidly Upsurging India

	The creative energies from this massive “People’s Revolution” help grow a bumper crop of young, dynamic, visionary leaders… bright, courageous, assertive, and inspired… for the strongly emerging India. 

	Nation’s politics truly turns “youthful.” That is one of the finest gifts the country receives from “Hindutva Revolution.” 

	Everywhere, we witness the emergence of thousands of youth leaders… strong, energetic, courageous, and filled with idealism. These young leaders think Hindutva, read Hindutva, talk Hindutva, even dream Hindutva.
The Rise of Hindutva Brings… a Bountiful of Priceless Benefits for Country

	As the hands down winner of the “Great War” in media, Hindutva rises in stature and prominence… and quickly moves to the forefront of nation’s public and political life. 

	In the ensuing national elections… the people of India enthusiastically reward the Hindutva-powered BJP party… with an absolute majority at the Center and in all individual states. 

	The “Hindutva Revolution” effectively awakens the hundreds of millions of country’s youth and intellectuals… in service of their country and culture. 

	The basic character of India’s entire population gets transformed… forever. The 1.2 billion people’s lives are enriched with strength, assertiveness, courage and conviction. 

	The land of Hindutva is bestowed with thousands of bright, energetic leaders that are young, dynamic, determined… brimming with courage and conviction, dedication and devotion. 

	Through the enormous strength of “Hindutva Revolution,”
India resumes its confident, determined journey on the path of incredible power, progress, prosperity and peace. 
The complete details of “India’s Great Hindutva Revolution,” including the entire text of 120-page blueprint, would soon be available to the public on the website www.PowerofHindutva.com. 
(Note: In the current political scenario, many have questioned the sincerity of the BJP party to provide effective lead in this Hindutva Revolution. Despite the merits of these sentiments, all we can say is that BJP, the Bharatiya Janata Party, is the property of the Bharatiya Janata; it is no individual’s personal property. Sooner or later, the party’s leadership will have to abide by the wishes of the Indian public to support the Hindutva and provide the needed lead. 
Tremendous amount of human energy, time investment, and personal sacrifices have gone into the formation and growth of BJP. Even in its present diminished form, it consists of the great minds and selfless cadre. In our opinion, BJP today is probably the best suited political vehicle available in the country to launch and sustain this Hindutva Revolution; we simply cannot write off such a great institution.)