Date: 08 Aug 2009



We do not need a fearless little child to shout, “Look, the King is naked!” Even an IMBECILE can see that India’s Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was the WORST TRAITOR in history and his mentor “Bapu” MK Gandhi was a downright COWARD. 

They were both gutless appeasers of MUSLIMS and the BRITISH at the same time. They were directly responsible for India’s worst ever defeat and surrender. Young readers need to be prepared for the revelation of truth.

As the British were preparing to leave India after the end of World War 2 due to bankruptcy at home, they were no longer in a position to rule such a vast colony where political unrest was mounting by the hour.

To discuss the arrangements for the final hand-over of India our foreign rulers invited top native leaders. 

Hand picked western educated tamed “pets” (house dogs) like Gandhi and Nehru, both barristers-at-law from London, were more keen to please Lady Mountbatten and the Muslims respectively, than represent the Hindus in a virile & manly manner. They were Hindus in name only, without commitment, courage and spine. They smashed our aspirations, and openly betrayed our ancient India, claiming to be secular, not Hindu at all. Since then none in the ruling establishment of Hindusthan dares to say in public, “I am Hindu.” 

Since August 1947 India has been in the tight grip of corrupt, servile and selfish men, some unscrupulous criminals, some gangsters, some linked to Italian & (now) Venezuelan Mafia, all more loyal to one (Nehru) Dynasty than country or nation, and NONE A MORALLY UPRIGHT HINDU.

At the same time, facing them defiantly, almost provoking, even insulting them, were the visionary leaders of the Muslims like Mohammed Ali Jinnah, Shaukat Hayat Khan and Liaquat Ali Khan who were very spirited, committed, motivated, keen and wide awake, claiming to represent all the Muslims of India. Gandhi and Nehru agreed. They conceded. They did not challenge this absurdity. 

They did not boycott further discussions with them or the British. The cowards and traitors carried on even after the terms of reference had been radically altered. Historic surrender was looming. The much revered Bapu did not go on fast even for half a day in protest. He saw through the farce of his “Akhand Bharat” that had no defender, no backer and no promoter. He fore-saw five provinces with their natural resources and teaming millions vanishing before his eyes. He went silent.

One day a new nationalist government of India will open to public viewing each and every word these top traitors spoke at those “Independence” discussions.

Before any serious thought could be given to post Independence India, the All-India Muslim League, encouraged by cowardly stance of the Hindu leaders (Weakness INVITES Aggression!), threw a gauntlet by declaring, “India must cede those areas where Muslims are a majority.” 

Hindu camp was in disarray, frozen in shock. It was like a brother suddenly turn a blood thirsty enemy. Nehru’s “Discovery of India” was “lapped up” by Hindus thirsty for knowledge. It never mentioned the “abattoir” that was his Hindusthan under Mogul Rule where the natives could be slain and butchered like the sheep, where no woman was safe and where not one Hindu temple was left standing across Northern India. Great “mahatma,” MK Gandhi, too, found himself buried nose deep in the QUAGMIRE of humiliating terms of surrender on offer, while FEARING civil war and bloodshed.

A line had been drawn between the non violent “DESHBHAGAT” Hindus and the bloodthirsty MATRICIDAL Muslims. Mutilation and fragmentation of India seemed unavoidable due to lack of inspiring warriors like Shivaji, Guru Gobind Singh, Maharana Pratap, Maharani of Jhansi, Sri Rama and Sri Krishna on the Hindu side. Their stories along with our own history had been consigned to oblivion by the previous rulers. 

The “rats” had fled the field. None was in sight to defend Lahore and Kasur, cities founded by the sons of Sri Rama, and Sri Nankana Sahib, the birthplace of Guru Nanak Dev. 

Under Maharaja Ranjit Singh the same Punjab that “evaporated” overnight in the hands of Nehru & Gandhi, had been a formidable BARRIER between the Savage and the Civilised.

Over centuries of FOREIGN rule the idea of attachment to TERRITORY (territorial sense) had been destroyed in Hindu psyche. Such attachment is noticed in the Palestinians who are adamant on returning to their homes that were left on the other side at Partition of Palestine in 1948. Patriotism is the idea of attachment to territory. Nehru and Gandhi, who surrendered one third of India and then forgot it all in a second were not patriots at all. Yet a nation of brainwashed “dwarfs” will pay glowing tributes to them on August 15th next.

We had always seen the political and physical maps of India before 1947 but never the maps of Hindu India and Muslim India. So it was a big shock that took us by surprise. We looked at the new map of Partitioned India with revolting disgust. It was (still is, and always will be) the map of NEHRU’S INDIA, loathsome and sickening.

The worst was that by diktat & deception our Hindu India was turned Secular India by Nehru and Gandhi. They neither stuck to our cherished Secularism (Dharma) nor to TERRITORY (Dharti) nor even to the nation’s IDENTITY. 

What did Nehru think of the HINDUS? He neither demanded Referendum over Partition, nor put forward even one condition in return for FIVE provinces? What he thought of the MAJORITY COMMUNITY of India is unprintable..

After those discussions were over Nehru and Gandhi recovered a mutilated mongrel, Bharat. None rose to strike Nehru the same blow that was delivered to Gandhi on January 30, 1948. Nehru escaped the patriot’s sword to do further damage to the nation. It was like the failed attempt on Hitler’s life on July 20, 1944. The Fuehrer survived to lead Germany to total ruins.

Those who are “taken by surprise” are the FOOLS of history. What follows ‘being surprised’ is either a violent and crushing RETALIATION like that by the USA against the AL QUAIDA and the TALIBAN in Afghanistan, or complete resignation and, ultimately, DEATH.

“Pakistan Resolution” passed by All India Muslim League in LAHORE in March 1940 was a million times more devastating attack on India than the 9/11 attacks on New York & Washington. But NO retaliation took place. Hindus & Sikhs all over India went about their life and business as usual, totally unconcerned about the future of their country. Millions were going to die and tens of millions were giong to be forced out of their homes, jobs and farms & fields within days.

Seven years after the Pakistan Resolution when Mohammed Ali Jinnah once again showed the Islamic JINN, the whole atmosphere changed with the leaders struck down by entirely new parameters of end goals and the terms of reference. 

India’s new destination was “PARTITION” that had replaced “INDEPENDENCE”.

One may ask, “What happened to the collective Hindu body & brain as soon as the JINN came out of the bag?” Eye witnesses say, “It was paralysis, confusion and panic. Our leaders, holy saints, learned preachers and professors, had not prepared us for CIVIL WAR. We were found lacking in unity, resolve, awareness and patriotism. Our only option was to submit in Delhi and flee Lahore.”

INITIATIVE rested with the Muslims who went for the first strike. Our leaders, most of whom were barristers at law from London and well trained to keep calm in the face of hostile barrage of heated arguments by Prosecution, collapsed or fainted. They were supposed to be legal experts. They were supposed to be patriots who had undertaken long marches and “fasts unto death”. That all seemed a hoax. Their long marches and long fasts could not save even North Kashmir. They betrayed the Hindus and the Sikhs of East and West Pakistan, and Kashmir, delivering them to SLAVERY.

People said that barristers Nehru and Gandhi were lawyers of international fame. So, why did they collapse so quickly before barrister Mohammed Ali Jinnah and let him MURDER Secularism and SMASH the Unity of India?

Questions remain open: Were Nehru & Gandhi bribed? Were they intimidated? Were they threatened with assassination? Were they secret converts to Islam? Did they look at the Hindus and then think, “THE INFERIOR MUST PERISH.”?

The answers may lie elsewhere. The fact is that while senile Gandhi got totally detached from REALITY (the presence of “prowling Islamic wolves”) around him, Nehru sold his conscience & loyalty for the sake of his chair.

Given these two “rats” at the top, one a TRAITOR, the other a COWARD, India’s fate was sealed. 

The rest of those talks and discussions from then onwards were confined to bickering as to what provinces were to go under the flag of Mohammed or come under the Tricolour of Congress Party and how many tanks and guns were to go to Pakistan and how many infantry and cavalry regiments were to remain in India.

At the same time those who had agreed to the unconditional surrender of Secularism and Territory became gravely concerned about violent retribution.

As “every action has EQUAL & OPPOSITE reaction,” one can imagine the magnitude of the HINDU COUNTER ATTACK provoked by India’s humiliation and territorial loss in perpetuity.

“Bapu” Gandhi was assassinated by PATRIOT Nathu Ram Godse in the tumultuous confusion of country’s break up, the streaming millions of refugees, and the other Islamic surprise attack, the sudden invasion of Jammu & Kashmir. Gandhi’s fears and pangs of conscience ended then and there. That left clever barrister Jawaharlal Nehru, a real bandit, to save his skin by hook or crook. How did he do it?

While Jinnah’s weapon was surprise attack, Nehru turned to BRAINWASHING. He deleted the word “Partition”, calling it INDEPENDENCE.

Of all the people on earth the Hindus were the easiest to confuse, betray and mislead, even crush to death. Given all the propaganda blasts by the state owned media and Nehru’s dictatorial style of rule no one could dare to call for his trial for High Treason. Days became months, months became years and years became decades with Nehru Dynasty tightening and extending their octopus like hold on the nation.

Towards the last days of the colonial rule British patronage and support had raised the image and profile of All-India MUSLIM League sky high. In a very short time they became a force to reckon with. Our own feeble “All-India HINDU Mahasabha” was correspondingly REDUCED in stature & image. They are still an ineffective puny affair. They were not invited as party to those talks. Hindus, therefore, had no representation, no voice, at Independence (PARTITION).

Fearing his assassination at the hands of a PATRIOT Nehru immediately launched a strong THREE PRONGED attack on his subjects, now distinctly different and separate from the Pakistanis and firmly under his autocratic boot.

His first act was to launch a PROPAGANDA OFFENSIVE that would put Dr. Goebbels of Nazi Germany to shame.

His second act was to raise the Muslim profile much higher (key posts including Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces- disgusting for Hindu Jawans in the wake of PARTITION- cabinet ministers, hajj subsidies, reservation in jobs, Article 370 in Constitution for the only Muslim majority State, exemption from family planning, support to Urdu & Arabic, et al.) than the Hindu profile. The idea was to keep the threat of Muslim uprising alive and thus INTIMIDATE and TERRIFY the Hindus. He did not have to go far.

His third act was to DEGRADE the brave “Jawans” (armed forces) through neglect, and by sending them to fight inconclusive “Wars of Dynasty” that ended up in stalemate, cease fires, even in the return of captured territory (our OWN in the first place that was surrendered by “RATS” in 1947).

Jawaharlal Nehru learnt propaganda skills from the Nazis, suffocating centralized hold from Marshal Stalin and secret contempt of the Hindus from Bapu Gandhi who openly admired his own son for embracing Islam so he could have good time with four wives.

The trial of those traitors who signed off ONE THIRD of India unconditionally to indigenous MUSLIMS is still due. It will never be “time barred” so long as the PROVOCATIVE rebellious flags of MOHAMMEDAN Pakistan and Bangladesh fly in the face of RASHTRAPATNI Pratibha D. Patil & her successors in New Delhi. 

One day one will ask every Muslim in PARTITIONED INDIA, “What are you doing in HINDU India? OFF TO YOUR ISLAMIC HOMELAND PAKISTAN!” That time may be far but we need not despair but keep Faith in Righteous Strike by Lord Shiva. 

Trishul of Shiva will be hanging over MOHAMMED’S HEAD in perpetuity till he dissolves his EVIL in Lahore & Chittagong. INDIA IS INDIVISIBLE like his own MOTHER. 

There are MORE Muslims left back in PARTITIONED INDIA than in Pakistan? Then what was that Partition about? More and more brainwashed and intimidated people will recover guts in order to ask this question, louder and LOUDER.

Islam, that degrades women and produces TALIBAN, ARSONISTS & KAFIR KILLERS even in ISLAMIC lands, is contradictory to our native passion for Equality, Universality, Tolerance and Non-violence as per HINDU Dharma.

Post partition Secularism in Delhi is unacceptable if it cannot be rammed down their throats in Lahore. It is a grand deception. It is meant to “soften the target”, that is, to put India at risk again like in those days when the confused old man (Bapu) was going about chanting, “HINDU MUSLIM BHAI BHAI”. He ought to have shouted, “SHEEP, BEWARE OF THE WOLF!”

On August 15 Bandit Nehru’s “sheep” will CELEBRATE the ignominious break up (UNCONDITIONAL surrender) of India in 1947.

There have been many unconditional surrenders in history before, e.g., by Bahadur Shah Zaffar in 1857 and Germany and Japan in 1945 but while we can do little about those, we certainly will unite to erase the insult & humiliation of Bharat in 1947.

The FIRST step is to COMPREHEND as to what happened to Lahore, Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar, Dhaka and North Kashmir in 1947 and WHY. And then tell the whole world, staring with our own children, that WE WILL OVERCOME ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALISM and wipe them off the surface of AKHAND BHARAT. The others are invited to wipe them off the surface of earth.

1) According to Will Durant,  the Islamic Conquest of India is the most bloodiest in the history of human kind.   80 Million Hindus and Buddhists were subjected to murder, rape and taken to slavery. Hundreds of Thousands of temples were destroyed.  What is Taj Mahal today was makeover of a beautiful Shiva Temple called 'Tejo Mahalaya'.

2) Partition of India saw the bloodiest migration of people where millions of people were displaced and killed in most brutal way. 350,000 Hindus were driven away from Kashmir and many are living in squalid camps for 18 years and Indian rulers and media go about as if they do not even exist.