Date: 18 Aug 2009


ALL THE OTHERS WERE "DOGS AND DONKEYS". HERE IS WHAT A PATRIOT WROTE ABOUT AUGUST 15, 2009, INDIA'S SO-CALLED INDEPENDENCE DAY: Unfortunatley we are struck up for the last Six Decades with only Independence since 1947-i.e. change of White rulers to Brown rulers to Sychophant Rulers to nominated rulers by Dynastic Political Corporate House to .... Next Change is already declared loudly by Media and obedient members of the Corporate House i.e. rulers within the Corporate House. The other terms used in your message Sacrifices of of others, Freedom, the Liberty Bell do not appear relevant as we are yet to attain Freedom, Liberty , Swaraj (self Rule). Even today 15th August 2009 the nominated Prime Minister categorically mentioned from the Red Fort the modern India is made by three persons Nehru, Indira and Rajeev and all social welfare Schemes are their gift to "WE" the people of India. All other names of M.K Gandhi, Gokhle, Subhash Chander Bose, Bhagat Singh, Udham Singh, Tilak and many others are being wiped out from the History of India. When we say Indira Gandhi and Rajeev Gandhi, OLD "BAPU" MK GANDHI HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. Thus our Independence is on the mercy of these three persons and future persons who are either nominated or belong to the family of these persons not related to M.K Gandhi at all. We all know our Constitution is now Grammar of Democratic Anarchy-Fake Secularism, non implementation of Swaraj contained in Amendments numbers 73 and 74 in 1992, murder of Art 14 which even Hon'ble Supreme Court has pointed out, caste based vote banks, special article 370 for Kashmir only, manipulation of Voters Lists and many other anti democratic corrupt practices are now rampant in PARTITIONED INDIAN SECULAR STATE (P.I.S.S.). 000000000